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June 30, 2003

As Seen On HBO!

We too have received mail speculating on the medals adorning Keezz's chest. Fortunately, Tsuranaku's forum post on the subject caught the attention of the ever benevolent Brannon Boren, who buoyantly benefited all with a detailed response outlining their, at least contemporary, meanings.

Visit their posts for a more detailed rundown.

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June 24, 2003

Sympathy for the Devil

It seems that in the midst of all the aura and mystery surrounding the Forerunner, there is a feeling of animosity often hanging overhead; a few hard feelings. What gave/gives them the right to sacrifice the lives of all sentient life in this galaxy? With all their technology, couldn't they find another way? Why is extermination the only answer? Bob offers us a slightly more sympathetic perspective:

Bob Dole ( writes:

First of think of the flood as an advanced stage of cancer. Cancer with a conscious and malicious nature. Image this cancer as sentient and able to travel from one solar system to the other. Now imagine if you are one of the Forerunners? There is a sentient and highly contagious contagion running throughout the stars. All the lesser races are infected or already mutated by this highly evolving race. What do you do? Simple kill everything that's not you. It would be impractical to kill every flood spore and warrior drone, since there are probably trillions of them. The Forerunners were probably losing, or already infected, so what did they have to loose. No more "us", or the Forerunners, but no more "food" for the spore dudes. The last guardians of these ring worlds contained what flood they could for experimentation before they fell to old age or infection themselves.

Merely hastening the inevitable; euthanasia on a galactic scale...

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Well, that's that. ( writes:

All right if you have read the book "Halo: The Flood" then you have read that the Covenant have simple copied the technology of the forerunners so I think that by going with the book that the elites or any other Covenant are not the forerunners.

I guess we can scratch that off the list... or can we? ;)

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Further analysis of the installation found on the level 343 Guilty Spark:

Ryan7 ( writes:

If we look at the installation in 343 Guilty Spark, the whole place is reminiscent of a prison/lab. Think about it - when you pass through those passages that link the rooms (such as the one you go through before meeting the traumatized marine) there are two small rooms on each side with locked doors, almost like cells or holding pens. They even have a grate in the floor which could be a drain (do the flood go to the bathroom?!)

Also, the larger rooms are separated into two levels. It is possible that the lower level housed flood samples while the forerunner observed them from the higher "viewing platforms". And what of the large, glass-walled cases you see in some rooms? Could these have once housed flood samples for observation or experimentation? If the above two points are true, the forerunner didn't bank on the flood's climbing abilities. ;)

Or, as has been previously asserted, perhaps they had been examining the Flood in a less... how should we say, volatile state.

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Safety First!

Ryan ( writes:

Somebody else noted that the GS 343ės Sentinels were pretty damn weak compared to what it was actually facing, but consider this?He wasnėt allowed to handle the Index and maybe he wasnėt allowed access to the bigger toys either without, um, Forerunner intervention. After all, you donėt give the Marine Private free reign of the armory, nor did Cortana have certain access codes to make a certain ship go boom. Then again, Halo seems to have only one purpose. To stop a galaxy-wide flood infestation. Otherwise you figure itėd be equipped with heavier local weaponry. †

On that note, I tend to disagree that GS343 is as devious as popular opinion seems to dictate. GS343 assumed one highly flawed fact?That MC was THE Reclaimer, someone or something it had known in the past. And with that assumption goes an entire line of logic; That the Reclaimer should be given access to the vital systems (the Index) and he knows what heės doing. He should even know what heės about to do will not only wipe out the flood, but all life as well. After all? Heės done it once before. GS343 even suffers a certain amount of disillusionment once his buddy the Reclaimer starts acting funny. Nothing necessarily sinister or tricky here, just a massive misunderstanding.

But it goes deeper than that. Even as youėre attempting to detonate the PoA, GS343 is running rampant through the human data banks, enjoying every moment of itės assimilation that will fill in their lost time. So consider the facts now? GS343 has access to a large store of human data. He has made the correlation between the MC and this Data. And he STILL thinks the MC is his Reclaimer, albeit a malfunctioning one. I would venture that GS343 knows what a human is and has seen them before. It knew that the MCs armor was merely armor with a self contained environmental unit, not the body itself. Somehow, I donėt think GS343 is making any mistakes as to MCės race, simply his identity and role on Halo. Could Humanities separation from Halo have to do with the last Flood outbreak? Inquiring minds want to know.

Indeed they do. Desperately so. Alright, obsessively.

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So the crime we find is just human behaviour, everybody's in the line...

Mike/Kiwi ( writes:

How does he know what a "human" is, unless he has seen/met one before? Does 343GS think MC is NOT human (which, I guess, is partially true)? Is the comment by 343GS a derogatory remark towards humans? Why would shooting at 343GS be a "human" thing to do? Note that this comes long before 343GS's remark about the fascinating "human history" in "The Maw."

Once again, is the answer right under our noses?

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Dan ( writes:

Reclaimer is just the name GS uses for the tool he is using to reactivate Halo. In HTF, 343 GS tells the MC about a marine sergeant that tried and failed to get the index under his direction. 343 GS refers to him as a reclaimer also. In the beginning of the Two Betrayals, 343 GS says that if the MC will not help him then he will simply find another. Moreover the Library level is littered (?) with marine bodies and there is no evidence of Covenant whatsoever. This means 343 GS never used the Covenant to act as "reclaimers." The Library seems to be pretty inaccessible to anyone other than 343 GS or the Flood, who we learn in HTF, move about Halo so easily by using shafts and ducts that run the length of Halo. Marines would not be wandering around the Library as it seems to be difficult to get to and the Covenant never found it. If the Covenant were a Forerunner race, then 343 GS would try to use them to reactivate Halo as well. Surely they would follow a being from the ringworld they so religiously revere. 343 GS used the MC and other Marines simply because humans were the Forerunner.

Humanity does seem to have the Reclaimer market cornered at this point ;)

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And continuing on the subject of Guilty Spark/Human relations:

AOClaus ( writes:

Something else I find a rather large coincidence if it is one, is that 343 GS specifically refers to the Chief as human in The Library. It could be argued that†he learned of the name through some sort of database, but if the Cole Protocol was properly executed then he would have no way of obtaining such information prior to his tapping Cortana's database. He may also have heard it from†a marine, but GS is only ever written as having been seen by another human being other than the Chief in the persons of Foe Hammer and her co-pilot just as he was about to meet the Chief (he stared at Foe Hammer through the cockpit window while she was in the dropship. The only other possibility would be that the other "reclaimer" [Mobuto]. Even if the first reclaimer [Mobuto] was to have told GS the name of his race GS would still have no reference by which to gauge the Chief's behavior when he tells him to "stop being human" etc.

Considering the selective nature of the Cole Protocol, there a more than a few possible explanations of 343's knowledge of Humanity:

2) 343 has monitored Human activity prior to their landing on Halo: Hmmm...

2) 343 has monitored Human activity since their landing on Halo: ?

3) 343 has learned about Humanity through a reading of Human computer systems: True, but as mentioned by Ryan, he is in the know before his pilfering on The Maw.

4) 343 has been informed of Humanity through a reading of various Covenant databases, perhaps on a downed ship or as Covenant Engineers scoured Halo's systems: ??

5) Humanity is old school. We may not know it, but whether we are Forerunner, a client race, or an old arch rival we have been around for a long, long time.

Inexhaustive I'm sure :)

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Lost Time, Schmost Time

Freedin ( writes:

"You can't imagine how exciting this is! To have a record of all of our lost time! Human history, is it? Fascinating."

I think Guilty Spark when he†said "our" is he is referring to him and the Forerunner; that he and the Forerunner had actually missed the development of mankind.

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Zap_98 ( writes:

I don't believe that the Forerunner are genetically related to us. I believe that the Forerunner†were watching us, that they observed us evolving. They kept records of our advancements. Then, they disappeared. Because of that, they could no longer observe us. "Lost time" refers to what they missed of our development. So now, they get to catch upon the history they missed.

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Sam K. ( writes:

Saying "our lost time" makes me think that Human and Forerunner history were at one time one in the same (the same race, or like a mother country-colony relationship). He also said that Halo was used before, and that's why I think it's "lost time". If Halo was fired, that could have wiped out, or nearly wiped out the Forerunner and blasted us back into the stone age.†With all the records destroyed by Halo,†humans wouldn't have any recollection of their Forerunner origins.

Either that, or the lost time spoken of could merely refer to the joy of finding a record, any record, spanning the time of 343's solitary duties, independent of species or point of view.

Need more input!

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What to Think...

Silock, the cannibalistic squirrel ( writes:

Just like to point out that while in FoR, it does say that the PoA has only 3 Pelican dropships (including Foe Hammer). In The Flood, the book does say that there were, indeed, 4 Pelicans. That puts somewhat of a damper on hopes that maybe people escaped Reach.

Perhaps. The designations of the Pelicans we hear of in The Flood are as follows: Echo 419 (Foe Hammer), Charlie 217 (the Covenant infiltrator), Bravo 22, Echo 136, and Echo 206. And while it is difficult to calculate the combined flight itineraries of the Pelicans, with Foe Hammer and another unnamed dropship inserting troops for the Silent Cartographer mission while at least 2 other dropships are hauling supplies to and from the Pillar of Autumn, Charlie 217 manifesting out of thin air above and beyond the previously noted numbers, and considering also the Captain's swamp insertion (and the subsequent loss of that dropship), it seems there are more Pelicans on Halo than initially realized.

The distinct dropships seen in-game however are Echo 419 (throughout), V933 (crashed in swamp), another Echo 419 (crashed on AotCR), and Bravo 22 (shown again as V933 crashed in the SC), though serial duplication on the SC makes an accurate count difficult to come by.

Page 316 of The Flood notes that 3 of the 4 dropships the Humans had left were being used to haul troops to the Truth and Reconciliation. To amalgamate (if possible), taking into account the Pelicans V933 (carrying Keyes; crashed in swamp), another Echo 419 (carrying Fire Team Zulu; crashed on AotCR, though not mentioned in the book), Charlie 217 (destroyed on Alpha Base), and Bravo 22 (shown in-game as V933; crashed in the SC), conservative estimates still tally at least 8 Pelicans...

Curiouser and curiouser.

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June 23, 2003

Over on the HBO Forum, there's an interesting post you might want to check out. It's got quite a lot of what we have referred to in the past as "crack-pipe" speculation, so be prepared for some far-reaching stuff, but it's got a certain sense of continuity. It's addressed to me, but, what the heck, you can all go read it. ;-)

Be sure to add to the discussion!

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June 14, 2003

The Prophets: Pet Cats Left Behind by the Forerunner!

Read the awful truth!

Who woulda thunk that?!?

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June 13, 2003

And now: A Chemistry Lesson!

SN ( writes:

I've also been thinking about how chirality (the direction the molecule twists in) because all organic molecules chirates in one of two directions (clockwise or counterclockwise, random depending on the planet that the life evolved on. But you would be immune to any diseases of opposite chiration, and could use any food of the opposite chirality. Could explain the possible forerunner immunity to flood. But it would have to assume that all other life on halo has the same chirality as the flood. This doesn't make much sense seeing that guilty spark says they consume all. I mean what are the odds the every planet in the galaxy chose the same chirality. Unless& some one set them up to all be vulnerable to the flood. A little forerunner testing perhaps. This theory does however debunk the forerunner human theory if this is correct. Because we know all to well humans arent immune. =(

For a brief description of chirality, see here. For a more practical example of why chemistry is important, see here. Don't say you ain't never learned nothin' from Halo.

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The Flood just can't take the pressure... or the lack of it in space, as the case may be.

Nate (Uukla the Mok) Emch ( writes:

Kareem Ramos wrote "We have yet to see if the Flood can survive in space..." to which Finn replied "As for the vacuum resilience of the Flood, for our sake let us hope we find them quite vulnerable." From my observations the chances of the Flood being able to survive in a vacuum would be even less than that of a human. Let me explain my reasoning:

When you shoot or melee a Flood infection (their "true" form) they "pop" or explode, and they do so with enough force to start a chain reaction of explosions amongst themselves. Logic would dictate that this points towards the Flood having some sort of gas under a significant amount of pressure within their bodies. In a vacuum this gas would most certainly exert intolerable amounts of pressure causing the Flood to explode (and thus, die).

True, the ranger form seems as if it would be susceptible to the depressurization of space. However, is there not a spore form that may be more tenacious?

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Halo was fired once before... at least we're pretty sure.

Simpsons Rule ( writes:

You have said that more evidence points to Halo being already fired before. The reunification is one thing. I say, that maybe the index was built into Halo's weapon, like it was a part of it. It was then removed and given to the Monitor. To activate Halo, you would have to reunify the index with the core. Also, the word reclaimer. If the index was given to the Monitor by the Forerunners, then someone would have to reclaim it to activate Halo. Just my thoughts :)

Good point. There are a few other things the Monitor says that indicate an earlier firing of the weapon, but we must remember that 343 Guilty Spark might not be the most reliable of sources. ;-)

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Otto has a couple of ideas. His first is titled, aptly, Theory #1.

Otto Mossberg ( writes:

Theory #1:

We know the Covenant absorb technology, in a large part from the Forerunner. What about the new weapon first seen at Reach? Some sort of precise laser type weapon. Sounds to me like the weapons the Sentinels use. Perhaps the Covenant have just recently discovered this Halo, about, lets say a month before Reach. They could found the Sentinels on Halo, and reverse enginered them to create that weapon. It could be that the Covenant have not come across other Halos yet, or maybe the Sentinel were the type of gaurds chosen by the Forerunner for this particular Halo (or this Installation, assuming the others are not neccacarily Rings.)

We know now that the Covenant were there before us, but not how long before. Otto might have a point, here.

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He continues with another thought.

Theory #2:

Perhaps the Prophets are not intent on destroying us. Maybe they want to dwindle our numbers, low enough to "manage", but high enough to have genetic variability. That might be how they absorb a species. Almost wipe them out, then capture the rest. When they reproduce, the Prophets, or other Covenant, take the young, and raise them to belive the religeon of the Prophets. Of course, this would not explain why the Prophets would go to the trouble of fabricating this holy war. It seems clear that the rest of the Covenant belive Humans are "vermin", and want us dead. Or maybe they want US dead, so they could "create" a new Human race, one that would belive what they do.

The holy war idea might not be as far-fetched as all that. The Elites, after all, clearly disdain both the Jackals and the Grunts. Throw us in there as more cannon fodder and we'd fit right in. The mighty and noble human race, enslaved? Shackled to the Covenant Empire, forever at the mercy of their hateful, alien masters? Never!

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The HBO Forum is all aflutter with Halo 2 Demo ravings right now, and last month was overshadowed by the E3 FanFest. However, a nugget of speculation goodness was dropped in there a while ago from Simpsons Rule. Check it out!

Let's hope they're right. More Covenant intel would be nice. ;-)

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Kyle M. ( writes:

Anyways, I have a theory on why Halo was built. It's fair to say that most people agree Halo was built to hold/ contain the flood. However, what we don't know for sure yet is why the forerunners were attempting to contain and/or study the flood instead of destroying them outright. Apparently, the Forerunners must have had some use for them to invest the manpower (and possibly funds, if they had a monetary system). It stumped me for a while, but then I read one line about the Flood that gave me a revelation:

It would seem that the Flood have some ability to access host memory, and utilize it to their advantage.

Is it at all possible that the flood, in their base state, know something critically important to the Forerunners? Would it be so important that they were desperately trying extract it from the flood, and in doing so, brought about their own dissapearance? Maybe the knowledge that the flood contain is the "Forbidden fruit of eden" that the covenant are fantically trying to protect?

Excellent idea. If the idea of a species that serves to hold racial memory is intriguing to you, I suggest you read Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space, or either of the other books in that series. Good stuff.

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I also might be able to explain why flood infected hunters are never seen in Halo. It is pretty much obvious that Fuel rod cannons are extremely unstable (The ones that Grunts drop explode with the same destructive power as a plasma grenade). Maybe the Hunters have some sort of natural, organic mechanism inside their body that keeps their Fuel rod gun stable, that hangs on even after death. What happens when the flood infect, though, may inadvertently bring about the death of themselves. Flood pretty much ignore all stimuli from their hosts (This is why sniper rifles don't work on them and they keep getting back up after being shot) Maybe when the flood infect the hunter, they disable that organic mechanism/ gland/ appendage/ whatever that keeps the fuel rod gun stable and ignore the stimuli from the host that say, "Hey, dumbass, that thing in my arm's gonna explode!" The cannon would quickly destabilize and explode, killing the flood, the flood's host, and any nea! rby flood. Once the flood are dead, they cannot adapt to something, so they'd never figure out that infecting a hunter results in a big boom.

It would sure be fun to see, though. :-)

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Kodos ( writes:

Now onto WHY would the Forerunner deem it necessary to kill all life in the universe to spare them infection...maybe they found it mercifull.

Why let a race serve as horrible slaves semi-sentient and infected when they can be euthinized instead? Wouldent be the first time one civilization had imposed its sense of morality and justice on another...

Well, Keyes' and Jenkins' descriptions of the receiving end of a Flood infection from Halo: The Flood certainly seem horrible enough, but that'd be some harsh mercy. ;-)

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Sterling ( writes:

Yes, even the woman who constantly saves your butt is not immune to the wonders of the number seven.

Take a look at this, the clue is in her flight number, ECHO 419.

However, 419s not divisible by seven.

So, take each letters numerical order, ( I.E. A=1 B=2) and re-write her callsign. You should get 53,815,419, which, when divided by seven, is7, 687,917.

We are ever vigilant in our search for the 7ru7h. Nice work. :-)

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Those 'blue beams' and the tide lines they mark ( writes: mentioned before, many people have made observations as to what those beam - shooting towers are on Halo (the level). I have also noted how everyone mentions the deep canyons such as AotCR, etc. And last but not least, those huge tides that seem to plague the ring world. I think that these water floods, with the CR being underwater at some time, are quite possible. That would explain why (even in a banshee) the tops of these cliffs cannot be reached. Now think back to Halo (the level). aren't you at the TOP of a massive cliff? And there are massive waterfalls similar to the frozen ones outside the CR. Isn't it possible that Halo (the level) is the high - tide line for the ring world? that would explain why these beam shooting towers are found only in this area (but i must say i like the idea of them expelling waste). However, this doesn't explain such areas of the game a Truth and Reconciliation, Keyes, and the Maw, but i'll leave you to decide that.

This idea has been posed before, but consider the effect such an arrangement would have on the Silent Cartographer island. That shaft we fly into at the end of the level might be able to be flooded with sea water if the cliffs on Halo and Truth and Reconciliation were an indication of the tide line. And what a tide! Take that, Bay of Fundy!

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-mnemesis ( writes:

Can the hunters be genetic monster versions of the elite aliens? Or could the grunts some how have a type of control over the elites? I mean do the elite aliens REALLY NEED the grunts, (well, besides cannon fodder ) Another question that bugs me is the color system on the aliens. (gold elite, red grunt, ect....) Well are they ranking systems or what. and if so, are gold the best elite type or do they just want to look pretty? On a final note, could there be any covenant that are NOT hostile to humans? You know, a rebel faction or something?

Interesting idea, that there might be sympathizers within the ranks of the Covenant. Something to watch for in Halo 2?

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Shane Meyer ( writes:

The Covenant, haven't advanced their technology much, throughout the twenty-five Human-Covenant War. Then, what should be made of the strange energy "sniper" weapon on board the unknown Covenant Flagship at the battle of Reach. The Covenant, I'll use a saying that's been used a lot, are adaptive rather than innovative. Then, could this weapon be based after a piece of technology they found, maybe Forerunner? This, actually isn't to unreasonable, because most of the Covenant's technology is based off that of the Forerunner. Therefore, one of the reasons that this weapon was introduced so late in the war, is that there are still Forerunner planets, outposts, and weapons caches that have not yet been discovered, Halo itself for example. Then that means humanity has a chance if they can find and control another caches out there. Another Halo for example?

Yeah! We need our own cool Forerunner stuff. Damn Covenant stealing all the good tech...

Keep it up, folks! Play, read, think awhile, and send us your thoughts!

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June 11, 2003

Wyatt's got a lot on his mind. There's a lot to chew on here, folks, so get chew- er, reading!

Wyatt Mustful ( writes:

Well, to set Arthur Wellesly strait about how close halo is to human territory, most (Human) ships do a blind jump after a covenant encounter, that is if I'm correct. Seeing how the Fujikara Space travel is a lill sketchy, you can't be sure where you turn out, as stated in the book. I remmember reading precisely, the convorsation between a few officers in the FoR book about how Covenant were pin-point precise in "jumping," and how the humans were years behind that kind of accuracy. Well, theoretically, Halo could be trillions and trillions of miles away from any territory at all, and doing a blind jump (With a little help from cortana, which aimed them in the general direction) could put them any where near or far from the point. That's my statement.

Now, for the Halo issue its self, I have a different theory on that then what I've seen so far on your web site. I think, though Halo was built to study the Flood, that it was not only a weapon and a lab, but a living space for the forerunners. Since we've not seen all of Halo, we do not know if there are Citys or not. It hasn't been discussed, so I can pretty much assume my theory is incorrect, but there is always that chance. So if the facility is built to study them, where is all the information going any how? Is it being transmitted to the Forerunners? Or were the Forerunners stationed there, like an outpost? In either case, what were they studying in the flood?

343 Guilty Spark's line in Halo: The Flood about having been there for the last 101,217 years (local years, thank you Brannon Boren :P) kind of puts a damper on the possibility that the Forerunner were still on Halo, but somewhere we hadn't seen, but the point about the information on the continuing study of the Flood being transmitted somewhere is interesting. I'd imagine that that would be something that Cortana would notice while she was in the core. If there was anyhting worth noticing in there, think she'll clue us in at some point? Like maybe on a long, interstellar Longsword ride?

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However, Wyatt's got another idea up his sleeve.

Which brings me to the monitor. Like stated before, if he's there to keep a tight lid on the Flood, then how come he doesn't have complete control? And if there were any other mechanical units there, did they even have the ability to activate Halo's primary offensive/defensive weapon? I think that t he monitor was only there as a light upkeep defensive measure, like if a stray few hundred flood-popcorn ran towards a lab with a bunch of Forerunners in it. Something like a leutenant, who has a certain amount of authority, but not enough to make large decisions. Well, in which case, the Monitor would be there to assist with small amounts of Flood accidents/attacks. If you ask me, the Forerunners were all "assimilated" into the Flood, thus killing all access to Halo's weapons, for the time being, leaving poor ol 323 GS to his lonesome with his dronies. It all leads down to, why in gods name would halo have control panels, if actual (at least) humanoid presence did not exist?

The Forerunner assimilated by the Flood? Hmm. I don't know, I can't seem to work up any compassion whatsoever for the little tentacled gasbags. Waste 'em. (Kind of puts a damper on future Forerunner-Human political relations, though)

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In refference to a post by Colin "kojimyuu" Burch about the Monitor hacking into Cortana, why would he hack her for the information about where earth is located? Seriously. I'd think the only reason why he'd be trying to hack into her, is to recover the index, and on top of that, disable her. Then again, when she says that, he might just be tapping in to speak over the loudspeaker. ::Shrugs:: Never know.

Well, if he is just a maintenance drone of sorts, he might not think to scrutinize Cortana for information, but then there's the whole insanity thing. Because, you know, the little guy's completely off his nut. He might think he's on a mission from God, which makes me wonder: If we run into him in Halo 2, what will he be up to?

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Crystals. What if the crystal found, that had Halo's Coordinates, was really a warning beacon, saying that this installation has been quarinteened, or something similar to that. :Shrugs: Just wondering.

Interesting point. And here we are, racing off across the galaxy to go there, the Covenant chasing/preceding us, totally ignoring the warning. The Forerunner must be shaking their heads in disbelief somewhere, rubbing their elongated, pulsating temples, watching us and wondering just how stupid are they?!?

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There's another thing that keeps bothering me about Halo. When Cortana was in Halo its self, as in the main computer system, did she discover any escape vehicles, or other transportation devices? Were there loading bays, docking bays, or any thing of the sort on Halo? Was Halo designed to let things get put there, but rendering every escape vehicle useless, to prevent Flood infection out side of it's study zone? Well, the end of Halo kind of voids the part where escape vehicles are rendered useless, but still, the point of "were there any vehicles for the flood to take over and escape halo with?" Just a brain teaser for yah.

Another interesting observation. The "back" side of Halo has a lot of what look like portals, but we might have to wait for Halo 2 to get any insight on this.

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From FoR the book, what was the real reason for the capture of a general from the pirate outpost? I mean, all of that effort, just for one guy? Something else was going down. I think that the pirates were not pirates at all, just a rogue group of people, who knew what was going on. The covenant, the Flood, the whole works. This is why they hid in that astroid field. Just a thought.

And you know how it is in the book that the Spartans can run fast, and the suits magnify movement like 100 times? Well, In the game, I think I should be moving pretty darn fast, and every thing should be moving slow. (Don't forget, they see in higher frame rates, so things move awefully slow in their eyes)

Well, I think I'm all out of thoughts.

Thanks for reading this far!

Okay okay okay, I forgot to add this one to my last Email. WHAT IS UP WITH THE SARGE?! You know, the african-american guy, who's always yelling at marines, loves rock, and is with Keyes at Guilty Spark? yah. He's Always around! You pick him up on halo when you first get there, 3 different times. Then, (SPOILER) at the end, when you beat every level on hard, the special ending has Sarge in it. For pete's sake, I think sarge is a spartan in disguise. Never mind that, Forget spartans! Send a fleet of Sarges at the covenant, they never ever DIE! ^_^

He's EVERYWHERE!!! Nice job, Wyatt. I'm constantly amazed at the volume and depth of the material you people send in here to the story page. Keep it up! :-)

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scathe ( writes:

Didn't anyone notice that "Sarge" from the beginning of the trailer is in fact the same Sarge that gives marines the pep talk aboard The Pillar of Autumn during the intro/first cutscene of Halo? He even has the same voice. How is this possible? According to the ending of Halo nobody survived the destruction of Halo besides MC, Cortana and The Monitor, and Cortana stated that she didn't detect any life-signs... Something is seriously screwed...

See?!? He's EVERYWHERE!!!

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Forerunner/Jjarro Intent: Preserving the Flood to preserve balance

Shannon ( writes:

A few thoughts in the arena of Marathon Connections and the logistics of the story in that context.

First, I'm running off the common assumption that the Jjarro are the Forerunners. I want to point out the parallels between the Jjarro station in Infinity with which you contain and prevent the early nova, and the Halo. It seems the Jjarro had a habit of leaving behind barely contained apocalyptic horrors with big old machine/habitats as the only defense.

I see many speculations on why the flood had to be preserved. Here's something that occurred to me: If the forerunners are Jjarro, their obsession with keeping balance is enough to explain the whole thing. In Marathon II, the Jjarro AI that the player re-activates, Thoth, switches sides as soon as it tilts the scales slightly in Durandal's favor. The player's dream/interactions with Thoth throughout Marathon Infinity are dominated by the theme of balance. The Jjarro, being immensely powerful, may have seen the necessity of containing the Flood, weather they created it or not, but found the idea of letting it die off counter to their whole philosophy. After all, a race of extreme power may find cultivating a delicate balance in the galaxy their only challenge.

Good point. The purposes we assign to things may be totally unrelated to the purposes the Forerunner have.

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Shannon also has some clarifications to make regarding the Marathon plotline and more possible parallels and connections to it.

Justin Graham's post of January 17, 2002 goes in a direction I'd like to see explored more - Durandal's possible connection. Though I'd like to first politely point out a problem in his assumptions. (he seems not to have played Marathon himself, which is forgivable-I have to admit the sin of not fully playing Halo. I'm waiting for the Mac version. AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! snif* *wipes a tear*)

Justin writes "I believe, Durandal ordered his pet soldier to destroy a sun..."

Correct me if I'm wrong, fellow Marathon heads, but it was more like this: Durandal, as an AI, Identified with the S'pht, a cybernetic slave race of the Pfhor, and jumped to their home planet to liberate them from the slavers. The Pfhor, being an experienced and dedicated slaver empire, had specific policies regarding the revolt of their subordinates, up to and including the last resort of detonating the slave's native sun with a device known as the "trih xeem" or early nova. In Marathon II, the main character, (a Mjolnir Mark IV, as its pretty much been established. p.s. he looks EXACTLY like the MC in one of the terminal pics that shows him kicking an alien in the face) is the main tool of this revolt. Despite Durandal's work and his, the Pfhor, pushed to the brink of defeat, deploy the trih xeem.

It turns out that the Jjarro, who created the S'pht race in this system, also used its sun's gravity well to trap a vague and horrible creature or creatures, the W'rkncacnter, that embody chaos itself. (I'm not gonna say "FLOOD" cus clearly they're two different things, but the thematic parallels are obvious.) What follows, in Marathon Infinity, is Durandal's desperation and failure, with a hint that there may be a way to escape. The main character skips though different time lines until he finds one in which the nova can be contained and the chaos averted. Durandal & you save the system from destruction.

Justin speculated that Durrandal had, through his quest to become a "God" by escaping the closing of the universe, perhaps become what we know as the forerunners.

I'm going to instead suggest that we're not that far down the timeline from Infinity. I believe Durandal must have moved on in his explorations (He departs Lh'owon with the S'pht to search for a new homeward at the end of the marathon series).

Durandal would be at this point in an excellent position to search out other Jjarro artifacts and ruins, having become intimately familiar with a race they gave birth to on a planet they terraformed. He would have no doubt been attracted to the halo installations.

Here's where I veer into rampant speculation. Durandal, with his God aspirations, is exactly the kind of AI to start a religion, intentionally or not. If Durandal, with his S'pht and S'pht'kr in tow, searching for a new home planet, ran across another civilization or civilizations, he might deal with the situation by cultivating a mythos around himself. His disdain for his former masters, the human race, could carry over into his dogma.

On the other hand, It may be silly to use Durrandal to explain the Covenant. There is definitely room for other Jjarro-related offspring races - there are references made to "client" races of the Jjarro. They may have been very busy.

I suppose the end to all this groping in the dark will come with Halo 2. Till then, lets shadowbox!

We hope the answers will come with Halo 2, but really, will they? Did they after Marathon Infinity? ;-)

Still, great speculating! Keep smoking that crack-pipe, friends!

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It seems to be "Many Theories in a Long Email" week here, so this time I'm going to post the whole thing with no breaks. Enjoy!

Scott Porter ( writes:

1. Door thickness/Material:

Has anybody noticed the fact that on the the control room the doors are paper thin, and yet on the Library the doors are at least 10 times as thick with extra armor! Also notice the little floating holograms infront of them on the Library, are those wards of some sort like in anceint cultures, or a 343 interface? Anyways did the Forerunner never anticipate the Flood coming to the Control room because they thought they could keep them contained or wipe the galaxy? Or are the doors on AotCR a better stronger alloy or metal, mind you the doors still break in the bridge chamber in Two Betrayls but don't open, but the doors on the Library never get broken. Wouldn't it make sense to make them all the same, or at least fortify the Control room more.

One last note on doors, remember how MC's suit changes temperature to keep him warm or cool, this means he never feels the ambeint temperature. If you look at the doors in the cliff walls on AotCR they all have the snow melted away for quite some distance. This would imply that either the Forerunners either like it hot, the material they build with is super heat conductive (perhaps for the dissapation of plasma shots, or absorbtion of heat when the flood alter the atmosphere), or the Flood have already started to raise the temperature and this is where the snow melts most readily.

2. Ohh, it glitters!!!!

I Love AotCR, so the other day I was playing through it and I couldn't take it any longer, WHY DO THE WALLS GLITTER(Bridge room, outside above doors see above)??? Now that got me thinking what if the same crystal that is in starships and the Mjlinor is in the walls of Halo, doesn't make much sense I know but the possiblity is out there. Then I though, well what if there part of 343's teleportation grid, after all he is the same color, but Cortana manages to teleport you to the TR on Keyes. So what if they're some sort of camera, or monitoring device? Hell they might even be part of some sort of one-way glass so the forerunners can watch(dependant mainly on the theroy that Halo is a testing grounds for species, or maybe just the flood). Or is it just some part of an alloy with large particles?

3. Flood Lights

Again when on AotCR on later parts of the mission the white bar lights by the doors are turned to a greenish color, like Flood blood. Perhaps it is their blood on the lights or it is meant as a warning that there are flood that escaped. As 343 did say that Halo's main purpose is to study and contain the flood, but what if there are secondary missions. Maybe different colors mean different species escaped. Kind of a tangent I know, I know.

4. Flood pits

Guess what level! On AotCR in the big circular rooms that make up the majority of the interior. They are shaped like big gears; circular with big outcroppings(probably 7:) ). anyways their are these glass covers on these big green pits, each one looks like a spore holding cell. But what if they are tanks of flood virus, should a hostile take over the ring, simply break the emegency glass and the ring is uninhabitable.

5. Genorators?

On many levels including Halo,AotCR( :) ), and 343GS there are these big rectangular things, easy to see in the bridge room(AotCR and Halo both). I was thinking every where lots of power would be need they are there. Light Bridge, Check, Index protective energe feild, Check, but what on AotCR, unless it is for the Control Room. But I would expect those to be hidden inside and closer. They might also be for the superweapon, and that is why there is such feirce Covenant/Flood battles in the area, just outside on both doors are large armies of Flood, as well as a large group huddled around one(most likely the corpses from the qmmo cache). So anyways other then good sniping stools what if they're good for and even powerful weapon. The Flood would after all need to disable them to survive.

6. The Big Trap!!!

On 343 we already know the Flood have escaped if we have played through. Of course you know that something powerful hurtles those grunts and jackels. But has anybody else seen the First Flood the MC sees. Of course I havent gotten that far in the book, but if you want to see it, get off the Pelican and get ammo and stuff (will be easiest to see on easy, well duh). Anyways time doesn't matter until your nearing the crashed Covenant Dropship. Run past is ignoring the Covenant and as soon as you can see the tree bridge zoom in with you pistol on the top outcrop. There you can see a Elite Flood watching! It jumps down really fast and runs away though so its hard to get a good look. But is he after the Covenant or a Scout to spot enemy reinforcements or better yet you. What if they remained in the structure till you got to the center so that it would take you longer to escape. The first time I played the level and the MC hears the slithering and hissing and goes in anyways and the marine falls into his arms, it made me think TRAP! For he is trapped, the door locks and tons of infection forms, to capture the MC come out. As it is not effective, the bigger guys who got into position to block the exit when the MC hears the slithering comes. That is why the doors opened so easily for the Marines the Flood were hungry and so disabled the covenant attempts to lock it down. The Covenant wanted to contain the trap, and the Flood so they locked it, but the Flood unlocked it after they retreated so that they could trap the MC!

7. The Flora!

On 343GS the tress have bright flood colored growths. 343 only said that a host had to have suitable Biomass, and trees are heavy, mind you they can't really think, still makes for a good way to alter the atmosphere. Hosts (usually) breath air and produce CO2, trees and plants take CO2 and make it into O2 again. Perhaps the Flood need a CO2 atmosphere as there is only a little in our own atmosphere. With a pure atmosphere they might thrive! Mind you CO2 is poisinous, so maybe the trees are making a different gas or they are trying to make it so that Halo is Uninhabitable, so the weapon couldn't be fired and all their enemies die without a fight leaving perfectly intact bodies for the taking.

I especially like this last bit about the foliage on 343 Guilty Spark. We've had a lot of people potice the resemblance to Flood biology, and the "altering the atmosphere" thing fits rather nicely. Good job!

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You'll remember the earlier calls to read Starhammer, right? Well, Kareem Ramos remembers.

Kareem Ramos ( writes:

I'd like to follow up on my last email, in which I theorized about the Forerunner and underwater buildings. If you haven't noticed, I always mention the Rowley novels when I speculate about Halo's story. Here's another juicy connection.

Here's part of my last email:

"The planet [the extinct race's homeworld] eventually dried up and became forgotten, but was inhabited by a crew of humans who ran into it by chance (hint hint)."

Now, those humans established themselves on that world and populated it. They eventually discovered the ancient weapon, the Starhammer, and then the word got out. The word spread across the entire galaxy, but many thought that the Starhammer and the Vang were just rumors. A religious clan in the book really believed that it existed, and only two of their members knew the exact coordinates for the Starhammer. The alien slavers, the Laowon, knew about it, also, but they kept it a secret (the fact that they glassed one of their own planets because of the parasitic Vang was also kept secret).

Once the Laowon heard that the cultists were searching for the Starhammer, a huge chase ensued. The Laowon knew that he who posessed the Starhammer, posessed the fate of the universe. Kinda like what Keyes said:

"Whoever controls Halo controls the fate of the universe."

How does this all fit into the Halo story? Easy. Humans came across another Halo in the past. They first met the Covenant there. The Covenant didn't like them intruding, and started a war to destroy all humans. Why? They believed that the humans actually knew how to activate the Halos and maybe fire them, and because of this, were a serious threat. As the Covenant invaded human planets, they found Forerunner items, as they did in 'The Fall of Reach'.

This is what the Laowon wanted to do: destroy anybody that knew about the all-powerful Starhammer, and maybe even have it for themselves. This is what the Covenant want to do: destroy all of humanity because some human somewhere may know the secrets of the ancient Forerunner fortress worlds!

I think it may go a bit deeper than that with the Covenant. Their actions seem to have a lot of political/religious significance. They also seem to have some racial issues they have yet to address. ;-)

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Josh ( writes:

If anyone is familiar with the music of Warren Zevon, he has a song called "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" about the little known Congo War of the 60's. In this song Mombasa is mentioned. I have learned that Mombasa may be the setting of a level in Halo 2. Roland, of course, is mentioned in the Marathon series as the wielder of Durandal (from the medieval "Song of Roland"). Coincidence? Probably, but I thought it was interesting anyway.

There are no coincidences. Only connections perceived, and connections yet to be perceived.

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TankRamp ( writes:

Reading through the Halo Transmissions, I noticed one part that stuck out:

CCS Truth and Reconciliation (DE H c-1) o SCS Pillar of Autumn RECEIVED (trans) via x-process 04118.2.32.465603 (process owner BW - AI - Class III)

You have brought nothing to this world, and we will ensure you bring nothing out.

I think this has more to it than its resemblance to Bill Cosby comedy (I brought you into this world, I'll take you out. Make another one that looks just like you.), but actual significance on the story.

The general consensus of Covenant technology is that they "absorb" superior technologies and use them to their own benefit. Since the Prophets--whom I've come to theorize are power-hungry politicians pulling the strings and pulling wool over the eyes of other Covenantt--decided that the humans have inferior technology, they destroy them. Why? Because sentient beings are a potential threat, and these particular sentient beings have nothing to add to the Covenant arsenal, and won't conform to Covie ideals; living under the Prophets' power and religion.

But, because humans are sentient and rapidly growing, the Prophets see this "infection" as being adverse to their power which they hold over all else. So, they used whatever handy religious doctrine they invented to urge the rest of the Covenant to go to war against the human scum.

Bill Cosby, power-hungry politicians, and oppressive religious doctrine. Halo's got it all!

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