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The Halo Story

Fall of Reach Timeline

2494   Rebel insurrection in Eridanus system
2496   Eridanus insurrection defeated by UNSC (4 destroyers lost)
2510   Pillar of Autumn built by Dr. Robert McLees (Reyes-McLees Shipyards over Mars)
2512   A geological survey team on Sigma Octanus IV finds rocks with odd compositions - these were introduced from meteor impacts roughly 60,000 years ago
2513   Insurrection in Eridanus system, led by Colonel Robert Watts - supressed by UNSC (Operation TREBUCHET). Watts driven into the local asteroid belt
2517 Aug 17 Dr. Catherine Halsey snags Jacob Keyes (Lieutenant Junior Grade) to head to Elysium City, Eridanus 2 (Eridanus Star System) to pick up John (Number 117), a 6-year-old at Elysium City Primary Education Facility No. 119.
2517 Sep 23 Project SPARTAN II begins on Reach, with 75 conscripts
2519 Jul 12 John 117 makes squad leader
2525 Mar 9 Spartans undergo radical body alterations - 31 die, 12 are permanently disabled, 32 successfully adapt
2525 Sep 12 Spartans, led by John 117 (promoted to Petty Officer Third Class) go in on UNSC Destroyer Pioneer to capture Colonel Robert Watts. MIssion successful, but John wounded.
2525 Feb 3 Harvest, an outer colony, makes contact with an unknown object. Contact lost. First investigating ship (scout Argo) vanishes.
2525 Oct 7 UNSC battle group (Destroyer Heracles - Captain Veredi, plus frigates Arabia and Vostok) enter the Harvest system, discovers planet glassed. Contact with a single alien craft - frigates lost, destroyer jumps out of system badly damaged. Intercepted communications identify the enemy as 'The Covenant', and 'Your destruction is the will of the Gods... and we are their instrument' is broadcast in UNSC language.
2525 Nov 1 Vice Admiral Preston Cole heads to Harvest system with full fleet
2525 Nov 2 Project MJOLNIR commences, contact with Chief Mendez (their primary trainer since SPARTAN II began) ceases
2525 Nov 27 Spartans introduced to MJOLNIR armor at Damascus Materials Testing Facility, Planet Chi Ceti 4. Attacked aboard UNSC Frigate Commonwealth (Captain Wallace) en route. Covenant attacker survives a nuclear warhead (but retreats). Spartans (now decked out in Mjolnir armor) take it out by carrying a nuke onboard, inside the energy shield. Samuel-034 lost in battle.
2531   Covenant defeated by Admiral Cole at Harvest (human fleet outnumbered Covenant fleet 3:1, Cov kill ratio 2:1 against humans)
2535 Feb 12 Jericho VII (Lambda Serpentis system) falls. Master Chief on board the UNSC Resolute (destroyer) under Captain de Blanc
2550   PoA refit to serve near Zeta Doradus
2552 Jul 17 Covenant fleet discovered by Ensign William Lovell on UNSC Remote Scanning Outpost Archimedes, in Sigma Octanus system
2552 Jul 17 Commander Keyes, on board the UNSC Destroyer Iroquois, takes on 4 medium-tonnage Covenant craft (two frigates, one destroyer, one carrier), destroys 3 in what becomes known as the 'Keyes Loop'. The Carrier heads to Sigma Octanus IV and drops Covenant troops, invading the city of Cote D'Azur. (Keyes promoted to Captain because of the encounter by Admiral Stanforth.)
2552 July 18 Double battle: Spartans (and marines) engage Covenant on the ground, eventually nuking Cote D'Azur and most of the Covenant invasion force (but very few humans), while 4 dozen UNSC ships engage 20 Covenant craft. 7 human craft survive - the surviving Covenant craft (less than 7) flee. (The Iroquois destroyed a stealth ship receiving an encrypted transmission from the surface - once this ship was gone, the rest of the Covenant broke off.) Iroquois heads back to Reach for debriefing - Covenant tracker attaches itself, unseen, to the Iroquois' hull.
2552 Aug 12 Master Chief debriefed by ONI at Camp Hathcock, Reach - meets Keyes for the first time, sees Halsey again.
2552 Aug 25 Pillar of Autumn chosen by Halsey and Cortana (with Keyes as Captain) to handle the MJOLNIR mission
2552 Aug 27 Project MJOLNIR begins, with 25 Spartans
2552 Aug 29 Spartan 117 gets a neural interface upgrade (to deal with Cortana) and new armor (with built-in Covenant shield technology)
2552 Aug 30 Cortana gets revenge on Colonel Ackerson, part of ONI's Special Warfare branch, for attempting to eliminate Cortana and Master Chief - she gets him transferred to the front.
2552 Aug 30 Reach Falls