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The Halo Story


Poem by Joseph Staten

With any great epic war, there must be epic literature–and it seems that humanity at the time of the Covenant war still feels that deep human urge to write poetry.

This poem comes straight from Bungie's Joe Staten. He posted it to a forum on behalf of this "26th-century poet", which is rather helpful, as the unborn usually have difficultly using e-mail. The poem isn't horribly difficult to decipher (but if you spot something in it that you think deserves attention, by all means, speculate away); nonetheless, it's very cool.

deep in the heart of autumn
were silent spaces for fifty
of the ones that need no name

from this celestial bough
all but one did fall into
the pitiless fires of reach

a soldier's ignominy
to have dreamt while brothers bled

but oh, for the rest of us
his shame was our salvation

- unknown author, late 26th century

Covenant Writ of Union, Canto 1 (from the Halo 2 Soundtrack booklet)

So full of hate were our eyes
That none of us could see
Our war would yield countless dead
But never victory

So let us cast arms aside
And like discard our wrath
Thou, in faith, will keep us safe
Whilst we find the path

High Council of Concordance,
First Age of Reconciliation

Whisper in the Storm Cutscene Reversed Audio

I have walked among men and angels for three thousand years. Time has no end... no beginning... no purpose.

I wander the earth, seeking forgiveness for my horrible crimes against God and man.

I live to see death, destruction, over the light, but the light cannot be extinguished.

I live in a prison of my own demise.

I am lost in time... (repeats)

-unknown (Gravemind?)