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The Halo Story

Halo: The Cinematic Experience

For better or for worse, Halo is coming to a theatre near you in 2007. We've all seen the trite, slap-stick manner in which the Movie Industry has treated other game-to-film translations and we've all been equally appalled.

Fortunately, Halo looks to be on a somewhat different course. There's talk of making a great movie first, and a game port second. And while it isn't a "sure thing" by any stretch of the imagination, numerous factors ranging from the caliber of those overseeing the project to Bungie's holding out with the rights until they could have the time and creative input they wanted are enough to kindle the beginnings of excitement.

This page will be a repository of various posts, info, and news regarding the film. You can even speculate on it. We hope you find it helpful.

You think you're big time?

A-list indeed. The news of Peter Jackson as Executive Producer for the upcoming Halo film (along with all his WETA Workshop powers) has been welcome news. The reports from mehve of the Halo Movie Companion's warm reception by the studios involved is also fantastic. (The detail contained in the Grunt demo page seems scant but, as she explains, there were worries that the guide would be overlooked entirely due to complexity, etc.).

Get your work done now (you have till summer 2007), cross your fingers for the best (Bungie is sticking with it, thankfully), and prepare for the most involved, comprehensive marketing campaign since Halo 2 ;)



By Committee

We've held off mentioning this new "Halo Movie Script Madness" in hopes of a little "official" confirmation first, but what the heck. While Bungie has yet to make an official statement regarding the Latino Review of the Halo Movie Script, El Mayimbe of the aforementioned has piped-up on the forum defending it's credibility. Considering their inside scoops in the past, there seems to be little or no reason to question its authenticity at this point. One of the only things to consider (and he brings this up himself) is the date of this particular draft (Feb. 6th, 2005) and the numerous mentions of revision made in various Bungie updates.

While it is in some ways disappointing to consider the possibility that not much new ground will be covered plot-wise, I see consolation on the horizon in a few different forms. First, this will almost certainly not be the only movie made out of the Halo franchise. The groundwork laid now will contribute to what will be, hopefully, a complete and well told story. Keeping the idea of multiple films in mind, in a way it's reassuring to see that they are starting at the beginning rather than diving in half-way or exploring a mere tangent; by doing it this way, one could say that this implies that those in power have the entire story in mind.

I'd also have to say that it is comforting to consider that if the Hollywood Machine does take the Inner Circle's advice to keep true to the source in regard to both details and actors, we may be in luck. Because the story firmly and publicly exists for this portion of our tale, it may hold the makers more accountable. After all, one of the foremost story-based complaints of Halo 2 was the lack of crossover from the novels (ie. where are those other Spartans?). In a small way, this could be the beginnings of that hope manifested.

Time will tell.