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Marathon Connections - Addendum

Not quite story points, yet not eggs (for the most part), the items listed here compose the known tips of the hat, references, and allusions to Marathon found within the Halo universe.

  • SPNKr: the name, the double barrels, the legend
  • Double-fisted Weapons make a return in Halo 2
  • .44 Calibre Pistol: same size, but not shape
  • The H1 Pistol zooms at last, something Marathon only teased
  • The Fusion and Plasma pistol's similar overcharge functions
  • Cortana, of the same temper as Durandal; AI's are pivotal to the plot
  • The HUD Radar: 15 metres of danger!
  • The Assault Rifles: Marathon's MA-75B to Halo's MA-5B, and that they are both akin to wrestling a greased pig...
  • Foe Hammer: Infinity level name to dropship pilot Carol Rawley
  • Marathon-class cruiser designation mentioned in Halo: The Fall of Reach (p.238)
  • Hunters: name and swanky good looks
  • Bulletin board on the Pillar of Autumn: reference to the M1 level Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap
  • Rampancy: "The Chief's gone rampant", Cortana feeling larger in the Chief's mind upon returning from Halo's computers, etc.
  • Human Crew outfits: similar styles and colour coding as BOBs (Hey, where's Engineering Green? :)
  • The Carrier Flood form's explosion mechanics and their uncanny resemblance to those of the Simulacrums (explode in series and seem to explode only after touching ground)
  • The Mjolnir Mk IV cyborg to Mjolnir Mk V/VI suits
  • Suits much like the Mark IV used during a Spartan infiltration in TFoR (p.79)
  • Wellsley's simulation of the Battle of Marathon in Halo: The Flood
  • Cybernetic-eyed BOBs and the one-eyed monitors of the UNSC Marine helmets
  • Covenant torches as found on Two Betrayals bear a slight resemblance to the Pfhor staff
  • Oddball: an evolution of the "Kill the Man with the Ball", er, Skull gametype
  • Race Roles: Pfhor/Covenant, S'pht/Engineers, Jjaro/Forerunner, Durandal/Cortana, etc.
  • Game Dialogue:
    • "They're everywhere!" and variations -Marines, Crewmen, and Grunts
    • "Come and take your medicine" -Marines
    • "Look! A Mark V!" -Marines
    • "That one's for Bob!" -Marines
    • "Oh god, I recognize that one, it's Bob!" -Marines fighting Flood
    • "You think you're big time? You're gonna DIE big time!" -Johnson
  • Level Names:
    • The Silent Cartographer's working title was Blaspheme Quarantine
    • "If I Had a Super Weapon" I'd Make Somebody Pay
    • "Shafted" and The Shaft: named after a toy Pfhor staff at the Bungie offices
  • Marathon Symbols:
    • Keyes' pipe
    • Keyes' Uniform
    • Shape of the Halo's Control Room floor
    • Guilty Spark: Basic shape in front and "eye" lens
    • Center of the Halo Symbol/Logo
    • Sides of the Pillar of Autumn
    • Difficulty level shield logos
    • In the background of pages in the Halo: Combat Evolved game manual
    • If you find other Marathon-esque symbols in the real world, check here and here.

If you stumble upon anything else in your travels, please let us know.