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List of Human Colonies

List of Human Colonies

Luna (Solar System)
Mars (Solar System)
Io (Solar System)
Ganymede (Solar System)
Europa (Solar System)
Reach (Epsilon Eridanus System)
Eridanus II (Epsilon Eridanus System)
Beta Gabriel (Epsilon Eridanus System)
Tribute (Epsilon Eridanus System)
Circumstance (Epsilon Eridanus System)
Tantalus (Tantalus System)
Jericho VII (Lambda Serpentis System)
Sigma Octnaus IV (Sigma Octanus System)
Onyx (Zeta Doradus System)
Harvest (Epsilon Indi System)
Victoria (111 Tauri System)
Chi Ceti IV (Chi Ceti System)
Troy (Hellespont System) [I Love Bees]
Harmony (Unknown System) [I Love Bees]
New Harmony (Unknown System)
Fort York (Unknown System)
Emerald Cove (Unknown System)
Biko (Unknown System)
Draco III (Unknown System)
Paris IV (Unknown System)

Charybdis IX (Unknown System)
Hydra System
Minister (Unknown System) [I Love Bees]
Coral (Unknown System)
Gilgamesh (Unknown System)
Mamore (Unknown System)
New Constantinople (Unknown System)
Crystal (Unknown System) [I Love Bees]
Atlas Moons (Unknown System)
Groombridge 34 System
Far Isle (Unknown System)
Mariposa (Unknown System)
Arcadia (Unknown System)
Ballast (Unknown System)
Miridem (Unknown System)


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