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January 21, 2004

It had to happen eventually. One of us woke up from our Christmas goodie induced coma just long enough to sift through the mail and events of the past few weeks. Actually, we both came to for a while, but not only did I lose the Jan-Ken match, I was bested in Achi-Muite-Hoi overtime. mnem's a shark...

Although already documented elsewhere, it is worth noting for posterity's sake that Littlebigman noticed an update on the Internet Movie Database which listed not only Halo 2 (as a video game, don't get in a knot), but more specifically a character called the "Prophet of Regret". The page has since been removed as, according to Marty O'Donnell, someone goofed putting that up. The plot thickens...

(Or as littlebigman added later, "that name [Regret] sounds french, something tells me someone who had the leaked French Version put that up. Grief was probably a mistranslation of "Regret". Hmm...")

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The Biological Beacon Basis

M. Vee ( writes:

The other day I plugged in "basis" and "threshold" into Google to see what would come up. Of the many hits that came back, the following link was really interesting.

Now, it might just be coincidence, but as you can see "BASIS" is the name of a General Dynamics/DARPA program that the US†government uses to monitor possible bioagent attacks. Obviously, talking about bioagents in terms of the flood and Halo as a containment/detection facility makes a lot of sense,†especially when you read this paragraph from the website:

"If today's count exceeds a calculated threshold, BASIS issues an alarm calling for attention by a public health specialist or other designated authority. The class of medical encounters monitored by a MEM consists of sentinel cases accepted by a user-defined filter. The primary thrust for medical surveillance against a biological attack consists of defining the sentinal case filters focused on bioagent-induced symptomatology."

Threshold? Alarms? Basis? Sentinel cases? Monitors?††Bioagents? Isn't this just too much of a coincidence not to have anything to do with Halo and the Flood?

Truly. Not to mention that the logo on the left side of the page seems spookily applicable.

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Where have all the SPARTAN I's gone? Long time passing...

Wavehawk ( writes:

Presumably, these members of the ORION project are not as highly-developed as the SPARTAN II candidates and most likely don't have the same level of enhancements and such (definitely no MJOLNIR Armor)--but they'd still be pretty tough individuals in themselves. Again, I've not read TFoR or the Halo Bible, so I might be mistaken--but obviously, the SPARTAN II project was workign on info garnered from the 'success' of the SPARTAN I project. If SPARTAN I was a success, then that means that there were some of them who survived. Maybe up to this day.

So here's a rampant theory of mine: What if Sgt. Johnson and Chief Mendez are survivng members of the SPARTAN I programme?

Johnson's certainly bad-ass enough (we're talking someone who consistently survives anything tossed at him and even goes toe-to-toe with an elite---WITHOUT the benefit of MJOLNIR armor). Add that to the fact that he has no enmity against the SPARTAN IIs (though this is a minor point).

For Mendez, I'm just going by pure inference--who better to train SPARTAN IIs than a SPARTAN I?

I'm thinking that the first generation of SPARTANs might have been much older (Raw recruits? Volunteers maybe? Who knows?), and that they underwent the first-generation enhancements process. Most probably died in surgery. Others were disfigured (even the SPARTAN II prject makes note of these). The few that survivedprobably lived on to be the toughest hard-core SOBs the human race has ever known--but were still fairly human compared to the SPARTAN II programme.

And it's also possible that the survivors were not necessarily the strongest physically or the oldest/youngest, but those with an uncanny strength of will. The kind of mental toughness common to modern-day Special Forces like the Navy SEALS, Army Special Forces, Marine Force Recon, or the like.

The kind of meanness that Johnson and Mendez are capable of, actually.

From what we know, Mobuto wouldn't be a stranger in their company either... Good thinking :)

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Ackerson's King Under the Mountain

Jesper ( writes:

Now there's one episode in the First Strike, where we really learn ONI Sector Three's mission. When tapping into the ONI complex's computers, Dr. Halsey meets the Colonel Ackerson's AI, Araqiel, apparently attempting to steal SPARTAN-II information according to Dr. Halsey. Anyway, she destroys the AI and begins to look through its files. There are two folders: "S-III" and "King Under the Mountain"...

The first folder very possibly stands for SPARTAN-III as already speculated [Note: Or merely Section III]. This just again reaffirms Ackerson and ONI Sector Three's interest in the SPARTAN project and maybe their own wish to take control of it and continue with it without Dr. Halsey involved.

But more importantly we got the "King Under the Mountain" folder. What does this stand for? Well, the office IS in a mountain, right? And what does Dr. Halsey find under the Mountain? The "holy of holies", the Holy Light, which is apparently of enourmous significance to the Covenant.
And what does this folder contain? First of all, a much larger blueprint of the CASTLE base than Dr. Halsey had ever seen! But the folder†also had detailed information on John-117's attack on CÙte d' Azur, where he found the strange alien artifact (that eventually led to Halo if no one remembers). And also detailed information on the symbols found on the artifact!

But this just leads to new speculation. Dr. Halsey does in fact say, after discovering this, that Ackerson had kept a very dangerous secret. Does she mean that he actually knew Reach would be destroyed [or was at risk]? But how would you be able to know that just from some star coordinates on an alien artifact? And, how can it be Cortana and Dr. Halsey found two different coordinates on the same artifact [Halo and then Reach from ONI/Cortana's analyses and the signal captured by John's camera, respectively] and does that mean anything? Could the artifact hold all the different coordinates to the greatest Covenant holy places, and thereby also Earth? (If we consider Earth another place for an alien artifact since the Covenant does not seem to glass it!).

This is a confusing bit of the story thus far. The analysis of the rock from Sigma Octanus did lead Cortana to Halo (FoR p. 336, as mentioned above), but apparently the captured images made by John off of the same rock create the coordinates of Reach (Epsilon Eridani) itself (FS p.130). Bizarre, unless each rock contains several sets of markings... is there something we are missing?

ONI may have previously known of Halo, and a lot of other things, if this trail is followed a while. Ackerson has a folder entitled KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN. There are Forerunner facilities (not all of which were necessarily seen by the Spartans and Halsey) beneath the ONI base on Reach. So, doesn't this imply that Ackerson (and ONI) may have been well aware of these caves on Reach, and through co-ordinates gleaned here and there, on other planets as well, for some time? If so, what have they been doing with this information? Waiting for the... mood to be right? :P

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Nobody likes the Nebulons... not even enough to base a race on them... ::sigh:: :(

Lazaru2 ( writes:

The Pfhor and Covenant are WAY to similar to be mere coincidence, they both are pseudo-religious armies, comprised of various races. Consider the message from Marathon 2, "For Carnage Apply Within", terminal 1:

The Jjaro were a mysterious race that disappeared from our galaxy millions of years ago, leaving behind military and civilian outposts on the moons of many habitable worlds. Most of the Pfhor's technology was plundered from sites abandoned by the Jjaro.

Then there are the Spht'Kr. They, if anyone remembers, are quite like the Sentinals in Halo. And those wierd things you first see on Lh'owon in Marathon 2, the things with the mouths in their stomachs, early ideas of the Flood? Its all to similar for me. Oh, and consider the Hulks, and then compare them to the new Brutes.

The flaring, spherical shields found on some of the Sentinels are what always brought the Spht'Kr to mind for me. And the Flickta as early Flood? Could be, but what of the old infected Pfhor? Now that's not something to study before lunch...

Let's see... S'pht and Prophets (in appearance, at least), the Hunter similarities have also been mentioned. Hmmm... Do the Grunts and the Nar have anything in common, besides stature, of course? ;)

(Update: With the release of Halo 2 and its related materials, similarities have also been drawn between the Hulk and the conceptualized Drinol Beast, as well as between the Juggernauts and the Forerunner Enforcers. Neat stuff :)

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Two, count 'em, two notes on Covenant armament and their usefulness against the Flood

Auren (Reiyou) ( writes:

1: Covenant weaponry are based on energy, right? This only seems to have come from fighting against the flood and as the developers have said: "The Flood and the Covenant have a bit of history together." This would seem contradictory becuase as demonstrated time and time again, solid projectiles are more effective then energy. Unless the flood have some toxicicity cauterized by heat we don't know about, why even bother with energy.

2: The origin of the Needler. It had to have been developed for uses against the flood. the projectiles track and, perhaps the flood are running around already and so the Covenant brought in tons of needlers. A peice of evidence to support that theory. The needler crates on 343 Guilty Spark. Why else would they be there?

Perhaps the Covenant's continued use of plasma weaponry against the Flood is yet another demonstration of their inability to improvise and adapt to a situation; their zeal forces the use of their god-sent tools. Or it could be a game limitation...

Hmmm... You're right. Even though it is almost useless against larger Flood, the Needler does track the encroaching Infection swarms quite nicely, and packs just enough punch to set off a chain reaction. Almost as if it was MADE for it. (Could this be an example of the Covenant's "long history" with them? :)

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Romans, 117, and more se7ens than you could hope to shake a stick at (or seven for that matter).

Giorgio Vassallo ( writes:

I have recently opened a new investigation front of the Romans=Halo. some people say that it is useless because all (or most) of the halo characters are based on Greek myth. well, my investigation has started to yielded some startling results:

1st: As earlier discovered, the Roman Empire reached its height in the year 117 A.D.

2nd: The city of Rome is called "the city of the seven hills" because it is on top of seven hills.

3rd: I also discovered that Rome had seven kings before the foundation of the Republic.

4th: Back in the Roman times, september used to be the 7th month, october the 8th and so on..
and halo takes place in SEPTEMBER!!!! does this tell us something?

Whew... apparently. But what exactly?

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John 117 and Dienekes: Redux

Begemotike ( writes:

This was noted earlier on the HSP:

When told that the Persians had archers so numerous that their arrows would block out the sun, Dienekes replied, "Good. Then we shall have our battle in the shade."

I'm sure you realize this, but that's virtually an exact quote for the bezerkers in Myth. Specifically:

"A berserk at the Stair of Grief, having been told that the hosts of the Soulless were so many that their spears would hide the sun, is said to have replied 'Then we shall fight them in the shade.'" -Berserk Flavor Text, Myth TFL

Very interesting, isn't it, when you take that into account the other post of Dienekes and Master Chief...

Since Bungie is obviously aware of that quote and the entire incident, it seems almost certain that the inspiration for the Master Chief comes to some degree from that. Either that, or we think too much.

I'm sure that it does, and I'm sure that we do.

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