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January 30, 2005

Religious imagery in a new light -

Ross Sager ( writes:

Re: The Ark
It should be pretty obvious that this is a
Biblical connection to anyone who has read the story
of Noah and his Ark. God warned Noah that he was going
to flood the Earth, and that Noah should build an ark
to escape with his family and the animal pairs, to
repopulate the Earth once the flood had receded.

Putting this in Halo terms:
-The Forerunner first encountered the Flood many years
ago. We do not know the location of this encounter,
but let us assume that somehow, the Flood got onto the
Forerunner home planet.
-The Forerunner, unprepared for the invasion, fought
hard to regain the control of their planet, but
realized it was a losing battle, and so built a ship
called The Ark to escape the Flood with as many
survivors as possible.
-After searching the galaxy for a suitable new
homeworld, they found Earth, and landed The Ark on the
planet to start anew.
-When they had enough resources built up, the
Forerunner decided that they wanted to find a way to
eliminate the Flood forever, for the good of the
galaxy AND to take back their beloved homeworld.
-They built the Halos, captured some Flood specimens,
and set about studying them to try to find a way to
kill ONLY Flood creatures, without harming other forms
of life. Until they found a way to do this, however,
the Forerunner decided that it would be best to
install the Halos' weapon system to kill ALL
(sentient?) life in the galaxy in case the Flood
-The failsafe for the system, in case one of the rings
was stopped from firing, would be the remote activator
that they placed on The Ark, now located on Earth, the
Forerunner's new homeworld.
-In the final chapter of Forerunner history, the Flood
somehow escaped, the Halos fired, and all (sentient?)
life in the galaxy, including the Forerunner
themselves, was destroyed. The Halos and The Ark
remained, and now the Covenant has unearthed something
the Forerunner left behind that has led them to the
Earth, and to The Ark, to use the remote activation
system for the Halos.

Presuming, of course, that the Ark is on Earth ;)

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January 27, 2005

000111 | ? | ? | VII

In other words, "They're everywhere!"

Ah, numerology. Noting Bungie's penchant for sevens, one keen reader observes what might be a slightly more elegant instance of our favorite number.

Brian Adamson ( writes:

...the Gravemind by and large speaks in iambic septameter (Poetic style with seven beats per line):

"This one / is ma / chine and / nerve, and /has his /mind con / cluded,
"This one / is but / flesh and / faith and / is the /more de / luded "


"Silence / fills the /empty /grave, / now that / I have/ gone
"But / my mind / is not / at rest, / for questions / linger / on..."

In this case, "grave" and "gone" consume one beat for themselves [despite being single-syllable words] due to te long vowel sounds, allowing the cadence to continue. In the second line, the section "for questions" also consumes only one space, because the "for" is said very shortly.

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January 26, 2005

It has to be something in the water . . .

On this forum thread, we have yet more speculation. Below is the part that caught my attention.

Ain Soph Aur writes:

Either the Halos are only placed in locations near planets either supporting or likely to one day support sentient life, or their signals somehow amplify when they meet each other. If this magnification works on a wave-like principle, then we're talking about a maximum of double the orignal energy. However, this would only affect waves that met head-on, and would still not extend the blast radius. Remember, 343 Guilty Spark said "this installation has a maximum effective radius of 25,000 light-years", and he then says "but when the others follow suit", but doesn't give an upped figure for his own installation, which I take to mean that the installations don't enhance each other.

I would consider this evidence for my "positioned as needed" theory, but that leaves the problem of just how close Installation 05 and 04 are from Earth. In theory, they should be at least 30 to 40,000 light-years apart (allowing for some overlap), but we know they're not. Here's some math for you: Reach was initially attacked on August 30. Wagner gave his report September 4th. That allows for a maximum of five days' Slipspace travel between Earth and Reach. Now, instead, I'll assume it's a shorter trip, say, half a day, and this is likely giving human drives a little too much credit. Earth to Reach is 10 light-years, we know this. So, at 20 light-years a day, Halo 04 is still only about 420 light-years from Reach, making for a maximum of 430 light-years from Earth. Halo 05 was maybe a half-day's jump. I'll again give a little leeway, and make it 3 days. So, that's a maximum of 490 to 500 light-years from Halo 04. There can be no need for two installations to be that close together. This brings up a new idea: The Halos can move. High Charity has a Slipspace drive. Is it too much to assume that Halo does? If that's the case, then Halo 05 could have been stationed pretty much anywhere, and when 04 went offline, the Halos realigned in order to cover as much of the sentient-suitable region as they could, and Halo 05 was transferred from its former posting to the general area once covered by Halo 04.

Arashi90 seems to agree, and brings up a good point.

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Tablets are good, at least they are for the HSP crew. dude1 posts an analysis of the Covenant tablets. What I really like about it, is that he doesn't refer to the Ages, taking the tablets on their own.

Interactive Civilian lends a hand as well. It's good to note that the Covenant writing is another dialect. Ye olde Prophett.

There's plenty more on the forums.

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January 25, 2005

Not to be outdone by Finn (or mnemesis) I have a few additions of my own. 7he One and Walshicus have produced The Hall of Murals from the LE DVD. Speculate away my pretties, because that thread is hot.

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Who is that fine, squid-faced gentleman (aka. The Arbiter)? Well, v2 thinks it might just be Orna 'Fulsamee. Whether you agree or not, his argument is compelling and logical. Go see for yourself

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Are we there yet? If I was going on a journey of great proportions, I wouldn't be taking along an infant race.

Paolo Valentino ( writes:

Try to imagine that there was a relationship between the Prophets and Forerunners, "complete devotion to the good masters" and "care for the primitive pupils"

The Forerunners discover this young and inexperienced race, the Prophets, who then worship the Forerunners as Gods. The Forerunners continue with their own affairs, maybe in a portion of space far from Prophets' homeworld, and are forced to fire the Halos, leaving the Prophets behind

In despair, (perhaps the Prophets are not fully mature, or even regarded as sentient) they began to think that their Gods have gone away, leaving them all the technology and knowledge necessary to follow them.

The Prophets are trying to activate the Halos to join their Gods on their Great Journey. Meanwhile, they develop the Covenant, converting the other races to their new religion. With the aid of their Masters' technology they have the same effect on Grunts, Elites that the Forerunners had on the Prophets.

Then, it make sense that "this time, no one will be left behind".

I had to do some editing, since English is not this poster's first language. Interesting theory, hinging on the thought that the Halos only destroy sentient life.

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With a thoroughness rarely seen (yet profoundly refreshing), replay has written up a fantastic analysis of the proximity between Earth and Delta Halo. Taking into account references from the books, the games, and various quotes by Bungie employees, he weaves a compelling argument. Check out this thread at HBO, and toss in your two cents.

(And be sure to check some of the past speculation regarding the proximity of Earth and Alpha Halo 04).

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January 24, 2005

(Shhh... I got a day pass ;)

Look back, waaay back...

... to Metatron's Spartan/Hang 'em High Theory: Tombstones for Everybody!

There are 68 "tombstones" on the MP map Hang Em High. Of course, that number by itself isn't interesting. However, when you subtract 68 from 75, which is the number of Spartan II's (75 Spartans), then you get the number 7 ... that's not the abnormal part. At the end of First Strike there are 7 Spartan II's who aren't listed as KIA/MIA, which would leave 68 of the original Spartan IIs dead or MIA (Spartans never die:), hence there being 68 tombstones!

7 known surviving Spartan II's, 68 KIA/MIA Spartan II's, 68 tombstones in Hang Em High... just another crazy coincidence?

It's pretty hard to find a consistent count in the books as to how many Spartans survived augmentation, let alone how many are left now (try the math; its scary), but his idea does have the odd ring of truth to it. :)

(And while we're espousing strange multiplayer-based ideas, you may as well check out Saint's post using Derelict to identify Halo as "Deep Space Anomaly #0198". Hey, nobody said the news had to be recent ;)

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It's hard to know yourself when there are just so many selves to know...

Ben Wilson ( writes:

After reading the many speculations as to what a Hunter is, and why they are not infected by the Flood, I have found a definite answer in the H2 manual pdf at It clearly states that "These massive creatures appear to be composed of multiple organisms that exist within the Hunter armor, creating a bipedal hive creature".

Nice find. This was also mentioned in the Art of Halo book some time ago, but its worth pointing out for posterity. I'm glad we've finally found an answer to that riddle :)

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Monitor Naming, by the Numbers

From William of Normandy:

I noticed a pattern in the 2 monitor names and have concluded the naming scheme:

7^(installation# - 1): (Synonym for Mournful/Guiltridden) (Synonym for Change)


01 - 1
02 - 7
03 - 49
04 - 343 Guilty Spark
05 - 2401 Penitent Tangent
06 - 16807
07 - 117649

Speculation ensues.

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As noted on HBO's front page, IceWeasel managed to discover a tantalizing nugget during the "Whisper in the Storm" cutscene.

Amidst all the talk of poetry and prayers, backwards audio, and interjections by Marty O'Donnell, this much has surfaced:

I have walked among men and angels for three thousand years. Time has no end... no beginning... no purpose.

I wander the earth, seeking forgiveness for my horrible crimes against God and man.

I live to see death, destruction, over the light, but the light cannot be extinguished.

I live in a prison of my own demise.

I am lost in time...

Hmmm. Gravemind's lament? Or just something neat? :)

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Abandonment, Conflict, Discovery, Reconciliation...

In our own little dialogue with Joseph Staten, he revealed a number of "Ages"; blocks of time in the Covenant's past. An extended/omitted portion of the Uncomfortable Silence scene on the Making Of DVD shows various murals depicting the history and formation of the Covenant and, almost unwittingly, some have begun to find correspondences between the two.

What exactly is being referred to by the Ninth Age of Reclamation seen in the books and game... ? (for simplicity, let's hope they are just intra-Age division :)

Conversion, Doubt, Reclamation...

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Of Minor Prophets and their...

Anyone with the "Conversations..." booklet included with the Limited Edition is no doubt familiar with the letter from a Prophet of Supposition. But how many of us are familiar with Pity or Disdain? Mirel sifted through the Halo 2 pre-release items and came across this.

In addition, littlebigman (, our Internet Movie Database watchdog, sent us a note a while back when their Halo 2 page was updated with a mention of a "Prophet of Grief", supposedly voiced by a Javier Robles. It could be nothing, but the IMDB did err in our favour once before...

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Mercy, Truth, and Regret? Hrmph. Well, they aren't much of an example to others...

Grady points out the apparent irony of the known Prophets' names.

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January 17, 2005

One bright spark leads to another tangent, I suppose. By the last Halo game, we'll definitely have an operating theory for the way these rings work.

irshDBV ( writes:

When Pentinent Tangent, the monitor of Installation 05, is speaking with the Prophet of Regret, he mentions that the rings are able to fire at any given moment, having succesfully completed 1.2 trillion simulations and one actual firing.
I figured that those simulations might have some relation to those beams from the second level of the first Halo and their ever elusive purpose. What if all the beams, seemingly shooting to the other side of the ring were, in fact simulations?

On Installation 04, the beams are blue, as are the Covenant plasma rifles, which means, due to the newer architecture of Halo 04 compared to Halo 05, and possible newer technology, the Halos seem a lot different. Perhaps this is where some human and Covenant technology derived from. Also, the Covenant knew of Installation 04, and only that one, so that stands as a reasonable source for their advanced technology.

I admit, the thought of the different levels of technology in each Halo intrigues me. How long does it take to build a Halo, and how many technological advancements can a race make in that time?

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January 11, 2005

While we evolve to cope with Halo 2, we're trying to keep some good theories back, but this one fits in nicely.

Master-Chief ( writes:

In regards to the discussion about the blue pulse-laser things on the second level of Halo. At the end of Halo 2, right before the ring is stopped from activating, you see lots of little blue pulse blobs coming from all surfaces of the ring. They gather in the center of the ring and glow. I believe this is Halo charging up to fire. Then of course it is aborted by the yellow one from the control center.

I think that these pulse-laser blue things are the capacitors of Halo, they have generators deep underground at the location of the beam emitters. These charge up capacitors, or Halo's equivalent of it. However, these generators are eternally operating, so the capacitors get full. When this happens, they discharge. When the ring is called to activate, the thousands, or tens of thousand of these emitters release the beam things which gather at the center of the ring, therefore giving it the power to fire.

It's always been thought, but it's nice to see the pretty blue lines operating outside of the asthetic factor.

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January 8, 2005

mnemesis and Finn walk with Forerunner. On the Resource Page, Joseph Staten gives us the buzz on some issues, and raises a few more.

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Personally, I would be shouting above rain and sleet-

Much speculation on the forum about the "Whisper in a Storm" cutscene. Gravemind? The Arbiter? Or something even more mysterious? Check it out and have a ponder for yourself.

Wort wort wort indeed.

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