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February 26, 2005

I'm loving angels instead . . .

Eagle 117 ( writes:

I'm purposing that the humans and Forerunners share the same relationship as man and angels. My meaning, there are "good" Forerunners and "bad/fallen" Forerunners, Gravemind being the latter. If the fallen Forerunners share the same relation to humans as the fallen angels do, then one would have to say that the fallen Forerunners interfered with humanity at some point in the past. Part of this interference, as was shown in the Dictionary of Angels/Fallen Angels, was through interspecies mating. To further this concept, does not a Spartan come off as a Nephilim type creature... a half-breed? Spartans look like man, but they're taller, faster, stronger, and smarter; so much so that other men have described them as alien like. As was exemplified in several instances within the books and games, the Spartans seem to have primal instincts when it comes to understanding the Forerunner tech and language. It even goes so far as Spartan blood. Remember the Forerunner chamber under the ONI facility on Reach that was accessed by Fred's, a Spartan, blood. (p.141, FS) If this concept were to hold, then it would mean that Forerunner lineage could be found in some humans. I'm suggesting that those certain humans are the Spartans. Spartans, after all, are the remnants of a galactic search for the "best mankind has to offer"... the only humans who could endure such drastic training and surgical enhancements.

To quote Trautmann himself:

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Wikipedia, the monument to all our sins

Willy ( writes:

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been mentioned before, but the phrase Truth and Reconciliation wasn't created by Bungie. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a court of sorts set up in South Africa for people affected by the violence there during the Apartheid. I'm not sure what to draw from this, except that
1. Bungie has a thing for South Africa, and
2. We haven't quite figured out Halo 1 yet.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it.

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We're one step closer to our comprehensive Halo schematics. Phantsmagorium wondered:
How do we know that Halo's weapon is energy based? What if it is some type of Flood based weapon that was developed from the early research done?
And coincidentally, this theory popped up on our forum.

Doctor_Nightfall ( writes:

It says in First Strike (Which, as has been mentioned many times before is Canon) that the Flood take over victims by 'hacking' their nervous system. Johnson's PNS and CNS are a bit scrambled by his Boren's syndrome, and so they were unable to 'hack' him.

This suggests that the Halo systems work by transmitting a signal that causes a catastrophic reaction in the nervous system. It would follow on that a Sentient being has a nervous system arranged in a specific way, or at least has a pattern to it that makes this Halo effect lethal. This same arrangement is what allows the Flood to Hack them.

Meltdown, not a pretty way to die.

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February 20, 2005

Don't make a promise, you know you won't keep

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Because the thought of rampaging Grunts is so cute! Graeme, in this thread, looks at possible reasons for the first Grunt Rebellion. All together now: Awwwwww

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The buzz on the Ark, so to speak.

Mr Munchy ( writes:

The premise of [I Love Bees] was that there was a device, found in deep space that, once activated, counted down to something (presumably something bad). That device was brought to earth, and, alas, activated. When that happened it sent a massive signal through slip and normal space, almost definitely alerting the Covenant to the position of it.

The Covenant came -- for the device, almost certainly, because they didn't bring even close to the military force they would need to conquer earth. In fact, they were surprised we were in the vicinity of the device at all.

Now, as for the bad thing that happens when the countdown on the activated device ends, it's probably the firing of the Halos. What does that sound like to you? The description offered by Guilty Spark of the Ark.

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This theory was so well thought out, I wondered if it came from an official source. This analysis of the Flood has some roots in what we already know, but most of it Zak's brilliant reasoning.

Comment in the original thread: here

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February 18, 2005

Vorpal Sword wonders in this thread what happens to any non-Reclaimer who touches the Index. Genetic Markers are looking more and more likely

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Deja vu. OldNick speculates on the coloured tablets. It's interesting to note, that even though we were told that the Ancient Halo wallpaper on this page [bottom right] was just a pretty picture, OldNick came up with some similar conclusions without ever seeing it.

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What were Truth's motives in Halo 2? Replay suggests that everyone's favourite Prophet really wanted to go on that Great Journey, but could it have been something more sinister? Go join the discussion.

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If Gravemind composed poems, would we be looking at the new Chaucer here?

MoonieJohnson ( writes:

The Flood are actually a parasite based around a central intelligence. On Halo 04, the Covenant had just released the Flood, and it had no time to gather sufficient biomass to form the command, or "Gravemind" stage. I believe that the Keyes Blob would have eventually gathered enough bodies and knowledge into it and mutate into a Gravemind, the controlling intelligence behind the Flood in an area of unknown size.

On Halo 05, the Flood had been released uncountable eons before and had had time to ravage the Halo, enought time at least to form a Gravemind. If you think about it, the first stage is the "Ranger" stage, which are defenseless parasites that form the other stages. Then there are the Combat and Incubator stages, the logical step would be for these stages forming together into a Command intelligence, that would eventually achieve sentience, as evidenced by the Gravemind.

If continued to its logical extreme, multiple Command intelligences would form together to create an even greater form, a "God" form.

For the sake of the galaxy's literacy, perhaps we should let the Flood roam free.

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littlebigman ( writes:

I just got the Drone toy. On the back it explains that they operate ships and stuff. I was thinking, what other species of the Covenant operates machinery, oh yeah, the Engineers! I went to my Art of Halo book and looked at the engineer page. The title strikes me odd: Covenant Drone Engineers.

This is what leads me to believe that the Engineers are a variant of the Drone.

In the Art of Halo: page 46, "Covenant Drone Engineers: this species can be biomechanically and cybernetically altered to suit specific tasks, other than engineering and maintenance, and that aspect of the creature will be seen in Halo 2, if not the Engineers themselves."

So I think the Engineers are either a variant of the Drone or visa versa. The third tablet of the covenant shows a Drone there, and I think an Engineer should have been there, if that was the orignal species. So this leads me to believe that the pink floaty Engineers are actually varients; biomechanically engineered, of the Drones. And also, by looking at the concept art of the Engineers, it shows that at one point they appeared very similar.

Maybe this explains why the Drones work alone, taking their orders direct from the Prophets perhaps?

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Hey, ever get a feeling of deja-vu?
Time ... flies
Time ... wounds all heals
Time ... is pretty interesting when 343 Guilty Spark is involved.

LostRock ( writes:

When I saw Tartarus in The Great Journey trying to force Miranda to activate Halo, it struck me as a bit odd. Why did the Brute not do the honor of turning the Index himself? I began to consider that maybe the Index requires some sort of genetic handshake signal when it is turned, and since Keyes touched it first, it was up to her to make the fateful turn of the key. This handshake would be a security measure.

Then I terminated the idea. In Halo 1, Guilty Spark declared that, by protocol, he was the one responsible for the key on the journey to the control room. Since Penitent Tangent wasn't around to escort the Reclaimer, there was no chance to fulfill this protocol in Halo 2.

However, this hypothesis kept persisting in my mind. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized: Reclaimers are humans, and have never been any species but human. Consider the following.

Guilty Spark calls John-117, Mobuto, and Miranda Reclaimers." That is what he calls all humans. The Conversations From The Universe packet includes GS's files on "Cross reference Reclaimer terminology/nomenclature/slang for hegemonizing swarm 'Covenant' against self-descriptors." This page helped me realize that Guilty Spark calls humans "Reclaimers" much like how we name the Sangheili and Unggoy as Elites and Grunts.
Reclaimer is a species name, not just a designation or rank.

Remember in The Maw, Guilty Spark murmurs, "Human history, is it?" He puts an inflection on the word "human" as if to say, "Oh, so you call yourselves humans?"

Now, if the humans are Reclaimers, and Reclaimers are designated to snatch up the Index, then this suggests that the only purpose for humans' existence is to activate the Halo(s). We are the guardians of the Forerunners' ringworld artifacts, and we may very well have been engineered by Forerunners.

Another thing: the ending of Halo 2 implies that this "Ark", this Halo systemwide control room, is located on Earth (perhaps in the vicinity of New Mombasa?). And why not? What better place to put such a facility than on the homeworld of the species that the Forerunners entrusts with the Halos' activation?

Now I only have one question. What happened to OUR lost time, Guilty Spark? Not yours, but we, the Reclaimers'.

Time warp, that's why you think you've seen this post before.

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Analyzing the forms of the Flood, David offers a few general comments on hosts and their potential.

David McCulley ( writes:

While the physical aspect of a Flood victim would effect what class of Flood they would be transformed into (humans = worker/soldier and grunts = carrier/incubator), it occured to me that perhaps the Flood can choose what type of Flood their victims turn into by the social/military status of the victim. We know through Captain Keyes's battle with the Flood parasite that the Flood have the ability to cosume the memories of their hosts. Perhaps while a Flood infection form takes over the hosts body and suppresses their consciousness, the infection form also extracts the basic memories of their hosts. Then once an infection form has an understanding of their hosts basic social and military status the infection form can then determine in what form the host can better serve the Flood. This can explain why the Flood can choose so many possible forms for their hosts such as Worker/Soldier or Command/Pilot or mabey even Gravemind. Since the main source of hosts for the Flood are elites and marines when the Flood infect them the infection form instantly extracts the knowledge that their hosts are basic soldiers and transform them into worker/soldier types. Yet if an infection form infects someone of higher rank and is more knowlegeble than the average host, like Captain Keyes or maybe a prophet, the infection form will automaticly start to transform them into a Command form or make it apart of a Gravemind like form.

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He goes on further with some interesting observations on Flood biology vs. Forerunner technological security.

During the Gravemind level I wondered if Gravemind had an obvious control of Halo's teleportation system why then did he need to send the Master Chief and the Arbiter to stop the covenant from activating Halo? Why couldn't he simply teleport Flood forms right ontop of High Charity? I realised that it must have something to do with the teleportation system. During the construction of the seven Halo rings the Forerunners must have been aware of the Flood's ability to use weapons and machinery. When the Forerunners built the Halo rings and their teleportation system the Forerunners must have installed a security protocal that prevents anyone containing Flood DNA from using the teleportation grid. This explains why the Flood needed the In Amber CLad and pelicans to invade High Charity and couldn't simply teleport over.

This ties in neatly with the idea that Gravemind might be that rarest of things in this galaxy, a Flood-infected Forerunner.

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February 7, 2005

Count Zero'd like to give us all a hand in figuring out who does what, when - and he came up with this. If you couldn't be bothered reading this and this, then this is the thread to check out.

Four different ways of explaining the Halo 2 timeline. Don't say we're not good to you.

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February 3, 2005

It's not that we don't trust Miranda . . .

Michael Elliot ( writes:

I was going through the HSP this morning and came across this.

Now, post-Halo 2, we seem to know who Miranda is. The idea of her being one of Ackerson's little pet projects isn't too far-fetched to me. Unless I'm forgetting something from The Fall of Reach or The Flood, Keyes has no children that we know of. As an ONI spook, Ackerson might have had access to some sort of "UNSC DNA Database" and then-artificial insemination, etc. - would have lead to Miranda.

Don't forget that at the very end of Halo 2, Miranda is bouncing around, grabbing the Index, ducking large moving pieces of Forerunner machinery in the nick of time, etc. The first time I saw this I thought "Wow...that's just a smidge unrealistic." Then, during the whole "Ark" conversation, she doesn't seem winded at all. Also remember that for a long time, the Spartans operated sans armor - which is pretty much what Miranda does the whole time, even when she's dual-wielding SMGs against the Arbiter (which seems to me to be the ballsy sort of thing a Spartan would do, knowing how much one can rely on dual SMGs)
Unless you're Cody - JB

It seems to me to be the perfect cover: brilliant Captain is sent into a battle he cannot possibly win (the "Hey guys! Let's steal us a Prophet!" mission) to give time for Spartan "daughter" to grow. Spartan "daughter" teams up with real-deal Spartan, is instructed to help him and such, then nail him to the wall when ONI says so.

Just wait until John's evil twin shows up.

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It may seem rather obvious, but someone has to say it.

Seth ( writes:

When 343 Guilty Spark mentions that the flood change the atmosphere, their method may be by releasing spores. My proof is that in Halo 2, when you are at on High Charity there are spores in the air. The strategy guide even says that "spores in the air will obscure your view"

343 Guilty Spark told us we were good planners.

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A very short submission to end the updating day with -

Alan Mitchell ( writes:

It seems to me that everyone has assumed the Forerunners to be a single species, but what if they were a collective of different species, possibly with a religious underpinning like the Covenant. This might help explain the religious connotations of some of the names they use (eg. Flood, Ark, Reclaimer). It could also be possible that the Forerunners used Humans and Prophets as servants before they became sentient, hence they survived the Halo's firing.

Poor abandoned Prophets

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