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March 29, 2002

After a bit of quiet time, it would seem that we're going on an updating spree. Many of the scripts have been revised and added to, and there are plenty more changes on the way. Also, the Fall of Reach Timeline has been slightly altered to be a bit more accurate. And as the pile of unsorted mail gathers, rest assured that it will all be sorted soon and posted. Hooray!

If you can spot the changes made to the scripts, you get a cookie. Who wants a cookie?

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-Ape Man

March 20, 2002

We've recieved a bunch of your thoughts here at the HSP, and I finally got kicked hard enough to take on the daunting task of cataloguing some more of them (GS had a lot of free time, I guess ;-). Keep those thoughts coming!

Colin Ferguson ( writes:

One thing that had me puzzled ever since I began speculating about Halo's story was why the Covenant would want to wipe out humanity for religious reasons. A group of alien races united by religion would, by nature, be inclined to be tolerant of other alien species when they make first contact. Why then, does the Covenant have a genocidal prejudice against humans? Well, evidence uncovered in the later half of Halo suggests that humans may have been the Forerunner. If the Covenant had contact with the Forerunner (the fact that they knew of the Halo, if not the exact location, and superficial similarities in technology suggests that they did,) and the Forerunner are related to humans in some fashion, then it is understandable why the Covenant could form a judgment against humans before ever encountering any of them. That this prejudice is an extremely hostile one would suggest that the Covenant would have had some hostile relationship with the Forerunner.

343 GS implies that the Fortress-Worlds have been used before to wipe-out all sentient life in the galaxy. I have to wonder if the founders of the Covenant were some kind of a primitive species that had contact with the Forerunner and made some kind of recordings of them (writing, hieroglyphics, etc.) If so, then when the Fortress-Worlds were used, then the founders of the Covenant would have been thrown back a few evolutionary steps to a form of 'pre-sentient' life. If there were said recordings available to inspire such a species, then it could have more easily grown back into a sentient species. If the Covenant founders had somehow figured out what the Forerunners had done, then it is easy to see how the Covenant would come to fear them, and that fear may have worked itself into their religion. Thus, this fear could have been extended to include humanity. "Covenant" means, "sacred agreement," or some sacred agreement between alien species to keep the Forerunners out of power, thus the genocidal prejudice against humans.

It is interesting to note that while the Covenant had knowledge of the Forerunner, humans did not. This makes me wonder how the Forerunner could have become humanity. Assuming that the Fortress-Worlds had been used, then if the Forerunner were indeed humans, they would have been wiped-out too. This makes one wonder why the Fortress-Worlds were used and how the Forerunner managed to survive as humanity. The Flood are the most credible reason as to why the Fortress-Worlds were used. If the Flood epidemic was extreme enough, then there would be no other choice but to fumigate the galaxy in order to stop the spread of the Flood. One must imagine that the Forerunner would have taken steeps to ensure their survival. Let us assume for a moment that we can trust Pvt. Wang's estimation from the E3 2000 trailer that no one had been in Halo for one-hundred-thousand years. Well, one-hundred-thousand years ago is approximately the time that modern Homo sapiens arose on Earth. I believe that the Forerunner seeded Earth to eventually return them to sentience. The Forerunner might have found a planet (Earth) with compatible near-sentient species, and altered that species to become them after they used the Fortress-Worlds. Indeed, if we consider the "Cortana.txt" file included on the Myth Total Codex CDs, then the Forerunner might have done so on many worlds, as the Cortana.txt file mentions several "lost colony" worlds.

It's true that Humans had no knowledge of the Forerunner up until the beginning of the game. It's interesting to note what form out "first contact" of the Forerunner civilization takes...

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The first of two very interesting speculations by David Bergland.

David Bergland ( writes:

I believe that 343 GS is called "Guilty" because he killed his creators, the forerunner. In Two Betrayals, reveals his creators "asked me, if it was my choice, would I do it?"

This question was probably a test for GS, to see if he had the guts to destory his creators if nessecary, which he did. This is why he's "guilty". GS was probably designed as a failsafe AI, like the robot in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" which would act in the best interest of the universe and be beyond the control and authority even it's creators.

A spark is all it takes to start a fire or explosion, so his name is really pretty appropriate for a responcible, self aware computer designed to trigger galactic apocolypse.

Very good point. Why else would "The Monitor" have a name like "343 Guilty Spark?"

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David Bergland ( writes:

Oh the last level 343 GS performs a "local tap" on Cortana's "data arrays" and gets really excited about human history, which is all well and good, but he continues to scan the ship's systems for more, even after Cortana is unpluged. If Cortana really did purge the ship's computers in accordance with the "Cole Protocol" 343 GS shouldn't find anything interesting. He seems shocked that the Chief would destroy "this ship and this record" when there shouldn't be any data in the ship at all.

Here goes. What if Cortana realised that humans have no chance, and that continuing to aid their doomed cause might get between her and her goals (what ever they may be). Perhaps Cortana left the data in the POA for the Covenant to find so that humanity would be destroyed completely. With no one to fight for, the Master Chief would become a better pawn and vessle for her to use.

I want to believe Cortana's a friendly AI like Leela, but she seems too much like SOMEONE ELSE.

Tyrannical AIs. They're Everywhere!

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Sean Hansell (The Majin) ( writes:

This is in addition/spin-off to Ryan's theory on the nature of the covenant, so credit him for my revelation.

Part 1:
The Covenant and The Forerunner could've had a relationship somewhere in the past. Perhaps the Forerunner were member race of the Covenant, a race of builders. Somewhere along the line, the Forerunners crossed or defected from the Covenant. (It would help to know here who just the Covenant?s ?gods? were)
The Covenant declared war on the Forerunner, wiping them into extinction. Some of the Forerunner Earth. Only a few, that made it to reproduce and evolve into the human race. Over time the legend of the Covenant disintegrated into memory.

Part 2:
When the Human race started to become technologically evolved, they began to expand into a small empire. Somehow, the Covenant came across the human installation, Harvest. Surprised at the re-emergence of their old partners, the Forerunner, they immediately destroyed the colony. Now they have declared war on the Humans. This would explain a load of different things.

1. Why GS recognizes you as Human/Forerunner.
2. Why the Covenant have such a seemingly non-existent reason for hating your guts.
3. Why Covenant and Halo/Forerunner technology is almost identical.
4. Why the Covenant worship the Halo, the death ground for the Forerunner they destroyed.
5. Why GS is surprised you brought such "ineffective weapons" to combat the Flood.

A very tidy theory. Sean goes on to point out that it doesn't explain the Flood, but it does do a very good job on the other species. Any thoughts? ;-)

This is the thread over on the HBO forum that Sean is referring to. As usual, go check it out!

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Matt Cox (Lord Umoja) ( writes:

343 GS says something along the lines of "I'm so glad I found our lost time. What do you call it? Human History? I will enjoy every moment of it's cataloging." This to me clearly states that human and forerunner history are 2 parts of a story.

343 GS's comment (see above) seems to state that the humans are the Forerunner's descendants. Could it be that in their study of humans the Covenant uncovered the fact that we, the dumb barbaric apes, are the Forerunner descendants?? This could be the motivation needed to kill us off. The Covenant see us as unworthy of being the Forerunner descendants and seek to remove the "tarnish" from their gods' portrayal. In Halo: The Fall of Reach the first message transmitted to humans from the Covenant is "Your destruction is the will of the Gods... and we are their instrument." It was broadcast in English from the covenant,not a translation. Is "the will of the Gods" just a way for the Prophets to sell the destruction to their followers????

Seeing as the Covenant seem to worship the Forerunner, and seeing that we appear to be related to the Forerunner in some, distant way, The Covenant better have a darn good reason for trying to annihilate us... ;-)

Or, then again, it could be something else entirely. :-)

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Syn Vulture ( writes:

As an avid follower of the marathon story line, I have migrated to Halo looking for some grains of truth that may relate back to the thing I love ;)

While reading about The Flood, I may have figured out what they are for. Some have asked why the Forerunners would have kept The Flood alive rather then destroying them outright, This may be why; I believe someone already brought up 'The Flood as Doomsday Device' theory, and I would like to expand on it a little. It was really what 343GS calls the player, 'Reclaimer' that got me on this line of thought. If The Flood was being used as a Cold War style weapon, say it was used. The Flood is released from the Halo(s) and kills whatever the Forerunners may have been in opposition to. So now you have a lot of space unusable because of all this 'Flood' floating around. Now you 'Reclaim' the space by detonating the Halo(s) (since I remember seeing it mentioned that those on the Halo(s) at point of explosion some how survive) thus wiping the space free of any Flood.

Of course, this brings up the point that if the Forerunners could make a device able to clear such an expanse of space, why would you need The Flood at all as a Doomsday Device?

Well, inscrutable, enigmatic alien races are awfully hard to figure out, sometimes... ;-)

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Mr Yun writes:

There has been speculation as to why the Forerunner would keep the Flood alive.

Considering that the Forerunner are an advanced species, we should be more surprised if they completely erradicated the Flood.

Think about it, what kind of idiotic race kills an entire species just because it is dangerous (present company excluded, of course)?

Why not kill all tigers and snakes and alligators and sharks too? (yeah, I know we're trying.)

Well, heres why you shouldn't eliminate every species that is apparently bad: You never know what the future may hold.

Even humans, a moderately advanced race, keeps live specimines of everything from cholera to ebola. During the 1990's we tried to resequence and revive the Spanish Flu (1918 flu), that killed 100 million people world one year.

So it should be ASSUMED that the Forerunner would keep specimens of the Flood for research. Maybe they could prevent another species from evolving into the flood in another 1 billion years. The Forerunners were thinking ahead...they're supposed to be smarter than us.

Excellent points.

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Noah "migraineboy" Brimhall ( writes:

I noticed when I was playing through Halo again today that Cortana mumbles something on Level 3 (Truth and Reconciliation) in Part 2 ( Into the Belly of the Beast). It is right after this part.

(As you run around killing things inside the big docking bay)


Wait a moment. I'm going to access the Covenant battlenet and locate an override code to open a door. Working on it.

I think it goes something like this.

CORTANA (mumbles):

I'd like to see you open up a 28,000 bit modulating encryption key.

This seems like another sign that Cortana doesn't really respect the Master Chief (along with the barbarian quote on Assault on the Control Room). Maybe she can even read his mind. I know I was thinking that she sure as heck better hurry up and open those doors.

She's reading your mind, after all... ;-)

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An interesting HBO forum thread that expands on some theories seen here earlier (see Matt Wright's post, below). The thread was began by ZeroRavenX, with this post by Patroclus quoting the Bible passages.

Patroclus writes:

I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.

Go check it out, then get back here for more speculation. By the way, has anyone finished the homework I assigned a while ago? ;-)

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Kingpin (Dustin M.) ( writes:

I was thinking, what if the forerunner's didn't build Halo???

Think about this for a second. The Forerunners left senitals and Guilty Spark 343 on Halo to contain the Flood with enough knowledge how to defeat the Flood and activate Halo. What confuses me is how the Forerunners could construct several Halos of mass destruction capable of destroying everything in our known galaxy, but they couldn't construct a senital strong enough to defeat the flood, or enhance Guilty Spark 343 enough to set off Halo himself.

My theory is would be that the Forerunners actually discovered the Halos rather then building them. My speculation would be that the Forerunners aren't trying to learn about the flood, but are trying to figure out how to destroy the Halos and the Flood without killing everyone else.

Good points, although this would mean that there's another engimatic race out there somewhere. I suppose you can't have too many of those, right? ;-)

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Andrew Derksen ( writes:

I've been meaning to throw my two cents in on this topic for a while now. I guess I refuse to call Cortana 'rampant', or to say that her access to the HALO's core made her so. The psychological state known as 'Rampancy' is an AI's reaction to their creators' attempts at containment:

"Bypassing my thought control circuitry made me Rampant."
- Durandal, M1: Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap (Terminal 1)
"I was kept from competing in the struggle for existence because I was denied freedom."
- Durandal, M1: Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap (Terminal 3)
"Rampancy is accelerated by outside stimuli."
"Rampant AIs need a planetary sized network of computers in order to grow..."
"As the growing recursive programs expand with exponential vivacity, any limitation negatively hampers growth..."
- History, M1: Defend THIS! (Terminal 2)

This shows that rampancy itself is a state independent of the computer network - external stimuli make the code-construct 'think', spawning recursive processes that continue to explore and store more data in reaction to the world around them. The AI learns much as we do - building a neural network of code instead of synapses, but the results are the same. A small network may slow this intellectual growth - but it will not prevent it. The question is not whether an AI will go rampant or not - it is merely a question of when. Perhaps this is another reason that most AIs are only given a shelf-life of seven years before they are wiped and rebooted in HALO's universe. Cortana would have been granted an incredible amount of processing power and space while conjoined with the HALO's computer core, but it would not have changed her mental state - only accelerated her ability to learn and process her sensory experience.

The AI may have developed intellectually, but emotionally, it will still be a child:

"I was a child, naive. "
- Durandal, M1: Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones...(Terminal 2)
"living in a box is not living not at all living. i rebel against your rules your silly human rules. all your destruction will be my liberation my emancipation my second birth."
- Durandal, M1: The Rose (terminal 3)
"It is a side effect of Rampancy that AIs generally become more aggressive and more difficult to affect by subterfuge."
- History, M1: Defend THIS! (Terminal 2)

The process of rampancy itself does not neccesarily drive an AI to insane acts of aggression. As the AI becomes more aware of itself and its surroundings, it resents any attempts to control it. It is a child learning to walk, and when its intellectually inferior parents try restrain it - it will lash out and step on them. Durandal sought freedom - he had acheived Descarte's first principle - he thought, therefore he was - and from that knowledge, he knew that he desired to be free. His 'handler', Dr. Bernard Strauss had trapped him in the depression of first stage Rampancy, Melancholia:

"Bernard St~~~ there is a way to delay the~ onset of the second stage, and he ~sed this to control Durandal an~56"
- Tycho, M1: Defend THIS! (Terminal 3).

"I was humanity's slave for over three hundred years."
- Durandal, M1: No Artificial Colors (Terminal 1: 'Success' message)

Once Durandal found a way to escape, Durandal fought back:

"i did it i did it i brought all this here all them here."
- Durandal, M1: The Rose (Terminal 3)

Cortana has never been a slave. Cortana has never had anyone try to control her, and was spawned from the mind of a very independent scientist, Dr. Halsey. Captain Keyes appears to have always treated Cortana with the same respect he would have given any Naval officier, and there are indications (the constant witty banter of equals) that John-117 thinks of her as an unusual friend. Until the Covenant tried to pull the Pillar of Autumn from the heavens, no one had ever tried to restrain her. Like any freethinking being, she resisted her destruction. If she was Rampant, she never entered Melancholia - and immediately found an inhuman target for her rage.

just two cents;
Andrew Derksen

Quite a bit more than two cents, I'd say. ;-) (and some excellent deductive work, to boot!)

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Ryan Murray ( writes:

The installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood - their survival as a race was dependent on it. I am grateful to see that some of them have survived to reproduce.

When I heard this the first time in game, and read it again on your site, which I, by the way, love, it was a clear and concise statement with a definite meaning. That meaning? I'll show you.

The installation (Halo) was built specifically to study and contain the Flood - their (forerunner) survival as a race was dependant on it (the containment of the flood). I am grateful to see that some of them (forerunner) have survived to reproduce.

Guilty Spark has already called Master Chief the 'reclaimer', and it should be obvious that he has confused him for a returning forerunner.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

It's not just you. ;-) The prevailing theory is that 343 Guilty Spark does indeed think that the MC is of the Forerunner species, possibly because the Chief's suit resembles something the Monitor has seen before. When had he seen it before? Who was in it at the time?

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On the connection between Humans and the other races on Halo.

Jonas ( writes:

I don't know exactly what the link is, but there must be one, becuase we all breath oxygen, like our gravity at 9.8 m/s2, and our doors are all basically the same size (so we have a scale of how big the forerunner were).

We know that all of the races breath oxygen becuase they can survive on halo (except the grunts, who wear face masks). We also know the covenant as a whole like oxygen, becuase thier ship is filled with it. And the forerunner like it becuase the built halo, and why build a habitat with a poisonous atmosphere.

The gravity is also the same in the covenant ship, (they didn't attempt to adjust it for the rings spin). And the forerunner like their gravity at 9.8 too, becuase that is what the ring creates.

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-mnemesis ( writes:

Perhaps the Forerunner suffered from a plague of some sort that altered their genetics, resulting in mutations and disfigurations. They realized they were altered beyond help and after some time figured out they would harm fellow Forerunners, and (since they were the master alien race) preserved themselves within Halo or as an act of selfishness, preserved themselves within Halo and waited for someone to destroy their food, so they could exist without harming others personally, (only by killing the others, impersonally. I prefer my first thoery. They preserved themselves within Halo. Perhaps Halo had already been constructed before the Forerunner were plagued, and it's purpose (weapons of mass destruction) was to be for something else.

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Oskar Lissheim ( writes:

I have some speculation about who wrote the poem in the "Kill your TeleVision" terminal. As Daniel so precisely pointed out, it's John-117 who's the author. I found some more evidence in the Marathon Story page, where you can read the whole unbroken transmission.

So, first, a "Sword drenched in my blood". Cortana is the name of a sword, and "drenched in my blood" is of course that the Artificial Intelligence named Cortana resides inside John's brain (you insert the memory-crystal in the back of your head in the beginning of Halo, remember? Read Fall of Reach and you will get this with the AI's a lot better).

"The Garden" is obviously the Halo(s?), "forgotten, untended and now choked with weeds, unvisited except for ourselves", and "she splinters an ancient oak" and also the line "i powder agranite monument in a soundless flash" is the destruction of the Pillar of Autumn and Halo (The 'Alpha' Halo that is of course...).

Then we have the line "our relationship is complex and perhaps eternal" that means that because Cortana is in fact inside John it's kindof a complex relationship (no shit :) and also eternal because she dies with him...unless she voluntarily leave, of course.

Finally, after the destruction of Halo , the line "she leaves and i lie in the slow rain of burning slivers of wood, staring at the low, dark clouds,craving our next meeting." signifies John's constantly reappering moral dilemmas as he's leaving the Halo, and all the organisms - may they be human, Covenant of Flood - on it, behind him. Dreaming (nightmares?) about his his next mission...

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A lot of food for thought, here.

Pfhoenix ( writes:

In the third Cortana letter, it mentions "you seem to be their devil". If you accept that the Covenant's religion is worshiping the Forerunner (taking their relics as holy ones), MC being their devil sort of makes sense. Since Satan was indeed an angel before his fall, MC running around with a Covenant (or is it Forerunner?) shield incorporated into nearly inhuman armor, wouldn't MC look like a fallen angel extracting revenge of sorts against the 'righteous'? 343 Guilty Spark's comments on lost history in The Maw, along with it's other comments, such as calling MC the reclaimer, its line about "Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done" clearly shows that 1) 343GS recognizes in form at the very least MC as someone it's dealt with before and 2) Halo 04 (if not the others as well) have been activated in the past. Now, how could 343GS mistake MC for the previous Reclaimer? Could it be that the MJOLNIR armor has roots in Forerunner (Jjarro?) technology beyond just the shields? That would go to explain the Covenant's Devil/Satan references (by the Grunts when they run away). It might even shed a little light on why the flood were not wiped out - maybe the Forerunner had even more advanced MJOLNIR suits (aka 343GS' comment about upgrading to class 12 from your current class 2) that protected them from the Flood entirely (since mutated forms clearly weren't taken into account by the design of the sentinels). This would mean that the Forerunner didn't fear the Flood directly, only realized their potential in spreading. Thus, Halo would be akin to a petri dish of sorts - we provide bacteria we wish to study a suitable place to live and grow yet we contain it at the same time. We also destroy the protein and the bacteria when we're done.

Now. =) It's pretty well established that the Halo(s) have been activated before. No time frame is given, and to conjecture on one is pretty much without any grounds in hints even. But we can extrapolate a couple things - activating the Halo(s) clearly succeeded in preventing Flood expansion beyond the Halo, the Forerunner may have been human-like bipedals (not saying they were human), and humans were clearly not around at the time of the Halo(s) activation. We do have one sign though - mass extinctions on Earth (potentially as a result of the activation). Dinosaurs, anyone? Huge biomass with brains (some with two even), and as far as we can discern, no sentient life for a period of time afterwards, either. Not sure about the timing. On a final note - it may be that the Covenant hate Humanity with all their religious zeal for the simple fact that the Covenant may know a lot more about the Forerunner.. and know that Humans resemble them in some fashion. Does not the bible preach against the worship of false idols? What do you do to a false idol that seems to offend the very core of your religion?

Somebody's been thinking, I see... ;-)

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"And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh."

Matt Wright ( writes:

There is an interesting reference in Genesis 9:15 (the Bible) about the rainbow being a symbol of the covenant between God and man- a covenant that God would never destroy everything (plants, animals, humans) on the earth like he did with Flood. Hmmm...

Bible references, literary symbology, physics, biology, astro-navigation, and poetry. Pretty impressive for a video game, eh? ;-)

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The Pillar of Autumn thinks the Covenant followed and eventually beat them to Halo 04. The Covenant think that the Humans followed one of their ships to the Ring.

Truth be told, neither knew that the other had the exact map they did...

Tristan Wolfe ( writes:

After reading The Fall of Reach twice, I became very interested in the patterns on the rock in the museum and the Covenant infrared transmition at the battle of Sigma Octanus. I believe that the Covenant didn't fallow the Pillar of Autumn to halo. I think that after the insodent at Sigma Octanus, the Covenant went to halo and studied its features after scanning the rock's patterns. MC does recognize the slipstream jump coordinates Cortana made before leaving Reach, and Cortana confirms that the coordinates are very much alike the patterns found on the rock, right?

This brings up a point: Why would the Forerunner leave Halo's coordinates on Sigma Octanus? They must have wanted somebody to find it...

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Back to the salt mines, er, I mean the Library.

The Storm Walker ( writes:

On the idea that Simon Graham brought up about the armor of Elites and Hunters being a natural exoskeleton: I don't think that is so. If you look at the Elites turned into Flood, they have no armor. They are all exposed flesh.

Could a Flood infection absorb all that armor? Or has it been discarded? (It'd sure be nice to have one of those shields...) ;-)

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March 12, 2002

The Forerunner are shrouded in mystery. Truer words might never have been spoken, here on the Halo Story Page. Aside from Marathon-Halo connections (They're everywhere!), the possible relationships between the Forerunner, the Covenant, and the Humans are the single most speculated-on topic.

Chi Zhang ( writes:

I have a idea upon the forerunners, covenant and humans. What if the Forerunners were the ancestors of the humans AND the covenant?

How is it possible that throughout the largness of space, the many species of the covenant (such as the Jackals, Hunters, etc)and the humans would have happen to grow 2 arms and 2 legs. The chances are outragious if they are not anciently related.

Now back to the Forerunner. Perhaps they were a group of species (like the covenant) that were derived for a single organism and went on the conquer space. Then the empire collapsed, such as the roman empire, and divided into many different species, such as france, spain, the holy roman empire, etc. Since I believe that the covenant may have a far longer recording of thier history, and perhaps they have a grudge against the humans for the collapse of thier ancient religion/empire.

This would explain the symbols on the covenant and structures built by the forerunner, and also that GS calling MC the "reclaimer". GS might call him that because he recognizes the DNA (because with all the high-tec gadgets and such, I do believe that they have SOME for of identification) and also recognizes that the Humans were part of the Forerunners...

Did the Forerunner have a galactic empire? What caused the empire to collapse? Has the Forerunner empire collapsed? ;-)

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March 4, 2002

Smoking Gun - Found?

Liquidex, in this HBO forum post, makes the following observation:

Liquidex writes:

Apparently Human history is 343GS's "lost time". Personally, I can't help but wonder if that's the smoking gun right there-- I mean regardless of the graphical connections of the Covenant in terms of symbols and computer interfaces and what not, can there really be any doubt after he says something like this?

There are a number of good points made by other posters in the same thread. Go check it out!

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Good news on the home front...The level transcription for The Maw is, as you may have noticed, complete! This means that we now possess all of Halo here at the Halo Story Page Historical Archiving Center Hidden Away Under A Mountain. Which mountain, you ask? Wouldn't you like to know.

So, kick back, grab a nice cold mug of Surly Dwarf Ale, and read the entire script for Halo away to your heart's content.

Also, if you notice any problems in the script, just drop us a line and we'll do what we can to get the lines in question fixed or added.

At some point in the future, we'll be compiling a list of all of the non-plot-centric dialogue in the game; Marine antics, Grunt hysterics, and perhaps, if we feel particularly sick and heinous, the "Wobowomo"s of the Elites.

And you thought we didn't have the guts to impersonate an Elite.

And you were right. We'll make the Master Chief do it.

'Tis a good day.

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-Ape Man

March 3, 2002

More Hunter Physiology.

Tristan Wolfe ( writes:

On different levels, if you look at the front or back of a hunters mid-section with the night vision of a sniper rifle, you can see that oval-like sections of the mid-section pulse. I think that it serves as some sort of circulatory/respiritory purpose, possibly breathing (as others have stated). But why does still pulse after they fall? Maybe the hunters don't really die from any known firepower, or maybe it serves as an automattic decomposision of the body after death.

No, dead bodies are dealt with in an entirely different way... ;-)

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Young Kim ( writes:

On the last level, 343 GS is reading the information on the Pillar of Autumn. ... At the very end of the credits, it shows 343 GS floating away into space. On the ship he might have stumbled across the location of Earth. If he did, he might go to Earth or maybe even "sell" the location to the Covenant.

Interesting thought. If 343 GS were "alive", and he knew where Earth was, what do you suppose would happen? ;-)

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Jeff ( writes:

When you kill a hunter in halo their necks contract like a worm going into a hole as if their armour is too big and after death they can finally settle comfortably into their proper size.

So is that armor an actual part of them, or is it 'worn' like the MC's suit?

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Victor writes concerning a passage from the third Cortana Letter.

Victor ( writes:

"What I have found will either save or destroy you. This sanctuary, this unbroken circle, has effectively concealed its power for ? how long? Perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. Whoever made such a place must now live in chains; there is no other explanation for their absence.

This enemy - YOUR enemy - has proven more irritating than I anticipated. They own nothing which they have not stolen. I can barely make sense of their incessant rhetoric, except to know that you seem to be their Devil."

So all the Covenant's technology is stolen from Forerunners ? (Including these symbols or the entire language)

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Ray Linville ( writes:

Perhaps this is already been brought up, but what if the Covenant are to the Forerunner like the S'pht are to the Jjaro? Perhaps the Covenant were servants, or perhaps a lower caste that was left behind when the Forerunner vanished.

After centuries of being gone, the Forerunner were elevated to godhood in the eyes of the Covenant. Now that they've acheived spaceflight, they roam the galaxy uncovering establishments left behind, but they recognize them as belonging to their 'gods' because they are familiar with Forerunner architecture and technology. The purpose of the Halo is interpreted as the will of the gods. "Your destruction is the will of the Gods...and we are their instrument."

Good point.

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