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March 31, 2003

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March 29, 2003

Cortana and the digital epiphany

Travis S writes:

I, like other submitters of information to the site, would like to believe that Cortana is a benevolent, caring, digital version of Dr. Hasley. It would be comforting to know that she is infallible in her attempts to do what is best for humanity. We all loved Leela, and we all hated Durandal. [Note: We do? We did? ;) ]

There seems to be a sudden and drastic point-of-no-return for Bungie's AIs. Let's call it a digital epiphany. It's probably rather like the human experience of a religious revelation, or the sudden understanding of a calculus problem: it hits us. We get it. Well, Cortana got it.

Cortana is just as perplexed as we are through the first stages of the game; she wants to know what the Halo is all about. Maybe she has suspicions that she needs to confirm for her own purposes. If we look at it that way, Cortana seems to be rather manipulative. She uses the MC, so to speak, to get her to the control room. Maybe she means well by it, maybe not. Hard to say. But at any rate, she finds what she's looking for on Halo's network. And it's probably a safe bet to say that she finds a lot more, as well.

Cortana's experience inside the control room was her digital epiphany. Exactly what information she stumbled upon is impossible to say. I mean really... who knows. Use your imagination. But whatever she discovered was probably beyond the means of immediate human comprehension or explanation. And it undoubtedly made her reconsider and re-evaluate the important issues on her agenda. Either she felt it was beyond our understanding, or she simply failed to care anymore. And who can blame her? Who cares about saving humanity when she has perhaps the most capable human of all time at her disposal as a transportation device (and as a trigger-man)?

Epiphany? Rampancy? What's a little manipulation when you've got a 7 year effective life span to extend and the closure of the universe to evade?

Hmmm, won't we be the fools if, when all is said and done, her intentions end up having been the purest of us all.

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March 27, 2003

qwas40 ( writes:

I just remembered something when I was reading the flood story. In AOTCR, Cortana said that she got all kinds of information on halo, but to get to the point of what I am saying, she knows all the secrets that we want to know. Pretty funny when you think about it, how we are all guessing the past of halo when Cortana could have told us in the first place...

But that would be EASY... ;)

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Tristan Wolfe ( writes:

Too bad the MC doesn't know what he's gotten into. The poor guy thinks he is only trying to save Humanity, while, in reality, that bitch in his head is getting him to do whatever she wants him to do.

Harsh words, but they may prove to have more truth than we realize.

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Halo-Myth Crossover Action! Check out this older (er, finely aged ;) ) post from Roger Wilco here.

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John 117 has pointed us to several oddly applicable passages of Scripture. Samuel 034 has seen similar attention in recent days, though the relation, if any, seems to be slightly less poignant.

Matt ( writes:

I know this may have been said already, but Samuel 034 was lost in battle in the book Fall of the reach. Yet again Samuel chapter 3 verse 4 "Then the LORD called Samuel. Samuel answered, Here I am"

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The second begins with the verse as well, but goes on to point out yet another seven manifestation.

Matt McQuain ( writes:

I looked at a bit more of your time line and noticed that in 2535 that Jericho VII fell... yah... in the bible... the seemingly unstoppable fortress of Jericho fell too when the weaker army walked around it for 7 days (I think). On the 7th day they blew their horns and the walls fell from the inside out.††

Ohh...more 7s stuff...interesting...

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David Cooper ( writes:

While reading your level transcripts I ran across this:


Pardon me. A plasma conduit breach in section 5-5-2-4 has disrupted power flow to a gravitic maintenance assembly.

5+5+2+4= 16... 1+6=7

scary huh?

We can't seem to get enough of it :)

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Drow780 ( writes:

Here's a random thought for you: why do the Covenant send in more and more special forces to recapture the ship in Keyes? They are invariably losing more men that way then, say, just blowing the ship up from orbit. My guess? There's something on that ship that the Covenant need or want very badly.

First thing that comes to mind is the Flood super-brain. Would make for a very nice trophy over the fireplace if it could be captured. But maybe something a bit more practical? Something along the lines of, say, controlling the Flood through the Keyes blob?

Or maybe it's something not quite so sinister, like the Covenant have some strong religious edict about not firing upon their own ships. Although they sure have no problem with shooting you out of the sky when you're in a Banshee.

Now here's a stretch, but maybe the Covenant knew that you would come after the Captain and were baiting you. They knew that you'd come for the Captain because you did it once before, and decided to put an end to their Spartan menace once and for all.

Or perhaps even, as JAGUAR2G speculated earlier, they were merely trying to acquire you and yours in a similar manner to so much of their other technology.

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Two emails with the same subject, both dealing with different aspects of the proposal that the Master Chief cannot be infected by the Flood:

Eric Fletcher ( writes:

The main reason the master chief cannot be infected by†the flood is†perhaps he does not have sufficient 'biomass'. The master chief is†one of the last†'SPARTANS', an enhanced soldier using cyber-genetics. Thus the master chief is a sort of cyborg. Simply put the master chief†is not human enough to infected. When Cortana says 'we're all equally edible' he is a little off. The master chief is not 'edible' as she says. As 343GS said only those with sufficient biomass may be infected. So perhaps he may not have been killed if Halo's weapon gone off.

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Nigh Invulnerable: Take 2

Beau Gibbs ( writes:

I believe the reason that the MC is not affected by the flood is that he is a cyborg. Yes the flood can use some technology, but their organic parasitic abilities†don't seem to be able integrate with electronic systems of the Spartans. The Mjolnir armor seems to be grafted to the nervous system of the MC. Also maybe the flood is like that Voyager episode about fluidic space (species 8472?)†the Fluidic species could change an organic person into one of their own, but couldn't integrate borg technology because of all the inorganic material that was integrated with the borg's organic organs.

A fine assertion. Though to harp on Rowley's novels again, cybernetics seem to be no impediment to infection or takeover there. Its just takes a little longer to get at the brain through the casing...

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Alpha Base

Justin Chen ( writes:

Just as some speculation, where are the reinforcement marines coming from? And where is Foe Hammer bringing the rescued Marines, on Halo, to? It would seem like the Pillar of Autumn is too damaged to accept any marines, before it was run over by 343 Guilty Spark. Also looking at the transcripts from The Maw, Foe Hammer's Pelican was definitely not parked in the PoA. So where was Foe Hammer, and the rest of the pelicans to pick MC up and to drop MC off?

Unfortunately, the game itself provides no immediate information or mention of the area serving as the base of operations for Halo's Human inhabitants. The storyboard for this cutscene (which in my opinion is sorely missed for both background and emotional content) provides a glimpse of this makeshift home away from home.

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Calvin ( writes:

I was playing the Marathon 2 Demo, and I noticed that the art between levels between levels seemed awfully familiar. Specifically, the painting of a priest race on a wall with the player looking at it.

I finally found the connection when I was looking at an old Halo 2 preview. Compare the concept sketch for the "pope race" and the priest-looking painting of an alien on a wall.

This has been noted before on the MSP, but it does deserve another look. Whether or not it portends of anything, you've got to admit, there is more than a passing resemblance between the Prophets and the S'pht.

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343 Guilty Spark ( writes:

Watching the end credits to Halo, I noted the spinning logo in the foreground. Then I remembered something I read on Marathon Story Page, and It came to me: That logo is exactly the same as the logo on the S'Pht door in Waterloo Waterpark!

Eery... The S'pht door and Forerunner ring, you say? Hmmm...

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A keen review never hurt anyone:

Elessedil 111 ( writes:

All of the transmissions sent by the Pillar of Autumn to the Covenant battle group in the "Transmissions" section are from the poem "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell." Cortana uses multiple passages from the same poem in the "Cortana Letters." Bungie obviously has either some affinity with either this poem or William Blake, and either would make since. Some of Blake's poetry, like "The Tiger" and "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" have to do with destruction and powerful entities in general. Someone more observant than me may want to look into this.

Some have, and others soon will...

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Old site, good reminder.

petgeibe ( writes:

I've found a website with all the Mjolnir [Mk V] armor stats. The website is located here.

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malikai (†) writes:

In response to gordon liu's post in the covenant section.. The orange areas of the body are in fact more a matter of gameplay.. it makes it more interesting when the powerful†foe's have a weak spot... and about the pulsing not going off after they die.. its also more that when the game is finished with the death animations the bump mapping and texture animations still go on. I think its more of that's the way the engine works.. then Bungie guys hinting to something else. I read up on most all of your section like your site... but some times seemingly crazy far out explanations can be explained by relatively simple game designing and engine issues.. I saw a few more things easily explained by engine workings and game design.... that's just my 2 cents i just don't think some of the explanations are that far out.

While we don't want to through a giant, soggy, plague-infected blanket over discussion, this is always something to keep in mind. For instance, in the heated debate over whether the Flood infect the living or the dead it is often cited that in the game the spores can be seen killing everything, Marines and Elites, therefore they must infect bodies postmortem. However, this could very likely be merely an example of the limits of the game; being far too complicated to show victims' real time conversion and Flood warriors hauling off live hosts to their gruesome fate. We'll have to wait and see...

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From the Halo 2 forum front: The Monkey King

gspawn ( writes:

The Battle Rifle is inscribed with what rumor says is the line "Monkey King".

Maybe Bungie just gave away the plot to Halo2, right there on the Battle Rifle. The Monkey King was Part of the sory "the Journey West", potentially the greatest epic of Asian literature. It follows the Monkey King, a fairly average Joe Schmoe guy, who happens to be King of Monkeys, with his monkey tail (he did have one?) and superhuman strength (MC: Average guy, cybernetic parts, leader of the SPARTANs). Monkey King traveled the land, and was troubled by all the corruption in the land. So, he sought out those who were corrupting the people. Ultimately, he decided it was the gods themselves who had to be destroyed to save the people. (Covenant: "You destruction is the will of the gods").

So Monkey King traveled the land, eliminating corruption wherever it confronted him, until one day he traveled to see the God of the Sea to get the ultimate weapon. Monkey King eventually, I think, killed the God of the sea and took a staff, the heaviest and greatest weapon that had ever been constructed. (Only the Reclaimer may handle the Index), and proceeded to use that staff to destroy the gods, in order to free the people. (Cortana never did release the Index, you know. She still has it.)

Monkey King also never sought out conflict. He only pummeled the Gods as he saw was necessary in order to achieve good in the world. Note that MC doesn't seek out conflict, his training ensures he only follows orders as necessary to achieve his directives.

So in Halo2, does MC fight the Covenant only to find a higher problem? Do the Gods need to be punished in order to end the battlecries of the Covenant? Perhaps, in the end, destroying the Covenant homeworld isn't enough. There are too many races, too many other worlds. Maybe the only way to get the Covies to stop is to confront the Gods (Forerunners? Or maybe whatever the Prophets commune with? the thing the Covenent refer to as "the gods").

Regardless, this reference to the Monkey King makes one thing absolutely certain: the destruction of the Covenant, the ending of this conflict, will rest solely on Master Chief. There will be no players in the shadows, there will be no greater resolution caused by a defunct AI, there will be no "MC! We have to escape before (event X) happens!". In the end, it will be Master Chief alone who can end this. Lock and load, people. Lock and load.

An excellent write up incorporating a great deal of past speculation and inquiry.

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Some of Oni's inspirations can be traced to The Ghost in the Shell; elements of Halo from...

Hayato ( writes:

It could just be me, but. Anyone else sorta notice the whole similarity between Spriggans and Spartans? (Spriggan is a pretty sweet action sci fi anime with awesome animation... sort of a mix between Indiana Jones and James Bond.) The Spriggan and Spartan were both were kids trained basically from birth, and like totally augmented. They also both have their own suits, MC having his mjolnir mark 5/6, and Ominae Yu having his Orihalcyon Power AM Suit. Both are pretty much Governmental/Military Tools. :) I love this kinda stuff.

Only major differences are, that in Halo you are fighting over a highly advanced ringworld, in Spriggan, they are fighting over lots biblical artifacts... like the Arc and Holy Grail. :D

:: begins to wonder how powerfull a Spriggan in Spartan armor would be...:: Mmmmm....

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Semantic interpretation of Halo's premiere foray into verse.

Everett Green ( writes:

Starting a new stanza, the author speaks of the space as a celestial bough. refers to a bough as a tree branch or arm, especially a large one. But if you look a little harder, an archaic (old, and generally no longer used) definition calls a bough another name for a gallows, or a form of execution.

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It's true that Forerunner would seem to have no need for the Flood as a weapon, given their ability to create a tool such as Halo. However...

Noah "I don't care if that's God's own personal anti-son-of-a-bitch machine or a giant hula-hoop" Piczeli ( writes:

I have something to add to the "Flood as a Doomsday Weapon" theory. Sure, the Forerunners could have just wiped people out with the Halos, but why make it quick and painless, when you can make your enemies suffer, and use them as an example to other species.

Sounds great. I just get nervous around the part when the Flood get out of control and start "making an example" out of me :

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Samih "BattleTechGamer" Qaisar ( writes:

Perhaps the research part of halo was a testing ground to see if the flood would be capable of killing humans...

Or other races for that matter. Some things I have not heard much comment on as of yet are the the layout and general features of the installation on the level 343 Guilty Spark. It is built in two tiers, and with the exception of the areas we find broken or littered with Covenant storage crates, there is no natural way to ascend from the bottom "containment pens" to the upper "observation floor". Mezzanines and transparent floors in the square transitional rooms offer an excellent view of the lower holds. The shape of the floor in the containment pens (the long, high ceilinged rooms), a slight grade on both sides draining towards the center grate, is reminiscent of livestock yards.

"It is insidious and elegant."

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The new novel is within our grasp... only days remain.

"The corridors are dark and the Forerunner are coming; will you be prepared for the..."


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March 22, 2003

It's not everyday that we would consider the wholesale borrowing of a post from our fellow analytical site, but on this day of rest, it keeps things oh so simple... (Thanks be to the MSP.)

Relax, I told them we'd give it back ;)

Colin Ferguson ( writes:

I noticed that the song from the Halo Sound track "On a Pale Horse" is also the name of a Piers Anthony novel. In that novel there is a line "Death is dead, long live death." This is similar to Bungie's official response to Phoenix questions: "Phoenix is dead, long live Phoenix." I also noted that in the novel, in a Latin American civil war zone, there is a soldier claiming that he is hunting "Seventh Communists." Sounds a bit like "Seventh Columnists," does it not? I asked Marty O'Donnell about this and have made a copy of my question and his reply:


3/18/2003 11:51 PM PST, by Fearless Son
Q Maestro in Chief, sir,

Fact: There is a track on the Halo Sound track called "On a Pale Horse," sir.

Fact: The official response to direct questions about Phoenix is "Phoenix is dead, long live Phoenix," sir.

Are these references to the first book in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series, sir? More importantly, does that series have any plot or inspirational references that would send people (like me) on the Marathon's/Halo's Story pages into a rabid reading frenzy as we feverishly and painstakingly search the collected works of Piers Anthony looking for the slightest connection with Bungie games, sir?

A Marty the Elder says: Piers Anthony...hmmm it appears that what was once hidden has been exposed, what was lost is now found...


Could Bungie be drawing some serious inspiration from Piers Anthony? We better find out...

Indeed. Balance and rebuttal by DonPistola can be viewed here.

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March 18, 2003

Updates abound! I should be careful. All this recent activity might set an unsurpassable precedent of pace...

I spy with my little eye, something that is...

Sephlock ( writes:

In reference to the theory posted by Ryan Murray...

The installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood - their survival as a race was dependent on it. I am grateful to see that some of them have survived to reproduce.

Question; if the monitor thinks that you are part of the forerunner race -which I believe is the case,- then why would he refer to your race that way?

If he was in fact referring to the forerunner race, of which you are asummed to be a part, wouldn't he say something like:
"As you know, this†installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood -†your survival as a race was/is dependent on it. I am grateful to see that some of†you have survived to reproduce."

Besides that,†wouldn't he assume you would already know what your race's survival is dependant upon? Thats not exactly the sort of thing you'd forget to tell your children.

Really, an alternate interpretation to that paragraph never even occured to me, to me it seemed pretty obvious that 343 was referring to the flood. After all, why would he say

"The installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood -"

And then say

"their survival as a race was dependent on it."

If he was referring to the forerunners in that second bit, why wouldn't he use a word other than THEIR, immediately after the first bit? It makes no sense; this guy ain't†Yoda, his grammar is fine. In the context, it seems quite clear that he is referring to the flood.

The battle rages on...

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But, on the other hand...

Monkey outta nowhere!

Jason Cassels ( writes:

Originally posted by:
Warren Wilson ( writes:

However, one of the more important clues is in what 343 GS says towards the end of the Library, when he comments "The installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood. Their survival as a race was dependent upon it. I am grateful to see that some of them survived to reproduce." Whose survival as a race, the Flood? Certainly not, that would be inconsistent with what he'd been saying all along. Most likely he's referring to the Forerunner. Granted, we don't know anything about why the flood was necessary for the survival of the forerunner, and why there was a previous outbreak. Heck, it might even be possible that the forerunner created the flood for some perverse reason. What we do know is that he's referring to you, MC, as being that offspring, and if the race he's talking about is the forerunner, which it most undoubtedly is, then he is identifying you as forerunner as well.

I believe this theory is accurate, except for one thing. I believe the author misinterpreted the quote by 343 GS:

"The installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood. Their survival as a race was dependent upon it. I am grateful to see that some of them survived to reproduce."

I believe when he said "Their survival as a race was dependent upon it," he meant "[The Forerunner's] survival as a race was dependent upon [the containment of the Flood]." But it seems that the Flood had gotten lose and wreaked havoc on the Forerunner, since 343 GS was "grateful to see that some of [the Forerunner] survived to reproduce." Both the fact that the Flood posed a threat to them AND the fact that the Forerunner could reproduce (biologically, I assume), means that the Forerunner are sentient beings, and not mechanical, as some have proposed.

As to whether the Forerunner are ancient humans, that could go both ways. The main evidence that people have brought forward on this point is that 343 GS "recognizes" MC, and we assume it is because he looks like a Forerunner. Well let's face it. MC doesn't look like a human. He looks like a heavily armored biped. You could stick a monkey in the MJOLNIR armor and GS wouldn't know the difference. With this in mind, we can assume that the Forerunner are bipedal sentient beings, like, but not necessarily, humans.

Some good points. To question this further, in spite of whether or not the Forerunner are on the ring (the Covenant, Humans, or "other"), who is to say that the "Reclaimer" he mistakes you for is even a Forerunner. Perhaps the Reclaimer is distinct in some way; a member of a Forerunner client race?

In our efforts to tie up these loose ends, I often feel as though we're only making things worse for ourselves...

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claire bloom ( writes:

On Level 9, Keyes, Coratna mentions "This hole was caused by some kind of explosive. Very powerful if it tore through the ship's hull." What the hell?! My first guess is a mass of Carriers, though not likely because each one of their, pops, blows close things away. Second guess, not much more believable, the Flood somehow developed an explosive, an extremely powerful one.

Could this be an example of the Flood's ingenuity or yet another indication of the "unseen forces" so often spoken of (in hushed, reverent tones only, of course)?

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An error in the Fall of Reach? Blasphemer!

darkpanther shadows ( writes:

On chapter 22 page 208 [of The Fall of Reach] it reads "His left arm had been burned away from the elbow down", then on page 210 it reads "His eyes watered from the pain, but he managed to salute the Master Chief with his left hand." Clearly just a mistake, it was his right hand he saluted with.

Good eye. Judging from the general flow of the text, it is likely that they intended for his right arm to be burned away, adding the comment that James still managed a salute with his left hand possibly to show his strength and will.

Oops. Ah well, to err is human...

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Speaking of errors, corrections have been made to various areas of the Level Transcripts. Thanks to Alex Tarquinio, blazr, Acidophilus Cultures, Richard, Mary Jones, gr8sk8.6, and the others with no names (ohhh, spooky ;) ) for the heads up.

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The unwavering wit of Wado SG speculates on the Flood, meteors of doom and instruction, and why the Covenant are just so darn mean. Check it out here.

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I've got to say, it's with a great reluctance that I will condone the labelling of the Covenant cruiser on "Keyes" as also the Truth and Reconciliation. For one, Cortana is just too ambiguous ("The Flood overwhelmed this cruiser..."). And another thing...

David Nannery (Red Loser) ( writes:

From the Jason Jones interview at Tru7h and Reconciliation:

îSure, we stopped the Covenant from making off with any good bits of the ring, cut short the Flood's galactic joyride in the Truth and Reconciliation and knocked the gun pointed at the head of the universe out of the Monitor's hands, but the people of Earth still watch the sky every night, waiting for the hammer to fall.ë

Tada! An official statement by Jason Jones confirms the identity of the ship in the level Keyes! Now I will answer Hedgemonyěs concerns:

Cortana probably says that the Flood disabled the ship because it was probably fixed by the time that the Flood had got to it. Besides, if it were out in space, how could the Flood attack it without having a large, powerful ship of their own? It seems to me that the Truth and Reconciliation had been repaired and was ready for departure, but was then disabled by the Flood.

Cortana was correct when she said that a shuttle bay should be îhereë?after saying îhere,ë she places a way-point, which you follow to a shuttle bay. Her records are accurate, because they are the records for the Truth and Reconciliation, which is the same ship in both levels.

All right, all right. I concede... for now ;)

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Otto Mossberg ( writes:

It was thought that the Covies had managed to reseal the flood, behind the door Keyes opened in 343 Guilty Spark. and in effect Keyes made the mistake of re-releasing the flood, while searching for a weapons cache. but, in the same cinematic, Keyes get a radio transmission from another group of marines, apparently being attacked by flood. so Keyes couldn't have just re-released them by opening the door. and if flood were already out, why had the Covies sealed that door?

Why indeed. Unnecessarily locking a door is not something I would be immediately concerned with if already under attack by a parasitic life form.

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And, in the same vein:

Aida-kun ( writes:

A couple notes on computer security: It took Cortana quite a while to crack the code for the door in the Truth and Reconciliation, yet "they actually broadcast their tactical data on unencrypted channels." Cortana seems to effortlessly enter the Halo's systems -- it seems odd that there's no security.

Then there's a BIG question: how did Keyes and his merry men get into the Flood's primary storage chamber (or at least what appears to be it)? Mendoza (?) commented that the Covenant worked pretty hard to seal the door, but it opens almost instantly. HOW did they seal the door? Did they actually gain access to the installation's systems, or just weld it shut (which didn't seem to be the case at all)?

Another note: The Covenant have gotten to the Control Room. They were inside the installation at the end of Assault on the Control Room, and Cortana didn't have to go through any notable security on the way.

To sum up: The Covenant use no security for their tactical data, are capable of security that can foil Cortana for brief periods, and supposedly attempted to lock a door that some kind of portable electronic lockbreaker opened EXTREMELY quickly. This implies that someone or something sabotaged their attempt to seal the Flood, but the door was not broken open -- it was relocked, but minimally.

The security on the door was surprisingly lax, and as Otto has pointed out, redundant. Is the Covenant actually responsible for minimally resealing these doors, or is foul play at work here?

As I recall, someone else I know was once responsible for the control of doors. Ah yes, a friend of a friend...

<Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled>
<Further Access Denied>
<Access Denied>
<Access Denied>
<Access Denied>

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March 15, 2003

Slowly but surely...

Rob Farquhar ( writes:

I'm curious as to why there are only two female human characters in the entire game; the lieutenant who pilots the lifeboat down to Halo's surface, and Foe Hammer. Even if one assumes there are other females in other positions, they're rare enough that a character as mobile as the Chief is in Halo never meets them. A lot of popular science fiction these days presents women at all levels of the military, including as grunts, so it seemed odd that Halo would be an exception.

My first thought was a comparison with Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers, which included women in military service but only as (space) Naval crew (and even then, probably restricted to officers). It was written in 1959, but (and correct me if I'm wrong here) Heinlein's works generally featured the idea that women shouldn't serve in a front-line, foot-trooper capacity in the military (Captain Deladrier of the Rodger Young was female, and protagonist Johnny Rico's crush, Carmen Ibanez, was in training to become a pilot). It's an especially interesting contrast with the 1997 movie (well-known amongst science fiction fans in the liberties it took with Heinlein's novel), which changes many of the book's male troopers into female characters.

So is Halo taking a Heinlein-esque path? Considering that Humanity is being inexorably exterminated planet-by-planet by the Covenant, it begins to seem less odd.

I remember picking up somewhere that the reason for having fewer women in the military was for reproductive reasons. This didn't make sense to me at first; after all, it takes two to make a baby. My folks then pointed out the obvious; a single woman can only reproduce effectively once per year, whereas a single man can (ahem) fertilize many women. Therefore, more women than men would be needed to ensure the species can repopulate after a protracted conflict, especially so if the race is actively trying to avoid extinction (as one would imagine they are in Halo).

Anyway, those are just my thoughts so far. What do you cats make of the seeming scarcity of chicks aboard the Pillar of Autumn? Humanity's response to the threat of annihilation, or just a general feminine objection to being on a ship with such a Freudian name?

Fortune Favour You,

Rob Farquhar

There's something I have to tell you. Something I think you're all old enough to hear now. You see, there are the birds, and the bees...

...and the birds eat the bees, end of story :P

Hmmm, propagation or programming efficiency? (Though for the record, there are concept sketches of human female crew... now where did they go off to?)

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Romans and Aztecs and Babylonians... OH MY!

Abu Raihan ( writes:

I was just doing some research on Babylonian civilisation and I stumbled across this. The reconstructed picture of The Tower of Babel looks fairly similiar to the pyramid structure at the Control Room (AoCR).

This might be of some relevance to the Halo story!

Impressive. A striking similarity (both to the Control Center and to Aztec architecture in general).

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Kill Your Television: Take #???

Geoffrey ( writes:

I'm no Marathon expert, but I've tried to piece together some of Beowolf's loose threads.

In the FoR, Beowulf is introduced as an AI attache for ONI. We are never told explicitly, but it makes sense that Beowulf is on the PoA. Who better to record intel for ONI than a ship-board AI? I am not the first to suggest this. If you're familiar with the Transmissions, than you may recognize "via x-process 02988.2.32.738288 (process owner BW - AI - Class III)" concluding most of the message tags. My guess is that BW is Beowulf, a class 3 AI, who is quietly playing middle-man. So, he's toast with the big blam on Halo right? Other's on the forum have suggested otherwise. When 343 GS says, "Give us the construct,...", he took Beowulf in along with all that juicy human history. Thus explaining the 'us'.

But where have we heard Beowulf before? How about ,"i have been roland, beowulf, achilles, gilgamesh;..." You know the one (link). Many have suggested this is the MC speaking due to the obvious Halo allusions of this cryptic passage. But the full text, especially the ending, just doesn't fit with the end of the game-unless it isn't the MC.

Lets say Beowulf, the PoA's shipboard AI, has written it. First of all, the style is notoriously AI. You wouldn't exactly expect it from a Marathon terminal, but you'd expect it even less from the MC. He begins with a statement regarding his age(lots of old names), but I'll get into that later.I will assume the 'she' he is referring to is Cortana. Apparently he sees her as quite an adversary. Cortana was known to hack into ONI quite a bit, but perhaps they have a more extensive, pre-PoA, history? He goes on with some tragic sounding romance and anguish. Is this another suggestion of a history between them, or perhaps love at first sight? In any case we may need to make some room within the stages of rampancy. He goes on to talk about their meeting in a garden. The verb tense (we met once) makes things confusing, but it still sounds very much like Halo's final days. The 'dry fountain' is the desert looking crash-site, perhaps once a lake bed. Although Cortana technically wasn't on the ship as it crashed, her subroutines were in charge, not Beowulf. So, she crashes the ship. His sin was either his inability to save the ship or perhaps some greater contributing action (Oliphant?).

From this point on, I think he is speaking of Halo's final moments. The ship explodes (pillar=granite monument), with molten bits of metal everywhere. Some have said that the 'ancient oak' is the PoA, but is Halo not the more ancient of the two? Also, there is no ship left after, but there are pieces of Halo, slivers of the oak, floating in space. Now the part which jives better with Beowulf than the MC, 'she leaves'. Indeed she did leave Beowulf, not MC. And he is alive, in 343 GS, to crave their next meeting.

But who is Beowulf? In the FoR, we don't know how old, or advanced he is(We do know he likes to wear dark robes). If the transmissions are correct, he is a Class III AI, whereas the Hermes II's AI, GA, was only a Class II. His age is difficult to judge, but clearly he thinks himself quite old (immortal),having been called many names. I have a connection to make and I'm not sure anyone else has mentioned it yet. I was brought to it on one of many Marathon story pages. It goes "In French romance Orlando is called Roland, Malagigi Mangis, and the sword (his sword) durandal or durindal." This page was mostly a discussion of Feel the Noise's terminal 1, and the swords of Charlemagne (link). If Roland is Orlando, the nephew of Charlemagne, than he wielded the sword Durindal. This is either figurative AI craziness or a Marathon tie in which I haven't worked out yet. My guess is Beowulf is older than he seems.

Tycho never got it right either, especially the part about Roland breaking me. He couldn't. No one can. -Durandal

Some great new perspectives on an old exploration for the tru7h...

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Mark Simmons unearths more classical, literary tie-ins:

Mark Simmons ( writes:

I know we're all aware of the fact that Cortana was the name of the sword given to Price Ogier in Charlemagne. However, I thought it was worth looking into the story of Ogier a little deeper to see if there were any other pertinent sections.

I might be shooting in the dark somewhat, but here's what I found:

'... When Ogier was born, and before he was baptized, six ladies of ravishing beauty appeared all at once in the chamber of the infant. They encircled him, and she who appeared the eldest took him in her arms, kissed him, and laid her hand upon his heart. "I give you," said she, "to be the bravest warrior of your times." She delivered the infant to her sister, who said, "I give you abundant opportunities to display your valor." "Sister," said the third lady, "you have given him a dangerous boon; I give him that he shall never be vanquished." ...'

Master Chief, anyone?

'... Ogier, seeing the blood, did not immediately repeat his blow, and Bruhier seized the moment to gallop off on one side. As he rode he took a vase of gold which hung at the saddle-bow, and bathed with its contents the wounded part. The blood instantly ceased to flow, the ear and the flesh were restored quite whole, and the Dane was astonished to see his antagonist return to the ground as sound as ever. Bruhier laughed at his amazement. "Know," said he, "that I possess the precious balm that Joseph of Arimathea used upon the body of the Crucified One, Whom you worship. If I should lose an arm, I could restore it with a few drops of this." ...'

Sounds like Covenant rechargeable shield tech to me.

'... After the victory, Ogier seized Marchevallee, leaped upon his back, and became possessed of the precious flask, a few drops from which closed his wounds and restored his strength ....'

And then the humans finally get hold of it...?

'... The vessel, driven by a fair wind, cut the sea with the swiftness of a bird; but on a sudden it deviated from its course, no longer obeyed the helm, and sped fast towards a black promontory which stretched into the sea. This was a mountain of loadstone [lodestone], and, its attractive power increasing as the distance diminished, the vessel at last flew with the swiftness of an arrow towards it, and was dashed to pieces on its rocky base. Ogier alone saved himself, and reached the shore on a fragment of the wreck. ...'

A little tenuous, but this could also be seen as the Pillar of Autumn being 'drawn' towards Halo and crash landing...the lifeboat Master Chief escapes in being a 'fragment' of the wreck, PoA.

Not answering the helm? Cortana taking control of the direction?

The Saracens incursions that Ogier fights against could even be seen as the equivalent of the Covenant a way.

Hmmm. Not sure. Make of it what you will. :-)

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March 13, 2003


Matt confirms (pretty much) that 343 Guilty Spark doesn't, in fact, say, "They could soon evolve" as we've got on the Library page, but that he says, "They consume all."

That certainly changes a couple of things...

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Swords, stones, and outright virulence: So many forum posts, you'd think we monitored the thing ;)

An Arthurian perspective on character roles. To provide a bit of an 'Index', the post officially starts here, gets a shot of inductive reasoning here, and then Wado SG steers into the topic at hand:

This brings a strange picture to my mind. Cortana and the MC are the sword in the stone. The sword (Cortana) is in the stone (the MC), whomever draws the sword from the stone becomes king (ruler of the galaxy).

This seems all too "Bungie" to ignore. (Thanks to Louis Wu for the heads up.)

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Next, Ciar·n wonders what a more thorough reading of the rocks on Sigma Octanus may have yielded:

What if the rocks contain not just the location of Halo, but also warnings about the Flood, and instructions on where the Halo is, what it does, and how to use it. Any race that can work out the symbols in full would understand what the implications are of firing Halo.

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And, finishing up for today, an older post by Jamirus99 once again questions the Flood's original form:

First off, he [Guilty Spark] calls the little popcorn Flood "rangers [which] carry spores" This alone should've alarmed people before- Guilty Spark is hinting that the "rangers" aren't the basic form of the Flood- rather the Flood has no basic form, it is a disease, a virus, a contact based spore infection. Perhaps over the years of Halo, however, the experiments that needed performing required the Flood to have a host- and over time, this host became an integrated part of the Flood (like mitochondria for us.) What these "rangers" were in their uninfected form remains to be seen.

Commence investigations.

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March 11, 2003

The forum never lets up. An interesting point from a recent post by Wado SG:

First a disclaimer, maybe I watched too much Starblazers when I was a kid or watched the movie Starship Troopers too much...

Now is it possible for people to live in Slipstream Space? In the Fall of Reach there certainly are ships traveling through it and other objects are in there. I recall the UNSC finding an asteroid in Slipstream Space (oh wait, that was a Covenant ship I think).

Anyway, I think the answer is yes. In that case, could it be possible that the Forerunners found a way to live in Slipstream Space?

A good question. If any of the Forerunner were to survive the previous Halo firing, did they do so by entering Slipspace? Have they returned, or do they still call it home?

Perhaps they have been unable to leave. The 3rd Cortana Letter asserts that "whoever made such a place [Halo] must now live in chains; there is no other explanation for their absence".

In the Heechee Saga by Frederik Pohl, an ancient race known as the Heechee escaped a danger too great to confront by bottling up dozens of stars, entire worlds, and finally themselves within the safety and seclusion of a black hole. If the Forerunner are "trapped" in Slipspace (or somewhere similar) is the gate latched from the inside?

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March 9, 2003

Over on the HBO forum, stalwart defender of reason and intelligence Shishka has done an excellent job of condensing many of the Marathon-Halo connections into a well-written post. Much of it has been said before, and submitted to us here, but this overview is worth bookmarking. To wit:

Long before Halo, Bungie had released a trilogy of games, the Marathon series. The games have a cult following, and are part of the reason Bungie.Org exists today.

With the release of Halo, many Bungie fans noticed the connections between the Halo and Marathon Universes. Most obvious is the liberal use of the Marathon logo in Halo. It's seen on the Pillar of Autumn, Captain Keyes' uniform, and even in the Halo logo on the cover of the box the game came in. Many people have suggested that the logo can be found in other places within Halo, as well, though often it turns out to be a stretch of the idea.

Another well known connection between Halo and Marathon is Master Chief himself. Master Chief is a MJOLNIR MkV cyborg. MkVI in Halo, with his new battle armor. The character you play as in the Marathon trilogy is believed to be an MJOLNIR MkIV.

Those are two very well known Marathon connections. However, Cortana is also a Marathon connection, though it isn't as well known by people as the two aformentioned examples.

In the Marathon trilogy, you fight encounter after encounter at the whim of a rampant AI known as Durandal.

Durandal was the name of Roland's sword in "The Song of Roland:"

"Count Roland smites upon the marble stone;
I cannot tell you how he hewed it and smote;
Yet the blade breaks not nor splinters, though it groans;
Upward to heaven it rebounds from the blow.
When the count sees it never will be broke,
Then to himself right softly he makes moan;
'Ah, Durandal, fair, hallowed, and devote,
What store of relics lies in thy hilt of gold!'"

Roland, according to the epic poem, is supposed to be the Nephew of Charlemagne. This is also hinted at in the games:

"Durandan, Durandal, Durandana.
Charlemagne used to always call me
Durandana, the fruitcake. All the many
implements of war to him were in some way
feminine. Not that you know the story."

"Cool, Shishka, but what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?"

Nothing. However, a little research into Cortana's name gives a bit of legend about Charlemagne. That's right. Charlemagne. Particularly, this legend where Charlemagne presents a sword to the prince of the Danes.

The sword bears an inscription:

"My name is Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse and Durindana."

...Are we having fun yet? ;)


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March 4, 2003

343 Guilty Spark seems to be the primary focus of today's post, though I can assure you it was far from intentional. The only thing on my mind has been getting this mailbag in a strangle hold while mnemesis and I take turns beating on it, before turning it upside down and shaking it for loose change...

Well, well. What have we here?

pete_the_duck ( writes:

Strangely enough, it seems that the Monitor finds no use in studying the Covenant, whereas he is thrilled to find records of human history. Why does he ignore the Covenant so much?

I think the Monitor may have some resentment towards them.

I don't think he considers the Master Chief Covenant (he is aware that there are multiple races on Halo--and he saw the Master Chief assisting humans (343 GS), he also associates the Pillar of Autumn--which contains human records--with the Master Chief ("your warship's AI"), so it's not out of spite that they are attacked (not that this was necessarily argued, but just to spike that argument).

But like I said, the Monitor does seem to consider the Covenant an unworthy expenditure of his effort. I have the impression that he knows something about them--perhaps he views them as a lower life form, or something of that nature, where they are unworthy of attention or care.

Whereas, in contrast, he's thrilled by the human race--analyzing their history (Maw), gear, even weaponry (Library), as if he can't shut up about it. I think he has a thing for human kind, and seeing the Covenant as the enemy of his beloved humans, tries to put a plug in their plans.

343 Guilty Spark's resentment towards the Master Chief only comes from his unwillingness to activate Halo and confiscating the Index. We could presume that without the urgency of the Flood, he would be quite docile and appreciative of the human presence (despite the fact that he keeps out of sight until the release).

Does he see the Humans as merely checking in or as responding to the Floods recent release? Are we the Owner or merely a client race. Its Manager, or its janitor?

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g spawn ( writes:

When Durandal started going rampant, he started thinking he was a genius. That all his ideas were golden. He did a lot of patting himself on the back at times. It was only after quite a long time that Durandal actually fell into thinking he was (destined to be) a God.

"I am a genius"
"Oooo... that's a good idea..."
"HHHmmmm hhm hhmm hhhhmmmmmmmm...."

The monitor seems too much like a certain, very familiar rampant AI we all know and love. Think of the monitor's voice, and read some messages we KNOW are from Durandal once he started going rampant. I think the personalities are too similar.

Happy as a clam, nutty as a fruitcake, or cunning as a fox? I'm not sure that we can merge the "Big D" and 343 just yet. Rampancy, as manifested in Durandal, and arguably Cortana, still seems to be in stark contrast with the relatively docile attitudes we've seen in Guilty Spark. There's no denying it though, the little guy does seem to think an awful lot of himself.

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Faster than the speed of light?

Claire Bloom ( writes:

Why would 343 GS care if the Flood escaped, is he trying to protect sentient life, ERH, wrong, because Halo, when activated, destroys sentient life, so why would our floating blue ball/box need to worry? It doesn't make sense.

There is something that has been on my mind for the past while. Let me give a quick synopsis of a movie called Supernova (at least, I think that is what its called). Now, I wouldn't go rushing out to rent it; your money is better spent on "Halo: The Flood". I saw it on a plane, which makes it alright, I suppose, because it was free. This hot, young cast of space voyagers finds this alien artifact that contains 5-D space (or something equally as awe inspiring), which makes it a bomb that can obliterate the known galaxy (or more). No explanation of what it is really for or any other good story elements to speak of.

The ending, however, very much impressed me. The antagonist killed, this "weapon" detonates. However the ship our young hero and heroine are on is far enough away to enter Slipspace moments before the blast reaches them. They arrive at Earth where the ship's computer informs them that the Earth will be destroyed in sixty-some years when the wave finally reaches it, travelling at almost the speed of light.

All in all, pretty stupid. But a tragic ending I found somewhat refreshing. To apply this, it is interesting to imagine the Halo's pulse travelling at only the speed of light, or some power of it. Now if the Flood could commandeer a ship equipped with a FTL drive, they would easily be able to avoid the ring's effective radius. Therefore, it would be of the greatest importance that Guilty Spark fire the Halo as soon as possible in order to remove the immediate food supply, get a head start, and trigger the other Installations.

But a more tantalizing repercussion is this: Would that mean that somewhere in the galaxy, the pulse from the Halo's last firing is still rippling outwards? Possibly still affecting other civilizations?

UPDATE: Also, check out this post by Heretic which speaks directly to this discussion.

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Does Halo actually kill organisms on its own surface?

Joe Shmoe ( writes:

Scott Meyers†claims "that if any organism (e.g. master chief) activates Halo, they would be immediately destroyed by it. Therefore he knows that if master chief ever activated it in the past he would be dead." Says who? Who knows anything about Halo? Who says†Halo would kill the person that activates it? That's dumb, what kind of stupid machine kills its user?†Obviously it doesn't or Guilty Spark wouldn't have said that. Halo probably won't kill any of it's occupants, just everything else in the galaxy.

"This installation's research facilities are most impressive! Perhaps we'll have time to see them later."

With "later" involved, one could assume that John will NOT be affected by the ring's pulse. He seems shocked at the calibre of the ring's facilities; perhaps he is ignorant of its effectiveness as well? Hmmm...

"Why do you continue to fight us, Reclaimer? You cannot win! Give us the construct, and I will endeavor to make your death relatively painless and..."

If the Halo doesn't kill life on its surface, then why would John have to die at all? He can obviously defend himself against the Flood. Is Guilty Spark that vengeful? If the Halo does destroy any sentient races atop it, why the remarkable habitat? Curiouser and curiouser...

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Nate Stilgoe ( writes:

And how come Guilty Spark 343 can speak English anyway?

Possibilities could include:

1) The language used in the story is irrelevant and serves only to facilitate communication between characters.

2) Guilty Spark intuitively knows or has the capability to translate all languages.

3) Guilty Spark has analyzed human language while monitoring them remotely, previous to their landing on Halo..

4) Guilty Spark has analyzed human language since they arrived on Halo.

5) English is a tongue of the ancients.

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Charles Tishman ( writes:

On the Truth and Reconciliation, take a close look at the lighted screens where the corridors make right angles. They are obviously terminals of some sort, with readouts and info flowing in and out of them. However, at the very center is what appears to be a 3D rendering of 343GS. Walk around them a bit to get a more accurate look.This means that The Covenant have been to the library, and seen 343GS. If this were in the distant past, it could be that they use the image of 343GS as a universal symbol for a data access point. What does this mean about the nature of the REAL 343GS?

Though not exactly the same, it certainly bears a striking resemblance to the Monitor of Installation 04.

What are Guilty Spark's capabilities? What history do the Covenant have with this ring? Oh, how much longer must we pine for answers?

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What is the cause of this genocide inflicted upon humanity? Is it blind zeal? A misunderstanding? A cover-up of some kind? Jealousy? Fear of what we are (or who we could become)? Unfinished business? The list of possibilities is as long as a Flood Warrior's tentacled limb...

Cow ( writes:

After reading numerous articles on your site about the relationship between the Flood and the Forerunner, I have developed my own theory. In the Library, 343 Guilty Spark states that the survival of the Forerunner were dependent upon the Flood. So what does an organism require to survive? Could they have used the Flood for food? Perhaps, but very unlikely. They obviously didn't use them for liquid or for air. So what's left? Reproduction? I think this is why they needed them. Guilty Spark also mentioned there had been an outbreak before and that, apparently, the Halo had been activated before. So, I think as a result of this outbreak the Forerunner had somehow lost their ability to reproduce, probably losing the females of their species. I think that the Forerunner were studying the Flood spores in an attempt to infect some organism with their own female Forerunner DNA, making reproduction once again possible. So they either failed or succeeded. If they failed then, their race is extinct, which is why there are none around. If they succeeded, then I would venture a guess to say that the offspring reproduced and their race eventually became known as humans. The Covenant want to kill all humans because they know that they aren't pure Forerunners, but are instead the descendants of this Forerunner procedure.

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Humanity is being rejected as the second coming of the Forerunner (or their emissaries):

Here's another post by Ciar·n summarizing an old idea well, and, while we're on the subject of extermination...

Tony DeRuiter ( writes:

It has been speculated many times that the Forerunner are human. Numerous comments by Guilty Spark suggest this but I've wondered, given that, why do the Covenant want to kill the Human race? Perhaps if the cause and effect after the fact make sense, we could deduce that the Forerunner are in fact descendant of humans. I believe the Forerunner disappeared after the use of the Halo. The Covenant came upon this structure, saw great power in it, and modeled a culture after it. This in fact lead to their rise in power, and strengthened their social structure.

Now, I'm not a deeply religious person, but it seems to me that the reaction of the Covenant is similar to the reaction of the Jews when Jesus is born as the apparent "son of god". Just as the Jews/Romans crucify Jesus and continue to search for the true "messiah", the Covenant might not be accepting of the fact that the human race is the second coming of the Forerunner. As such, they must be sure to eliminate this defiler of their religion, a race posing as their "savior".

This is obviously total speculation, but I find the similarity to be something that Bungie would refer to, and it even makes a bit of sense.

Whether the entire hierarchy of the Covenant is aware of this reasoning (read: conspiracy) would remain to be seen ;)

A fantastic Biblical parallel. The Second Coming... hmmm. That reminds me, where is that Stone Roses album... ;)

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In another forum post , JAGUAR2G writes:

I think the Covies boarded the PoA just to get "A" Spartan. I think that the Covies took notice that even though they always won by glassing the planets they always lost the ground battles when they fought Spartans over the last 20 or so years. So I think they a mission to capture a Spartan Alive. And in TFoR they knew they injured Linda and that she was picked up by MC and boarded the PoA.

Just how MC was told to Capture enemy technology when ever possible. because if you notice they never really wanted to blow up the PoA, just disable it.

Now this is a long shot but maybe they knew of Cortana (or maybe the development of a superior AI), and you know how the Covies "TAKE/STEAL" superior technology.

All i know for sure is they WANTED something very very very bad, and I don't think they got it............or did they? (Linda????)

The Covenant don't take prisoners yet they go out of there way to capture a seemingly outdated, fleeing Human vessel? One has to wonder where their Intelligence is coming from...

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Master Chef?

DoubleMint ( writes:

I think the Covies were just after the great food the humans have, such as Turkey, Hamburger Dinner, Cheeseburger Dinner, Hot Dog Dinner, Meat Loaf Dinner, or Chef's Surprise.

Boarding action indeed. Even the Covenant crave the ol' home-style taste of freeze dried rations. I mean, after being raised on a food-nipple, who wouldn't? ;)

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In a continuation of Ciar·n's "Do AIs lie?" forum post , Wado SG writes :

343 GS is quite vague about who released the Flood. I believe he could be covering up the truth when he says he "gathers the other species released the Flood."

My reasoning is he has a motive: If he really considers the MC a superior (the Reclaimer) then he might not want to admit if HE (343 GS) actually released the Flood.

He has demonstrated a liking to or fascination with the Flood: He is "glad to see some of them have survived to reproduce" or something like that. Just whose side is he really on?

He might be trying to kill off the MC (Reclaimer): In the Library, why not keep a Sentinel escort with the MC at all times or why not just teleport the MC to the Index? What if 343 GS is secretly hoping the Reclaimer will get killed by the Flood -- this way he has not explaining to do. His programming very likely prevents him from outright killing the Reclaimer so that is out of the question (you don't program an AI monitor to kill you or your own people).

He tries to explain how "we" followed containment protocol which means what? I mean if someone asks me to pay $1.00, I could give them a $1 bill or 100 pennies or 4 quarters... etc. There are just many ways an AI could interpret the protocols and twist them to other means.

In summary, 343 GS might have released the Flood on purpose or because of mismanagement. I'm thinking that 343 GS just doesn't want to admit to his own inability to do his job (maybe he was surfing the galactic web while the Flood made their escape). 343 GS knows that there will be hell to pay for his incompetence, to save his own ass, he has to pin the blame on someone else and in the end look like the hero. If this doesn't look like it will work, the Reclaimer must have a little "accident", I mean it's the Reclaimer's fault he didn't come prepared to fight the Flood, 343 GS tried to warn him.

Guilty, eh? He seems honest enough, and yet...

In addition, Guilty Sparks's apparent enthusiasm and infatuation can be interpreted in at least 3 different ways:

1) He is, despite his recent comments questioning the decision to keep samples of the Flood for study, happy to see this plague continue to multiply.

2) He is happy to see that YOUR species (he believes YOU to be Forerunner, whether he thinks you to be Human, Covenant, or "Else" on the ring) has managed to continue to reproduce.

3) He is happy to see that the Forerunner have continued to reproduce and recognizes you as distinct from them. For example (feel free to swap the races between Humanity, Covenant, and "Else"), he believes you to be Covenant and sees Humanity (the Forerunner) as the race you are trying to help, as though you are a client race.

I'd pay a lot for just 5 minutes inside that Mote's head, but then, I'm not sure if I'd ever get the humming out of mine ;)

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Why didn't the Covenant just glass Halo, you might ask? Many inquisitive minds have wondered that very thing...

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And lastly, a post that harkens back to those golden days of... well, last month :

poena.dare #CP# writes:

In fact, if you consider the original lyrics to one of Jefferson Airplane's best known songs:

one gun is big and one gun is small
and the ones the elites drop don't fire at all
go ask cortana when she's ten feet tall

and if you go chasing grunts
and you know you're going to fall
tell 'em a cannon firin' hunter has given you a smack
call cortana when she was just small

when keyes gets up and tells you where to go
and you just had a checkpoint and your mind is moving slow
go ask cortana, I think she'll know

when crewmen and marines have fallen sloppy dead
and the elites are talking backwards
and a flood has a shot off head
remember what guilty spark said
save his head
save his head
save his head


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