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March 31, 2004


%%%here was nothing to be gained from hesitation
et in her possession it

would become something of consequence: though it was nothing
more than a simp~le tho`~~``f`~~~rticular flower, or more
~~hen she had it just so the room flickered and tore, bending
into somewhere else: ~~~ffs`~~~~f~~~[system error #25 at
~~~~%*|]~``se which she caused to be consumed by an
ashless fire.

doors opened before her without cause, their locks rusted and

~~efore her slender hands began to dance in front of her
horrified face.  r~~fefore turning into a fine powder which
settled in a pile on ~~~~4*)
where she had been standing.<'scod BFB1 0002'+1Ad2>
14 seven hundred miles away, eyes on fire, tearing at her
hair.  Turning in fury she kicked viciouslyf
aAnger made her careless and she mis~#&fx~~~gBd{}{@fx($~~~~

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March 28, 2004

With all due respect to my predecessor...

Alexis ( mentions another possible point of contention over the true focus of Ackerson's special weapons program and S-III. Read on for further discussion.

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Was the war instigated by the Covenant's first impression of a less than ideal group of Humans? Pirates or rebels perhaps? Ain Soph Aur entertains the possibility.

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The technology underlying the armor you wear came straight from the...

Liam Whaley ( writes:

I was just thinking about how the covenant said they got the elites suits from the holy ones (or something).

Could this be the suit that they were talking about in The Flood?


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March 26, 2004

To those about to search, we salute you...

We've received a lot of exceptional mail recently. Unique, well researched ideas bundled together with links to other applicable posts and page references from the novels; it is a pleasure indeed :)

Thanks so much to all who have written in with things in need of fixing, and with additions to our Inconsistencies, Characters, and Vessels lists: starrima, Kyle Carmitchel, Paul Cox, S7N, John Barager, Lee Crawford, Noah Zarr, Shane Meyer, Winters, littlejonnysaystotheclass, A. N.-W., Todd Proctor, Brian Graham, Chris Herr, Marty Duffy, MCDGundam...

Remember, we may update the site, but you provide the materials. Keep up the good work :)

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March 25, 2004

Ackerson, Spartan or Section III, and an historical indication of betrayal

James Kinsella ( and ted blum ( assert while A. N.-W. contrasts:

On page 130 in First Strike Dr. Halsey is looking in Ackerson's files, and finds one called s-III. It has research on all of the Spartan-II program. I think we may assume that s-III is Spartan-III.†This begs the question, "What is Ackerson doing making Spartans?" I think it's a pretty simple explanation; Jealousy. He has created these Spartans†because he is jealous of what Dr. Halsey has done, and yet he can't get over their operational effectiveness. So to combat these feeling of inferiority he creates another goup of Spartans,†a†much larger group, and then pulls them out of hiding when the shit hits the fan. His Spartans save the day with their incredible training and whatnot, and Ackerson geets the credit for having had the foresight to create more Spartans. That would be why he seems so happy when he believe the good doctor is pushing up heaps.

as well...

From the books, the most obvious evidence is in FS, the top of Page 103 when General Strauss says "At least we have your special weapons programs Ackerson. Dr Halsey's Spartans were such a great suc-"

Also, page 127 has an interesting quip from Dr. Halsey when she's talking to Araquiel, Ackerson's AI "Don't you have anything better to do than steal data from my SPARTAN program?"

The above quote would make sense, particularly if Araquiel was stealing data from the SPARTAN's so that Ackerson's projects could be done without a hitch. What Ackerson might have found most interesting is the technique used to make flash clones of the SPARTAN's organs and possibly the markers that Dr Halsey was looking for when selecting conscripts. Information like that could be very important towards Ackersons research on flash clones and more importantly on what kind of complications could be expected from cloned bodies, which Dr. Halsey lamented about later in FS.


People have speculated that Ackerson's file 'S-III' must mean Spartan III. I find that extremely unlikely. The Spartans are Ackerson's biggest humiliation. I can think of no conceivable way that a sane man would put such a glaring reminder right in his own face. Though that does raise the question of Ackerson's sanity...

If Ackerson were to create his own super-soldiers, they would naturally be designed to†be able to defeat†the Spartans, and hence prove their superiority. Now, who were the Spartans defeated by? The Persians! And then only when a traitor led them around the pass. I think this says we should be very careful in Halo 2...

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March 24, 2004

343: In Latin and Hebrew

Fraser Walker ( and g_cool2002 ( write:

I too have often wondered why 343GS is indeed called 343 Guilty Spark. What exactly is he guilty of? I ran a few shearches for biblical references involving chapters with the combinations 343 (ie 3:43 or 34:3), since Master Chief's own name is perhaps derived from the same source. I found one quotation that stood out, in the book Lamentations "3:43 Thou hast covered with anger, and persecuted us: 'thou hast slain, thou hast not pitied." It seemed rather appropriate, both the quote itself, and the title of the particular book.

On a whim I also translated 'guilty spark' into Latin, and got 'redarguo scintilla,' as my answer. I know very little of Latin, so i'm not sure if this is relevant at all, but interestingly, when i translated back into English i got: "I refute the spark." Again this seems either very tantalising, or just another dead end.


Also, I just had a thought about GS 343. What if the numbers were a reference to a biblical book, chapter, and verse? The thrid book is leviticus, chapter 4, verse 3 . . .

Lev 4:3 " 'If the anointed priest sins, bringing guilt on the people, he must bring to the LORD a young bull without defect as a sin offering for the sin he has committed.

Priests were keepers of the law in ancient times and responsible for the religious state of the people. In Halo: FoR, someone mentions that the children chosen for the Spartan II project were as close to being geneticly pure as humanly possible. Seems convienient that a "bull without defect" just happens to show up and is willing led to an "altar." Only thing is I havn't figured out what GS is guilty of. What do you think?

An AI fail-safe, emotional trigger, simple numerology, Latin derivative, scriptural allusion... As always, the origins of 343 Guilty Spark demand further analysis.

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Kelly: Fast on her feet; slow to recoup.

Uneven_Elephant ( writes:

I was looking at that interview with the Erics and something about one of their statements was something about Kellly's data file medical records. He said that those were most likely had something to do with the augmentation process.

Well i seem to remember that her hair took longer to grow back after the operations. I think there might be a small connection (even though the chances of that a small to none). What do you think?

(For the record, the question mentioned above stemmed from a misreading of the book. The anomaly is not in the DNA itself, but in the DNA file which, as God_Holocaust pointed out, was due to Araquiel's mischievousness. See FS. p.125-129.)

Page 78 of TFoR contains the reference in question, mentioning that she had taken the longest to recover from surgery and had still to grow back her hair. Not much to be gained in itself, but this could definitely be the foreshadowing of Halsey and Kelly's current escapade...

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Sgt. Johnson and the Se7en Spartans

Frylock1989 ( writes:

In First Strike, at the end, we learn that there are four surviving spartans,including the MC. Now couple this with the fact that in TFoR, we learn that three other spartans(besides the one in the auditorium thing) are too far away to recall in time, we have a total of 7 (including MC ) surviving spartans. Just an observation. Oh yeah,i think it is possible that bungie could incorperate a 4 person coop mode. I know the trailers point against this, but where would Linda, Fred and Will go?

(P.S. I know that Dr. Halsey took Kelly on some secret op, but for all intents and purposes, we'll call her MIA until we find out what happend to her.)

As Crazy Turkey ( says, "the combined 'Power of Seven'". Hey, even if it is eight, that many participants in co-op won't hurt many feelings ;)

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Hello. My name is ONI, and I have something I'd like to apologize for...

MC vince ( and Apokalypz ( write:

It has been speculated that a factor in the covenant starting the war, was because there was some disruption in the ranks. Surely if humans started the war, then surely we have to apply the same theory. Rebel bases have been mentioned in two books, and in the First Strike it mentions that "not everyone wanted to be ruled by an Earth government". Informing us of their history, without them playing a significant enough role thus far, to me, indicates that they could become a future plot point, focusing more on their personal rebellion, etc. [If any survived the Covenant that entered their system...]

Also, if ONI did "start" the Covenant vs. Human war, then the question is why? As we know Ackerson seems to understand this crystal from Cote d' Arzur. Perhaps he is more aware of these crystals, and perhaps humans have been hiding them for the Forerunner, or protecting them for some reason. I probably need more information on this theory about ONI knowledge of the Forerunner. However I did find this quote to be pretty interesting: "Just his style to play with fire and get us all burned". Bungie seems to have a way of taking the literal meaning; I believe in this case, it is; ONI hiding Forerunner artifacts, and then getting burnt by plasma, from the covenant ;)


What if Ackerson also had intel on Halo 04 and other famous sites (refer to First Strike) before they were "discovered" by the PoA and other subsequent individuals. It is my belief that Section III stumbled upon these areas and began doing their stuff, the Covenant caught these filthy humans rummaging about in these Holy Places and that is why the Covenant wish to eradicate the Infidels. That leads me to believe that Section III started this whole damned war. But one can only speculate until the truth is revealed. Until that time comes, speculate away.....

And so we shall. Hmmm... As Shadows Heir ( also mentions, "If thats so, then why have they decided to kill us NOW? What triggered the switch from observer to cosmic xenophobic exterminator?"

The first transmission from the Covenant (at Harvest) was supposedly in English. Later, Halsey comments that "in a matter of weeks they had learned our language"; apparently they had been watching us for some time. An inconsistency, or has Humanity really encountered them before?

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Some "missing" Spartans still in action?

Andrew Newman ( writes:

I was reading through your web page and suddenly thought of an alarming possibility; what if more than just the 33 surviving SPARTANs that made it past augmentation actually survived. We all know how shadowy ONI is, maybe they staged the death of several surviving Spartans, for them to be used as even more secret weapons. I know that the SPARTAN II project was secretive to begin with, but maybe some brass at ONI saw a chance for an unstoppable, supposedly dead assassin or bodyguard, and jumped at the opportunity. It is known now that the MC is not the last Spartan, but maybe Ackerson was just corrupt enough to fake the death of one of the super soldiers for a personal assassin or bodyguard or something else.

You're right... the numbers don't quite add up... hmmm...

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Are there perhaps both Alpha and Beta facilities? Primary and secondary coverage?

Just how many are there?

Gentry geissler ( writes:

First, the galaxy is 16,000 lightyears thick at its core, and has a radius of 50,000 lightyears. there are a few different ways you can divide the galaxy into Halo radii, but i chose 7 Alpha Halos, the size of the one in the game. The thicknes of the galaxy is taken care of, at its thickest point it is not even the radius of Halo blast radius. Think of one in the center of the galaxy, and 6 ringing around it like the rasberry Trix ceral piece.but there is space left over, which are filled with Beta Halos. the number of these are a little wonky, be cause i dont have a 3D modeler to look at it with, just MSPaint and imagination. But it would take 12-15 Betas to take up all the extra space, providing an efficient, galaxy vaporizing system.

MSPaint has served you well :)

Will we see an order of varying Halo facilities (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc.)? Time will tell.

Also, some lively discussion broke out on the forum pertaining to just how many Installations there are. 4 would do it, but seven does have that certain je ne sais quoi...

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March 17, 2004

The trees of the field will clap their hands...

Will ( writes:

I just noticed this the other day, a little detail that may bring some validity to the suggestion that perhaps the trees in the level 343 Guilty Spark have been infected or being used by the Flood. On page 24 of the March 2004 issue of OXM there is an interview with Frank O'Connor, the new Content Manager at Bungie, in which he replies to a letter asking about the Prophets. Anyways, in his response he says "...since every single part of Halo, from the way THE TREES LOOK to the map layouts is designed TO TELL A STORY, we're very protective of plot."

They're not creepy looking for nothing I suppose.

Hmmm, map layouts, eh? Might add a little poignancy to this idea perhaps...

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The Blue Beams as a failsafe

Cameron Hassler ( writes:

In response to the speculation as to the purpose of the beams on the level "Halo", I have come up with†an idea. I believe that the beams are the "trigger mechanism" to halo,†a sort of fail safe. If the beams are not sent (as in the flood destroys a tower or if they are deactivated by the index) the installation will fire.

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Is Cortana trying to hit 343 where it counts?

God_Holocaust ( writes:

something that's been bothering me about halo is that cortana has you destroy the three phase pulse generators. and then, she teleports you to the covenant ship (truth and reconciliation?) to rescue captain keyes. she does this by hacking into the halo's network and accessing the teleportation program - BUT, she has to use energy from your suit. and that's what's getting at me. why? why does she have to do that? it's been previously discussed that maybe cortana had 'other goals' in mind when having you destroy the generators, so maybe those generators were providing the energy used for the teleportation grid? this may sound a little far-fetched, BUT, here's a big point. i don't remember Guilty Spark EVER teleporting after the generators are destroyed. yeah, i just looked at the cutscenes in the Maw again, and GS never teleports. So, maybe cortana wanted GS to be caught in the Pillar's explosion?

Trying to restrict his movement, eh? Was it merely an added bonus of disabling Halo, an intentional deception on her part, or a case of just plain misinformation?

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Are the Blue Beams opposite Halo's pulse generators?

D-Mercenary ( writes:

I think everyone who has played halo has seen the beams on the level halo and on the level Two Betrayals, the three pulse generators that you destroy. (This is a long shot which someone can check out.) I think if someone made a detailed map of both levels that the three buildings on halo would in fact line up with the three pulse generators in the Two Betrayals. Remember you went underground to get to the control room so who says that you couldn't be below the level Halo, or on the opposite side perhaps. When you think about it, it really starts to make sense.

Or as Jarvis Badgley ( suggests, perhaps they are the firing mechanism (though they do seem a bit packed together given the space available). Good ideas.

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Blue Beam buildings popping up in Halo 2?

Spartan2 ( writes:

Hi. I think that in the new halo 2 multiplayer picture, the destroyed buildings are components of the blue beam towers from halo: combat evolved.

Those towers do seem to pop up in the strangest places... A scene from the XO3 video certainly depicts something of the sort.

As for the images in question, the "ribs" and the blue beam buildings' components do share more than a few angles and similarities. Hmmm...

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March 10, 2004

The Old Broken Halo

PC Gamer UK has granted a great boon to many a Halo player by releasing a high quality version of the "Evolution of Halo" video (shown at the Bungie Fanfest 2002, never to be released to the public) on its most recent game disc. Great, if only to see early Control Room layouts and have a good laugh.

Most interesting is the scene at 3:59 and comments made thereafter. The scene depicts the ring rising into the background sky per usual, but this time there is a break in its continuity; the ring is broken or incomplete, held together only by two pieces of material. Many knowing "Ahhhh"s are exchanged and we are informed that "That's a little prelude to what happens in the future..."

Well, that's one clip from that DVD down and who knows how many to go. I knew someone should have just knocked Matt out and made a run for the door with it. ;)

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Alright. Before I get distracted by something else...

Thoughts on the ring's effectiveness and the Sentinel's roles during containment and mop-up

Grab your partner do-se-do... Wes Foutch ( and Brandon ( and robbie corregan ( and Tim Bowman ( write:

While some have speculated that even if Halo installation 04 is fired that it will not prevent the flood from escaping. I, however, beg to differ. If Halo kills life of sufficient bio-mass, then I believe it will. Even when the flood takes over a Human/Covenant, the taken over form is still there to count as the sufficient mass (e.g. {from The Flood} Captain Keyes, Private Wallace Jenkins). So if Halo fires, it would wipe out the combat forms of the flood, leaving only the flood Infection forms, which are incapable of trying to escape (piloting a space cruiser).


Obviously, the flood ranger forms(the small blobs) can live a few hours without a host and then indefinitely in hibernation. But they still need to feed on the host's body as they use it (see Socrates thoughts on the flood ingesting the bodies they inhabit). If the weapon destroyed the hosts bodies, the flood, without food, would start hibernating again. This would for easy collection of specimans, as well as easy destruction of unwanted subjects.

However, if something of a larger Biomass landed or if existing creatures evolved or grew to a useful size, then the flood could become an active threat once again.


The sentinal's weapons do very little damage, but mabye this is a design purpose. Although the weapon has little punch, it could be used to destroy the host's legs, arms, etc. without damaging the flood inside.


they also wonder why the sentinals are so ineffective against the big flood. the forerunners never made the sentinals to deal with them because the REAL ORIGINAL flood are the spores. the big forms are just human and covenant and they didnt have those untilt we and the covenant invaded halo.

An excellent summary; amazing what can happen when we put our heads together ;)

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To his benefit or detriment, is John also carrying Flood DNA?

ukrainianrocket ( writes:

I was reading through HFS as the book described Sergeant Johnson's situation and how he escaped a full flood infection because of his being afflicted with Boren's Syndrome (a disruption of the electrical signals in the nervous system, from what I gathered). He was even technically "infected," but the infection didn't take because the Sergeant's nervous system was too awkward for the flood to consume. Thus we saw that Sergeant Johnson actually had bits of dead and inactive flood DNA in his blood, which incidentally was suspected to cause his remarkable powers of regeneration, but was never converted to flood form.

However, it got me to thinking about Master Chief's close encounter with the flood in HtF. So many theories people have suggested regarding the MC's apparent immunity to the flood revolve around his having an airtight shielded†seal, his not being dead, his insufficient biomass, or the suit itself. However, assuming that the MC has enough biomass (I argue he does... he's still a really big guy and is still mostly flesh instead of machine), he should still be able to be infected if he is injected by the infection flood form. As I read in HtF, he definitely one infection form's needle-thing penetrated a weak spot in the MC's armor and his neck completely. Cortana took action and electrocuted it, killing it, but the MC was nevertheless stuck. Some of whatever the parasite was trying to do was accomplished before it was killed, but the MC never seemed to suffer any ill effects. The only thing I can think of is that the MC's immune system is just that incredibly strong that he can actually stave off the flood infection to a degree, but other than that, I'm stumped.

"The rapidly healing wound in his neck, inflicted by a Flood Infection Form during the final battle on Halo's surface, still throbbed. (FS p.34)" Can we expect anything more to come of this little blurb?

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Forerunner Scripts

Stuart Glass ( writes:

On the use of "forerunner" symbols on covenant equipment and armour and on certain halo structures; could there be several classes of script?

I have been wondering why the same forerunner symbols don't appear all over halo's control panels, subsystem panels, lift and door buttons. If they were the forerunner's written form of language they'd be everywhere, rather than a few key symbols in specific locations. Could these symbols be a form of lesser pictographic language used by the forerunners in the same way the ancient Egyptians used Heiroglyphics for the masses on their monuments and Demotic script for writing business, legal, scientific, literary and religious documents?

This could explain why the Covenant only have and use the pictographic symbols of the forerunner, and why they mistranslated halo's forerunner symbols that were used to warn against the flood.

(As a counterpoint, who is to say that the symbols were not put there by the Covenant after their arrival on halo to mark certain structures in a way that the troops would know their purpose?)

Mentioned and entirely possible... Whether the Covenant marked areas themselves, or merely misinterpreted those left behind by the Forerunner, this idea of multiple scripts or dialects is fascinating indeed.

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Sergeant Johnson's survival and clues of the reasoning behind the Flood's preservation and study

superiorlordtommy ( writes:

Heck, Maybe Sarge Johnson isn't (and will not be later) infected and the cells of flood in his blood can't posses him, and he is now a human who got the Flood's traits. A new breed of soldiers more powerful than Spartans? Soldiers with regenerative abilities! Maybe This is what the Forerunners are trying to do. Heal faster, live longer, ect. ?

Certainly makes sense.

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Second hand smoke indeed.

Jensen ( writes:

In Halo First Strike I noticed another posibility about Sgt. Johnson. Maybe the flood did not infect him because of the cigars he chews on, as it says in the book, " The Flood dosen't 'taste' anything," Cortana interjected. " The Infection forms rewrite a victim's cellular structure and convert him into a combat form-an incubator for more Infection forms. Based on what we've seen, they certainly don't just decide to pass the victim." The sergent shrugged. He fished into his pocket, found the remaining stub of a chewing cigar, and stuck it in the corner mouth.

so on and so forth.


(UPDATE: Wado SG and Socrates add some meat to these here bones...)

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Stargate and Halo

Deep in the recesses of the subconscious, an update has been forming based solely on the mail we receive comparing Halo to other contemporary titles. Stargate, however, has produced enough input, and good input at that, to merit its own private mention.

Oray Griever ( and Justin Hornsby ( write:

Why have the Forerunners decided to study alive floods in installation 04 ? You certainly knows Stargate SG-1. Humans are in war against Goa'ulds, who is a parasitic specie wich take integral control of his host. The symbiot immunises his host against all deseases, makes it more stronger, more powerful, his wounds heal speeder, and they both can live a long long time. We know that Flood spores have an exceptionnal longevity (100 000 years, as we learn in "The Flood"), that other forms (Elites and Marines) are very strong, not easy to kill (some must be shooted two times), and they can live in extreme conditions. As the Goa'Ulds, the Floods take control of their host. In an episode of SG-1, humans from an other planet managed to extract from the symbiot its superhuman properties. By that way, they can have all the advantages of the symbiot without beign infested by it. Here I come : What if the Forerunners decided to study the flood to extract their strenght and stamina without having to be infected? It will be like a kind of eternal-life elixir, mixed with creatine and EPO. :p


They were around, and very advanced, in acient times of our planet. Perhaps, like in SG1, the Forerunner were part of ancient history. This could explain the ancient myths and legends, not to mention the pryamids and there corrilation to the stars.

Just a thought, but who knows, maybe someone at Bungie is a SG1 junky on the side.

Hmmm... who could that have been... Brannon? ;)

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Reclamation, Reclaimer, Reclaim. Words certainly not to be thrown about lightly in the Haloverse.

Scimitarex ( writes:

In the epilogue of First Strike the book takes us to the Covenant Holy City "High Charity". Well in the small text the tells us what time (in Covenant terms) it is when the scene is happening is says "Ninth Age of Reclamation".

Remember when the guy from Bungie talked about "some great battle that happened nine hundred thousand years ago"?

What if the Covenant's term for an "age" is 100,000 years? Nine Ages = 900,000 years? And think about this, "of Reclamation"? That would mean the Covenant have been rebuilding or reclaiming something. Perhaps the Covenant were involved in some huge battle and are even now still rebuilding their empire.

101 217 local years since Guilty Spark was left alone, a black hole with a trapped signal 40 000 light years away from Sigma Octanus that matches a 60 000 year old surface impact... the math seems to work out so well :)

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