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April 20, 2002

We get a lot, and I mean a lot, of submissions here that attempt to explain the relationships between the Humans, the Forerunner, the Covenant, and the Flood. If you've sent something in, keep an eye out for Halo Prehistory Day, coming Soon to the Halo Story Page!

Today, however, we have an interesting submission from SlimJD747 that deals, not with the who or the how or the what of Halo, but the when. ( writes:

Perhaps the Pillar of Autumn jumped farther into space then they bargained for. I beleive it is a possibility they jumped into time itself.

Once Reach fell, i belive the covenant traced the inner colonies over hundreds maybe thousands of years eventually leading back to Earth. I beleive that it was here on Earth in which the Forunner spawned. With Covenant dominaiton and destruction of the planet in a mere matter of hours, one can specualte the amount of escape ships trying to evade the Covenant, i believe many of them met such luck.

Prior to the covenant attack on Earth, a new protocol called Project Halo was created. Its purpose was to create the ultimate super soldier, and turn the tides of the war.

Construction was to begin, but then the Covenant attacked.

Each fleeing ship carried the technical information and highly advanced technology(compared to mastercheifs time) needed in order to build such facilities.

Dispersed throughout the galaxy, the survivors began constructing these halo's. And on it began the creation of a last, desperate hope. As far as anyone had known the proud Spartan soldiers had all been wiped out to events prior to and of the Fall of Reach. Now a less technical, precise super soldier was being created. One with numbers as its greatest weapon, and persitance is greatest allie.

However the experiment would be cut terribly short when the soldiers overhelmed there creators. The soldiers were like a disease, a flood, and they consumed all they could.

With highly advanced technology and wepaons the flood were managed to be surpressed, however not before the halo's super smart A.I was reassinged with ensuring the captivity of the flood, and executing whatever means necessary to ensure that captivity. Halo's defense systems were re routed and created into a highly dangerous though very effective last result, a self destruct sytem unique from anyother.

Those who were not killed, fled for their lives, and possibly the lives of other survivors, to tell of the horrors of the halo. Covenant forces who have long set out to search and destroy these myth halo super weapons find one, and investigate with victory thirsty mouths, and morbid curiosity. But what they find , is more than they bargained for. In a way project Halo works as desired, only with a hefty price no one could have estimated.

Then you arrive, on a blazing saddle (literally) you'r war stricken ship is bound for going down. And you land on what you think to be an alien world. However this ring planet is probably the closet thing to human you will encounter.

The POA arrives way in the future, unaware of the countless events that took place prior to their arrival.


You land on Halo and encounter many things. One of these things being the Halo smart A.I installation...GS 343. Here begins the first proof of human forunner. The A.I speaks english, a specific human language. Not only that but it speaks it with a rather British type voice. Such a voice one could imagine not to be a translater default tone.

This A.I also makes other intresting remarks, "stop acting so human"(spoken when shot at several times). The A.I is aware in the behavior of humans, and with no prior conact with the humans, how could they? Unless of coarse they were human.

Also the A.I recognizes your battle armor as level 2. What then is level one, perhaps the armor used by the marines in Marathon, the same armor the spartans trianers use, the one Dr. Halsey shrugs off as "antiques". Notice how both are human made. And in the time you missed while jumping through space and time, its very likley up to 12 or more type armor has been created, as recommened by the flaoting, sputtering genious himself.

It has been assumed that the comments made by 343 GS indicate the rise, fall, and rise of at least one of the civilizations represented on Halo. To turn that scenario inside-out, as it were, and keep the timeline coherent, that's some seriously creative thinking! Keep it up, readers! :-)

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April 19, 2002

For those of you who have read here and wondered about the Marathon Connections, you might want to check out an article over on

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April 18, 2002

Well Mr. Security Officer are you the 10th military Mjolnir Mark IV cyborg?

Unlike the Marathon Story, we were given a definitive answer to the "Who are we?" question. Halo: The Fall of Reach explains in detail the origins of the Master Chief, leaving little room for Marathon-style speculation. Does that stop us? Never! :-) One of the great things about a Bungie game is the Story: At once detailed and specific, yet with enough ambiguity to allow for rampant crack-pipe ponderings. ;-)

Sit back, relax, and go with the flow...

Alex Stevens ( writes:

The following may be a rehashing or reworking of ideas or theories that I cannot claim credit for, and some are my own take on the (very complex) matters involved.

- The Master Chief -

The first subject I want to tackle, is the recent Jason Jones interview, where he flatly stated that the Master Chief is the same cyborg from the Marathon series. The question becomes, are we to take him literally, or was that statement merely that the folks at Bungie got the feeling as they made the game that, at an inside level with nothing official, it was basically the same character or type of character.

For the sake of argument, I choose not to take Jason Jones literally, but I could, of course, be completely mistaken.

- The Timeline -

There are a couple of interesting theories on the particular timeline of Halo, and I'd like to take a close look at each one. One of the popular theories is that Halo takes place many thousands of years after the original Marathon series, even though if one were to interpret the date as if it was AD, it would appear to take place BEFORE Marathon.

To expand on the theory, some have argued that perhaps the human race was all but completely destroyed through a catastrophe of stellar proportions, an alien invasion, the prior triggering of a Halo or Halos, etc.

The idea being that humanity slowly crawled it's way through the ages again, re-discovered space flight, but lost all knowledge of the past. Along with this theory comes the idea that humans ourselves were the forerunners, and had to be nearly completely destroyed by Halo(s). The other fact that compliments that theory is that no one has been on Halo for 100,000 years approximately.

The theory sounds not only reasonable, but after a review of the facts, almost plausible, but there is one critical hole in it if we are to assume that Halo is taking place thousands of years after the Marathon series:

Two key names. "Marathon class cruiser" and "Mjolnir Mark armor". If we were the forerunner and Halo took place 100,000 + years after the Marathon series, it would have to be quite a coincidence that those two names were used for the exact same classifications of ships/armor. Too big a coincidence for my liking.

If we are to still adopt the above theory as true, we would be forced to conclude that if we were the forerunners, that Halo takes place before the Marathon series, but not too much time before, as we're limited to a narrow window - that window being the fact that the Master Chief is a Mark V, while the cyborg in Marathon is a Mark IV. As others have mentioned, as the Marathon was in flight for 300 years, it is indeed possible that during that time advances in technology could have been made to produce the next level of Mjolnir cyborgs, but that does limit us to a relatively short period of time, and it throws out the theory that the Master Chief is literally the same cyborg from the Marathon series.

- 343 Guilty Spark -

Expanding on the timeline issue again, there has been theories of 343 GS as actually being an incarnation of Durandal. If we are to believe that the timeline is before the Marathon series, it is seemingly impossible that 343 GS could in fact be Durandal, just as it is impossible that the Master Chief could be the same Mark IV cyborg.

The only way around this is if Durandal could have somehow found the Halo very shortly after his creation, and managed to corrupt or take over its network, and embody himself in Guilty Spark. He would indeed have a window, albeit a short one to do this, as the launch of the Marathon was in 2472 AD, before the Halo incident in 2552 (assuming we believe that year to be AD). It's possible, but it seems like a rather thin theory with more holes than not.

It is tempting to believe that Guilty Spark is in fact Durandal, as he carries the same sarcasm, arrogance and humor, though given the current information we have, the timeline MUST then be several years after the Marathon series. It is possible that Guilty Spark is NOT Durandal after all, but IS in a state of rampancy.

Then there are the allusions Guilty Spark makes of having known us before, many years ago. We can interpret this two ways: Either Guilty Spark IS Durandal, and believes us, rightly or wrongly, to be the cyborg from Marathon in the past, or Guilty Spark is an entity unto himself and believes us to be a member of the forerunners.

- The Flood -

We know very little about this species, save that they are very nasty indeed. It's still up in the air whether or not they were harvested as a potential weapon by the forerunners, studied as we study deadly viruses today for research and potential cures, or created as a sort of deadly bio-weapon.

As we at this time simply have a lack of information on the subject, I am leaning more towards the theory that the flood was not created, but was in fact contained and isolated for simple research purposes. This, however, remains to be seen.

- The Covenant -

Little is known about them as well. There are no Marathon tie-ins that I can see yet, so they, as do the flood, appear to be their own beast. It has been argued by some that perhaps the Covenant were the ones who created the flood, but I toss that theory out the window myself.

As for their intense, religious-based hatred towards humans, I can only speculate. There have been a few theories that have caught my attention, such as perhaps us having had contact with them in the far past as the forerunners, and some transgression having taken place that we have forgotten but they have not. This is an interesting theory, though if true then obviously the timeline must be 100,000 + after the Marathon series.

- The End Game -

It's all very puzzling, isn't it? Knowing Bungie, I'm not sure whether or not we'll ever get a definitive answer on even half of the theories and issues raised here, however I have no doubt that more information that would either expand or destroy some of the theories will come to light, either in the context of the sequel to Halo, or in another form like the Cortana letters.

I guess we'll just have to be patient...


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Guilty Spark. Why would a Monitor be named "Guilty Spark?"

Sippan ( writes:

Could it be possible that GS had done something, and as punishment he had to stay on the Halo when the Forerunner(s) left, to monitor it and keep the Flood from being released? (A job he didn't do very well by the way) This would also explain his name.

It would explain the odd name, but more importantly, what other duties does he have while he's waiting for the Reclaimer to show up? Studying the Flood? He must have learned an awful lot about them in the (potential) millenia he's been there. He'd certainly be quite the find, floating out there in space...

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Oh, and what happens to an AI that has a whole lot of free time and access to a planet-sized network?

Maybe he went rampant?

Wouldn't be Bungie without that possibility out there... ;-)

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April 11, 2002

Story Speculation Runs Rampant! Forum Flooded with Faultily Formatted Forerunner Frivolity!

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April 10, 2002

First off, a little light entertainment for you all:

Master Chief: Man of Many Talents

Now, on to something more relevant. :-)

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It has been postulated before that, since 343 Guilty Spark recognizes us, our outward appearance must be similar to that of the Forerunner (assuming that it was a Forerunner who had previously activated Halo). It has also been theorized that our MJOLNIR armor has some connection to the Covenant, but we must remember that in Halo: The Fall of Reach we learned that the MJOLNIR armor is purely a human creation (the Covenant shield technology is added later). Masenko-Ha checks in with some coherent (and well-written!) thoughts: ( writes:

I think the Forerunner is an ancient form of the human race, and here's why:

One: Halo 04 has the same atmospherical conditions as those on Earth. Similar weather, similar gravity and similar habitat. The marines can breathe and move like normal on the ring, and this is proof of my theory.

Two: Similar technologies. It is a highly believed theory that 343 Guilty Spark thinks he has seen the Master Chief before, and that is probably because the Forerunner - or the ancient humans - are very similar to the Master Chief. Would the humans, given enough thousands, millions or billions of years evolve in a somewhat relative manner? I think so... and this would mean creation of some of the same devices, specifically noted here: the MJOLNIR armor.

Three: We don't know where the Forerunner came from. They obviously aren't from Halo, but created them, just as humans - once our technology advances - may be able to do. They simply colonized, just as the humans have. I believe that every technology displayed by the Forerunner could be achieved by humans, given we live long enough for our technology to advance.

Four: the Covenant called a "Holy War" on the humans, and thought it incredibly urgent to take control of Halo before the humans. Now... why would any race so technologically advanced, and well-allied just begin the genocide of a race they nothing about?

343 Guilty Spark's babblings prove that the Forerunner have fired Halo before. Perhaps the Covenenant witnessed, or maybe even barely survived the firing of Halo and now believe that the Humans are Forerunner.

As a matter of fact, the Covenant could even know that the Humans are just the descendants of the Forerunner, but with similar technologies and physicallities, would not our mind-sets be overall the same? And then, we'd be just as capable as the Forerunner to fire Halo again, given the right Human gets their hands on the devastating controls of Halo.

So... how did the Human genetics get on Earth? There are a million possibilities... I'm sure you can think of one. Remember: the Forerunner DID colonize, and we DO NOT know the limits of Forerunner technology.

Would something as specific as our armor survive in genetic memory to be created again eons later? "Oddly familiar, as if from an old dream", eh? Make that a really old dream... ;-)

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He then goes on to address the potential flaw in his theory with regards to the Forerunner symbology used by the Elite Covenant.

Now, the only thing to contradict this theory is that the Elites have the symbols of Halo engraved on their backs. I can think of several ways to explain this.

1. The Covenant Elites put the symbols there, sort of to "mark territory."

2. The Elites are similar to humans - height, weight, etc. The major differences are the barbaric aspects of the Elites, and their color/blood variations. Well, they could simply be another heavily evolved version of the Forerunner, just as the humans are, though, according to my theory, we seem to show more physical similarities to the Forerunner. The symbol could have been created by an Elite mind similar to a Forerunner mind. Also, an Elite in great political position may have "psychic" powers, just as humans do (ESP), and have vague emanations of clairvoyance which represent the Forerunner. It may be a symbol to represent their history, or their religion.

Let me also say this... the symbol on the Covenenat backs is NOT skin. I've seen some dead, flood-killed Elites with a PERFECT circle cut into their back that would hold the Forerunner logo, but isn't there. The Flood may eaten it, or something... but, it's not part of the Covenant's molecular structure, I know that.

Where'd that symbol go? ;-)

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