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April 14, 2006

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes a theory waddles up to you with its big goo goo eyes, holds out its chubby little arms and just squawks "mummy!" at you. That's what this little begger did.

The theory starts here on the forum when Wado SG throws out a thought about the Covenant AI Cortana mentions in High Charity. Almost as a joke he mentioned that the AIs name should be Gabriel, as in, the fallen angel.

A quick wiki reveals more candidates and brings up an interesting connection.

Eric Trautmann's reference to angels has been thrown up in the past, but has Wado stumbled upon a viable link to the book?

Think on it. I'm off to coo over baby Mephistopheles.

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Because he'll likely lynch me if I don't start posting his stuff, UrsusArctos (with an 'r', before he starts complaining about that again) has some not very interesting ideas about how women will fall from grace and redeem themselves through Cortana . . . or something. I'm not too up on my Christianity. Find the post here.

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Thermopylae Soon

More interesting stuff on the forum can be found here where BS Halo rks speculates on the nature of the track listings on the Halo 2 soundtrack. Now I know we've been waiting a long time for Volume II, but if someone claims to see Jesus in the lining I swear I'm outta here.

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April 13, 2006

"I look in my magic mirror and I see Banks, and Niven, and Dyson, and Clarke, and Gibson, and Herbert...

Oi. As though our list of Recommended Reading wasn't enough to satiate you, Frankie has put together an extensive list of favourite and inspirational works of fiction, canvassing several staffers for input. Behold, The Bungie Guide to Sci-Fi. Great stuff.

And to answer two mentions in the article specifically:

Yes, Greg; I'd say anything by Rob Schrab automatically counts (for anything really). And Brian, V really is that bad. Consider this a friendly warning; please, don't let nostalgia taint your common sense. It's just not worth watching again ;)

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April 3, 2006

Slick. Stephen L. (SoundEffect) ( has conjured up a view of the interior corridors of the Covenant ship Truth and Reconciliation. The Black Arts, I tell you; that and a good rendering suite. Check it out!

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April 1, 2006

Thanks where thanks are due.

Dear readers,

I can hardly begin to tell you how much Spartan Jag's help means to me; to the HSP. But such a gift of time and energy demands that an attempt at least be made, however meager. I know we're not alone when we say that Spartan Jag's contributions to the Halo Story Page and to as a whole have truly made them what they are today. These are the works of no ordinary man: keen ears, an indomitable will, skittering hands. Fingers honed and trained to grasp the impalpable and shape it like potter's clay. To bear this humble token of Spartan Jag's art, this monument, this vessel, is to embrace a continuos joy, and more, to anticipate a lifelong crescendo of fulfillment as its craftsmanship, its inlaid subtleties, and its Baroque modesty are forever savoured and revealed. The wine of contemplation could have no fitter vessel to bring it to our lips.

::Ahem:: Contrary to popular opinion, words aren't cheap. What's tricky is finding a bank to cash them in at. Consider the prize paid ;)

After a few tweaks Quarantine Zone is now live. The transcripts are complete, though not flawless; keep those corrections coming in.

Thanks so much, Spartan Jag :)

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Monkey Mountain

UrsusArctos takes a moment to tie together speculation on The Monkey King with First Strike's King Under the Mountain, asserting that the latter, too, might be of Chinese origin (and not a Tolkien allusion after all). Tartarus and his "Fist of Rukt" ('Blood' in Hindi, eh? Neat!) are thrown in there to boot.

Read on.

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