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April 30, 2008

Facts about the Halos and the Flood.

Elpolloguapo has written an extensive analysis about the Halos, the Flood, and the consequences of the firing of the Halos. He's put a lot of work into explaining all the details of the Halo mechanisms. I must say that this was the most worthy post for adding to the News page.

Go read, and give Elpolloguapo some feedback!

So if the Halos can kill Flood, why did the Forerunners want to "starve" the Flood to death?

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April 25, 2008

Halo: Uprising, Issue 4 cover art

Mcdizzel let us know that the cover art for the fourth issue of Halo Uprising has been released. Let's hope that it doesn't get delayed anymore, 'cause it's already a year late.

Go check it out!

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April 21, 2008

Covenant vs. Phfor

As weird as it seems, it's a possibility.

Stukylemulkey ( writes:

hey my name is Kyle and I am a halo veteran maraton newbie. I have been reading a lot of this stuff you guys have (which is great) but I have a theory of my own. Now if I remember reading all the terminals
correctly the humans fought the phfor and won the battle barely right? Well couldnt this be the covenant just by a different name? Since marathon is 300 years from the original starting point, the phfor could
have attacked the marathon ship and the inner planets and earth simultaneously, thus enabling the mark VI marine to defend his ship and 300 years of technology to take into effect and allow a mark V to defend humanity. Since the timelines are all screwed up this is pure speculation but as I understand in marathon infinity time travel and dimensional portals are all possible, making this possibly relevant.
Thanks for listening to my idea

As speculated before, the Halo and Marathon timelines leave a lot of room for interpretation. Anything could be possible if these two "universes" were connected, including the Covenant-Phfor theory.

Thanks, Stukylemulkey!

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April 20, 2008

Halo 3

Halo Timeline Updated!

At last, the Halo Story Timeline has been updated with Halo 3 information, courtesy of yours truly and Louis Wu. It's pretty sketchy, as this Timeline is actually supposed to detail the most important events in the Haloverse, not game walkthroughs.

Have a nice read!

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How hot are the plasma rounds of Covenant weapons?

Just how hot is the Covenant plasma? There's a sweet discussion going on in our forum. All I can say about this, is that's weapons articles can provide you with enough data to clear the matter out.

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April 8, 2008

Conversations from the Universe

SPARTAN-034 has asked a few questions regarding little bits of information from the Conversations from the Universe booklet. The first two questions have already been answered, the last one is a bit more complicated. Swing by, and check it out.

The "Believe" Campaign

Onebitrocket asks if the Believe campaign is a part of Halo canon. Although the Halo 3 Believe campaign is canon, some of the events portrayed in the films have not quite been tied in to the Halo 3 storyline. Neil Blomkamp's TV ads however, are believed to be canon-accurate, as they lead up to the Sierra 117 level in Halo 3.

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April 5, 2008

The Halo Arrays.


There's a pretty broad discussion sparked by Kanbo taking place on our forum regarding the "tactical usage" of the Halo arrays.

Apparently, the Halos might also be capable of destroying the Flood. However, as suggested by Billhead, the Halos might have been designed for only one purpose; the destruction of all sentient life in the Galaxy.

Our fellow crew member Jillybean has also posted an interesting theory which was submitted to the site a long while ago. According to this theory, due to the strong vibration caused by one of the Halos being fired, the nerve systems of all living beings could be affected, and ultimately destroyed.

We'll be watching this topic closely.

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Master Chief and The Marine.

Another Halo-Marathon connection, this time between the Master Chief and The Marine.

picture picture

Stephan Berbes ( writes:

I was inadvertently thinking on a Saturday when I read the Marathon page about the "Heroes Are the Same Reincarnated Spirit" idea, and about how the Master Chief and the Marine from Marathon could be the same person. Bungie has denied that the two are on the same timeline, and that Marathon is a spiritual predecessor. However, that doesn't mean the idea is shot.
In Robert Heinlein's "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls", the main character, Richard, discovers he married the creator and writer of his favorite childhood TV show about a galactic spaceman fighting evil. Later in the story, Richard meets the fictional character in the flesh. This is the idea that if someone creates a realistic enough universe or even world, it becomes an alternate timeline. In another of Heinlein's books, "The Number of the Beast", two scientists who make another appearance in "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls" discover that the Number of the Beast from Revelations (Biblical reference? Check) is not 666, but six to the power of six to the power of six. This number, incidentally, is the number of alternate timelines in existence. The characters then go on to visit several of these timelines, including the Land of Oz. Imagine having Dorothy and Frodo team up to take down the Sith, which, with the right technology, is possible.
Now to bring it back. Since we all know how deep the stories of Halo and Marathon are, we can reasonably assume that there are timelines out there where we can meet the MC and The Marine. The problem is, are we meeting them at the same date on both timelines?
The idea that heroes recycle the same soul enters now. Its quite possible that the MC and the Marine have the Hero Soul, if we make the assumption that souls can jump across space-time barriers. So, in a sense, the MC and the Marine are the same person, and that the references to one game in the other could be a result of that; if we can keep track of the timelines by lunar landing, we can compare timelines by the names of products, surely.
Just a thought.


While the Master Chief and The Marine are similar characters, we might or might not meet them both at once in either Halo or Marathon storylines. Hmm ... this requires extensive Timeline examination.

Thanks, Stephan!

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We all know that the Master Chief was abducted at the age of six, but do we know anything about his pre-military life?


Connor Smith ( writes:

There was a comment about the age of Master Chief in refernece to his age. The Master Chief was born in 2511, the fall of Reach happens in 2552. This would make the Master Chief 41 years old but the Master Chief is infact a weapon and would spend most of his time in cryo when he is not needed. This meaning his age would be 41 years old but his body would be younger.

Also there is mentioned that the children used in the Spartan-II program all possess certain rare genetic markers. Do these kids have a rare genetic marker or is this a forerunner gene. Combat suits are commented about numerous times in terminals. These suits are used to surivive in many enviroments which seem like somthing the Mark class armor.

During the game the flashes of Cortana she mentioned numerous times i know your past, your present and your future. This leads us to believe that the Master Chief's has past that is unknown to him and even us. The Master Chief was always the most advanced spartan it could be possible that he does not have the rare genetic marker, he could infact be a forerunner.

If the Master Cheif is in fact a forerunner it would explain the spartans. The spartans suits have many higher form of technology such as the shields and the fact that they are controled by the spartans thoughts. The shields is what throws it off. We see the sheilds on the convent elites and the convent ships. I find it odd that the humans were able to develop shields for the spartans shields but not their ships. Could Cortana know who the Master Chief really is could she be a creation of the forerunners.

Medical technology in the 26th century has made it possible to age a bit slower than normal - just look at Sergeant Johnson! - and it's natural for the Master Chief to feel younger.

As for the shields; The Fall of Reach mentions that the UNSC scientific community was able to design the armor shields based on the Covenant Jackal's shields, so it's not exactly their own discovery.

Thanks, Connor!

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April 4, 2008

Someone oughtta tell the new kid that the HSP isn't actually meant to be updated. It just sits there! Like a monument! To my sins . . .

[AMS]GreyThor questions the 1.2 trillion simulations which leads to some rehashing of the maths.

One of my favourite people in the whole wide world gives us some facts on the blue beam towers. I've also summarised what's on the HSP relating to the blue beams. We ain't finished yet, kiddies. Until we've got this sorted, our Q-tip and paperclip fully functioning Halo model in the back yard is just going to be an object of ridicule. Do we want them to fear us? Then we need our cudgel!

Incidentally . . . I've missed this.

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April 3, 2008

The Forerunner-Flood first contact.

This is a subject that has never been discussed before on the HSP.

The Flood

[AMS] GreyThor writes:

For whatever reason I can't really get to sleep, so I was thinking. And so I started thinking about the levels in the Halo games that the Master Chief experiences the Flood on, specifically, High Charity. At the end of Halo 2, you witness High Charity becoming a Flood haven, and in Halo 3 you see its complete transformation into more or less a Flood hive.

I played Homeworld: Cataclysm and I remember that storyline, where you run into some derelict probe with a biological oddity on board. It's a common theme in sci-fi literature too - specifically, Christopher Rowley's The Vang.

I think the Flood-Forerunner first contact was the same thing. The Forerunners in the Milky Way found some sort of vessel of extra-galactic origin and somehow were overpowered by the Flood that were in hibernation. It'd fit the common sci-fi theme that I mentioned, and for whatever reason, the Flood repurposed Forerunner technology (ie: ships) to spreading across their worlds as the parasite they are.

But what I really want to know, if Bungie has even thought about it, is what happened at that first contact like we see between the Covenant and Humanity on Harvest? What sort of accident spawned off this 300 year struggle that resulted in the Halo and Ark construction and firing? Was it some derelict vessel that a Forerunner ship encountered or did the Flood suddenly appear with a show of force?

The Flood is a parasite, it doesn't hold the sufficient intelligence necessary to build vessels. The Forerunner-Flood first contact might have occurred in a different way, say on a remote planet where the Forerunners find the Flood and try to contain it. At that point the Forerunner-Flood War began (circa 100,000 years ago).

The Forerunner-Flood contact, however, might have been a lot more violent than the Human-Covenant encounter, and the accident which sparked the whole predicament was the contact itself.

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Onebitrocket has asked some questions regarding the functions of the Ark.

The Ark

Onebitrocket writes:

I'm rambling mostly, it's lunchtime and i've been bored out of my head at work and my minds been wondering

How does the portal work/appear at the ark. In terms of scale and shape compared to the portal on earth.

I began thinking this due to a older discussion: assuming the ark is where ALL halos are constructed and also assuming the replacement halo was to be sent to the same co-ordinates as the HALO 1 ring. How does it get there. I assume it'd have to be teleportation. say for example as the halo rises from the ark at the top of the ark where the spire curve up is there a teleport that the spire generate?

Or does the portal that we enter the arks local space through link to more than one

Is the spherical portal on earth the same shape and size at the ark?

The other thing i noticed, the earth portal has either 14 or 16 spires, the ark has eight, does this mean anything?

Also assuming the portal on earth is a complete sphere if you entered the portal form above earth, would appear though the arks portal at a different location? For example, How did gravemind navigate High Charity through the portal, He could of exited the portal on the ark side at the wrong trajectory and completey missed the ark all together.

Is it wrong to assume the portal is a portal? Is it rather a extremely sophisticated slip-space -generator both the machinery buried on earth and the ark?

Any theories?

The portal is in fact, a slipspace rupture which appears once it's activated. I think both the Ark's and the Portal's slipspace entrances are dimensionally equal in size.

The second question is tough. It might be teleportation (it's amazing what the Forerunners were able to do), or as elpolloguapo suggested, it could be some kind of propulsion system or a "separate" entrance and exit way.

The Portal has 16 spires, and the Ark has 8. Simple math here, 16 is the double of 8. Which is interesting, because this is actually not a "7" reference that Bungie always uses to mention.

I guess that the Portal can also be considered to be just a slipspace generator, but who knows what else it might be capable of doing?

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Pelican Dropship, 400 years old?

The Halo Wars Timeline has provided us with an intriguing piece of artwork, which I find to be both informative and controversial.


This picture shows a battle scene which supposedly dates back from the 22nd century Frieden-Koslovic-UN wars. But upon closer inspection, we can see three Pelicans, or at least Pelican-like, aircrafts. Question is, how come the UNSC still uses Pelicans after 400 years of active service?

My guess is, these Pelicans might be outdated versions of the 26th century Pelicans, despite their obvious similarity. But that's still quite a long shot.

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April 2, 2008

Poiso just sent us an interesting theory about Halo's connections to Marathon, and vice-versa.

Poiso ( writes:

All this is likely to have been sent to you before; but it's not on the Marathon tie-ins page and just in case I'm the only one who still combs through this stuff and you are still interested in throwing up info:

The Master Chief is a "Spartan." The tenth Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg in Marathon who is likely to be the player character is likely to have been involved in the battle for the Martian colony Thermopylae. We've all seen 300, right? Just an ember for the fire, there.

More importantly, the ending of Halo 3 certainly recalls that whole "eternal soldier" thing that's been thrown around, doesn't it? The popular theory for Halo these days is a timeloop, surely Marathon can be a part of that loop. There have always been queues which suggest that maybe Halo came before Marathon and and those which suggest that maybe Halo came after Marathon. Well, why can't it be both? That must work out somehow, whether it involves the universe ending and repeating, or the events just consistently leading into one another, or the whole thing being Durandal's dream after he BECAME the universe, or whatever. Marathon Infinity, whose place in the timeline has always been mysterious, could be concurrent, or bound never to occur because of this infinite loop that we all need "to escape. to escape. to escape."

Thermopylae has also been mentioned in Halo, although somewhat undercurrent. Remember the SPARTAN-III Alpha Company sent in on a suicide mission on a Covenant-controlled asteroid? All "300" of them died on that mission. It makes you wonder if history repeats itself.

The Halo 3 ending has sparked a lot of speculation among Halo fans, believing that it's actually a tie-in to Marathon. The anxiousness ultimately faded away when Bungie confirmed that Halo and Marathon do not take place in the same universe. (Though I do admit that the UESC-UNSC connection had me going.)

Excellent post, Poiso!

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April 1, 2008

The Ark taunts us with more mysteries. Onebitrocket asked a few questions.

Onebitrocket writes:

Question 1: In the opening cutscene for the Ark mission, as the pelicans drop to ground, There appears to be a large holographic structure on the Ark. what is it and where did it go?

Question 2: Where did Truths forerunner ship "dreadnaught' land?

Question 3: What is on the reverse side of the arks surface, is it similar to the outer side of a halo ring?

The holographic structure might be the Citadel, or an optical illusion caused by the distant pinkish clouds. Then again, it might be something similar to the Aurora Borealis on Earth.

As nomis78 pointed out, the location of Truth's ship is too far to be recognized until the Master Chief eventually finds him.

Onebitrocket's final question is easy. The Ark's outer side is almost similar to the Halos, apart from the peculiar core which I haven't been able make anything of yet.

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The Fall of Reach might make it into the HALO Movie!

Apparently a screenwriter has written a script detailing the events that occurred during the fall of Reach. While this story is based on Eric Nylund's novel, it might also include events that have not been mentioned in the novel. Does Contact Harvest ring a bell?

We should hold our fingers crossed on this one.

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We're back with some new goodies ... and no, this isn't an April Fool's joke!

Ever wondered just how big The Ark is compared to other planets? Well, Stephen Loftus - the already famous article writer - has come up with a neat screenshot a few days ago, comparing the scale of the Ark to those of Earth and the Halo arrays. Turns out the Ark has a diameter of approximately 90,000 kilometers.

To put it plainly, the Ark is about seven times the size of Earth.

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