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July 16, 2004

Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

The Unyielding Hierophant's connections to the UESC Marathon


Just a quick note to mention something I noticed while reading through FS: On page 316, there are two references to at least one of the reactor rooms on the "Unyielding Hierophant" being made from an asteroid. The first is less specific, simply saying that the reactor room was "a cavern hewn from rough stone." The second is more convincing: "It was a tremendous feat of engineering. It was as if the station's builders had hewn this from a seed asteroid and built the rest of the installation around it." If I remember correctly, the Marathon was also made from one of Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos, which are, because of their irregular shape and small size, widely believed to be asteroids captured by Martian gravity.

(This may prove connections with the Marathon, because, since we are unclear as to the time discrepancy between the two game universes, the Marathon may have existed earlier, and been found, derelict by the Covenant. It is also mentioned several times in FS and TFoR that the Covenant are imitative rather than innovative. Seeing something on this scale may have inspired them to do the same with the reactor rooms of the UH. )

Though it has been explicitly stated that Halo and Marathon are entirely different story lines, the similarities still stand. Good eye!

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Reclaimer as the rightful heir?

Ul7imate and write:

343GS also said the step of reunification is reserved for the Reclaimer. Doesn't this seem to be alot like ancient prophecies? Maybe this "Reclaimer" is the rightful successor to the throne of the universe. The Reclaimer will return, perform the reunification, purge the universe of all evils, and then claim his throne.

Perhaps this is the next stage of something similar to King Arthur's sword in the stone. Whoever removed the Index was granted Lordship over the entire universe, and only the rightful successor to the throne would be able to return the Index to its place, thus starting the revival of a dead kingdom.

The Forerunner may not be a long-dead race, they may be waiting for the reawakening of their kingdom. Not only would the Halos purge all evils from the kingdom, but it would be a sign that the Reclaimer has come.


The Bungie backstory remindes me of legends in which a great leader came back to protect his people? King Arthur waits for a time when his people need him again; the Golem of legend will return to life to protect the innocent; the "reclaimer" of the Forerunner... This also means that there is probably a prophecy attached to the Halo story. What if the forerunners also had a special breed of warrior, one destined to live specifically for combat, that would return one day when needed?

"Whoever made such a place must now live in chains; there is no other explanation for their absence"...

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We all but handed them the keyes...

KrayG ( writes:

I think I know how the Covenant found the coordinates to Earth. The people on Marathon Story Page†made†a relation between the 4th cortana letter to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Then they placed some†links associated with the Arecibo Observatory, more significantly, the†Arecibo message in both its binary and deciphered form.

The Covenant might have intercepted and deciphered†this message during the war against humanity. Right underneath the drawing of man, the third dot from the one representing Sol was raised up above all the other bodies.†The illustrated†man stood upon this dot, thus giving away the position of humanity's ultimate home. Too bad the scientists who made this weren't wary of the Cole Protocol or the hostile alien forces of the future. The coordinates of earth were transmitted before the Cole Protocol. This protocol only†delayed the immient invasion of Earth by the Covenant.†It was only a matter of time before the enemy found the single, unprotected, unencrypted, stray†transmission to ever disclose the location of earth. All because of one mistake from the past, we are at the mercy of the Covenant.

Gah! I always knew science would get us into trouble ;)

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