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July 22, 2006

While Finn has been pillaging my loot and stealing away in the middle of the night with the fair maidens I had my eyes on - Stuntmutt, the scabrous dog insists he was first to come across this little gem.

I know he's wrong, but I'll be damned if I can prove it.

Stuntmutt ( writes:

>From Sacred Icon -


Halo. Its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation.

Of course, 'divine wind' is a literal translation of 'Kamikaze' (see below).

A possible in-joke by the writer that the Covenant would be committing suicide...?

In the Japanese language, kamikaze (IPA: [kamikaze]) (Japanese:??), usually translated as "divine wind" (kami is the word for "god", "spirit", or "divinity"; and kaze for "wind"), came into being as the name of a legendary typhoon said to have saved Japan from a Mongol invasion fleet in 1281.

In the interests of a fair and thorough investigation - and in keeping him quiet - here it is for all to see.

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I'm always telling the truth, yet people are always surprised when I do.

keenan ( writes:

The phrase "Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done"? is not reffering to a previous activation of the halo rings, it is simply reffering to
the Master Chief killing Flood.

He has just spent many hours wading through the Flood trying to stop them, GS 343 is simply confused as to why he (MC) would hesitate now he has the chance to stop them all.

There is a saying " If you look long enough at a hay stack you'll find a needle".

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One must wait for the opportune moment

Christopher Pawlukiewicz ( writes:

Well, the other night, while doing some research for a completely differently-oriented Halo project, I happened upon a verse in Revelations (1:16):

In his right hand He held seven stars,
and out of His mouth came a sharp two-
edged sword; and His face was like the
sun shining its strength.

Now (since I was doing Halo-related research) the first thing that came to mind was that there seven Halos, or rather, seven installations as the monitors put it. But I wasn't completely sure, so I asked a friend in IRC. He confirmed it, and linked me to the Halo 2 Cutscene Library here at HBO. I was even more elated to find that the exact timestamp on the movie was indeed 1:16, exactly the same as the verse number that I had just seen.

I watched the cutscene over and over again, and saw Keyes jump over and crawl under the unnecessarily complex system of machines that orbit around the platform, and the timing of the energy blast that emanated from inside the Halo. It all seemed so deliberate, as if the time and verse correlation was meant to be there. Bungie was at its tricks again.

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It's not an update without her

Ethan Holman ( writes:

In the making-of video, they were saying things like "Cortana has been left away from the chief," and "She's in the clutches of the Gravemind." This got me thinking... how could she be talking to Master Chief? She's half a galaxy away.

I thought about who she could be talking to, and the only one that seemed like it could fit was Gravemind. I know, I know, but hear me out. Consider her words:

"I have defied gods and demons"

Presumably this line refers to her actions with regard to Guilty Spark, an "oracle" of the Covenant's "gods" and her actions with regard to the "demon," Master Chief. This hints that she is not talking to the Chief, since it seems unlikely that she would refer to him as the demon.

"I am your shield. I am your sword."

More on this later. Suffice to say, I believe we should be very cautious of Cortana's motives in the third game.

"I know you; Your past, your future"

This one could apply to MC, but it could also apply to Gravemind. When she was in the Installation 04 computer system, one would assume she learned a great deal about the past of the flood, and it's presumed future after a firing of the rings.

"This is the way the world ends"

Which brings me to the most rampant speculation, and ties in with my theories about the "sword/shield" line.

I think Cortana sides with the flood. She is the "shield" and the"sword" of Gravemind because she will use her position in the human military to protect him and his flood forces, and to stage covert attacks against the human network.

A woman on board is bad luck, aye . . .

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July 20, 2006

Takin' care of business...

Yeah, we missed the bus; this is one news post I almost hope slips under the radar.

Frankie and his Question and Answers have generated quite a bit of interesting information. (I wanted a story. No dice. And I'll have you know it took far too long to fall asleep that night without it.)

Unfortunately for the tech savvy, info-on-demand children of the children of the Sesame Street generation (with their whimsically short attention spans), recent these are not.

But, as with most truly awesome things, the awesomeness is just as poignant now as it ever was. Plus, these posts are more for posterity and for filling out the search capabilities of the site than anything, so bear with me :)

For the complete updates in question, check out here and here. Lots o' stuff.

Transport now.

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Earth. Or what's left of it.

xTr1GGeR HaPPYx asks,

"I'm guessing those ruins in the back are Old New Mombasa, so, whereabouts is the Chief and this Forerunner structure?"

Frankie responds,

"That is indeed the ruins of New Mombasa. The artifact and the Chief are where they appear to be, on the desert outskirts of New Mombasa, and many miles inland. The mountain behind him is Kilimanjaro."


ThreeShot asks,

"Seriously though, how long have the covenant had control of Earth before the cutscene started? Days? Weeks?"

Frankie responds,

"The Covenant have basically been in control of Earth since the final events of Halo 2. What was left of the human forces was either distracted by Delta Halo, or already overwhelmed by the sheer force of the Covenant onslaught."

(Distracted? They actually left the home planet less than fully protected?)


MarkoM asks,

"Does the canyon / hole in the trailer have something to do with New Mombasa and that spacejump the Covenant Capital Ship made at Halo 2? "

Frankie responds,

"That's an excellent question. A Slipspace jump in-atmosphere would have a devastating effect on an environment, don't you think?"

(Yeah, I'd say so.)



"Also, are those rings sticking up in the background remnants of the space elevator?"

Frankie responds,
"Yes, that is the wreckage of a fallen "tether." "

(Or "The Spoke" as I've heard a few people refer to it. Tethering what? I'd like to hear the background on that piece of equipment; that's a lot of mass.)

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Cortana and that old familiar feeling.

Jonrap asks,

"My wife didn't recognize Cortana when she watched the announcement. I thought Cortana looked exactly the same. But my wife is smarter than me. So, I better ask.

Is Cortana any different? She seems somehow different. My wife didn't recognize Cortana when she watched the announcement. I thought Cortana looked exactly the same. But my wife is smarter than me. So, I better ask.

Is Cortana any different? She seems somehow different..."

Frankie responds,

"Women know things John. I don't know how they do, they just do."


SlimJim0045 asks,

"Please have Cortana's lines pronounced so that I don't see 36 threads about it."

Frankie responds,

"I have defied gods and demons."
"I am your shield, I am your SWORD."
"I know you, your past, your future."
"This is the way the world ends."

"But there's obviously something terribly wrong..."

Dah dah dah. Or is there?

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No one but you.

A lot of speculation had been going around wondering if the Spartan in the H3 trailer was actually Fred, Linda, &c. And, it made sense in a way, considering the upgraded components of the armour (as in First Strike). However, Frankie was quick to shoot this one down: "...and the Chief (no it's not Linda, or Kelly...)"

Good to know, if not slightly disappointing ;)

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And again from the Halo 3 FAQ:

"Q: I noticed the Master Chief's armor was scraped and damaged, what happened to him?

A: Lots of things."

As though perhaps this desert scene was at one point not just a piece of artwork? ;)

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That Ever-Elusive Local Year

Nogard asks,

"Is 343 Guilty Spark's idea of years based on Threshold orbiting its star? No weird Lagrange point concept of years?"

Frankie responds,

"Technically a year could mean either the time it takes Earth specifically to revolve around Sol, specifically or some other rhythmic celestial phenomenon. The concept might not have much meaning if you're from a planet whose orbit is stable enough to have no seasons, right? So the question is; Does Guilty Spark's translation into a language understandable by Chief and company simply refer to some rotational indicator - either the Halo itself, Threshold or the closest star? Or does his translation include knowledge of their solar system? Or did I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND, MAN?"

How coy. All things considered, such as the rather casual, non-cagey response from Joe Staten on the same point, as well as the need for at least some semblance of standards in a sci-fi story (like Gravemind or the UNSC speaking English) our (my?) money is on a Halo 04 Local Year equalling an Earth Year as simply a matter of convenience.

And that's final! (Give or take... ;)

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Hunters: More Than Meets The Eye.

Scarab asks,

"Did Bungie ever consider having the Heretic as a playable character? Are there other kinds of Hunters that we haven't seen yet? Cool ones with different armor and weapons. Or do they just have the one shape?"

Frankie responds,

"Bungie did not consider having the Heretic as a playable character. Only Chief and Arbiter. As for the Hunters, we've only seen they're deployed combat type. Hunter society is complex and we have seen but the tiniest fraction of it. There are some fundamental facts about Hunter biology that mean the combat type is just the tip of the iceberg."

Ooooh. :o

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Hope springs eternal...

Denkriston asks,

"Is it possible that sometime in the future, Bungie may work on another Marathon game?"

Frankie responds,

"Of course it's possible. We're not doing that at the moment, however. Two suggestions get leveled our way frequently - do a Live Arcade port or make a full-on Next Gen Marathon game."

To dream! (said in a rolling, Monty Python drawl)

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UNSCDF asks,

"In the LE Booklet it speeks of a female named "Cassandra" is she a Spartan or not?"

Frankie repsonds,

"A better question would be, "was" she a Spartan?"

Hmmm. This strongly implies what has been assumed for some time: that Cassandra is the "Spartan too injured to continue active duty" mentioned in the The Fall of Reach.

Although I can already sense the clatter of emaily fingers composing their masterpiece about how she could be a Spartan converted to an AI (as in ILBs), her mentions of "rehabilitation" and being "skinned once again" point to flesh and blood (and titanium) :)

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July 12, 2006

Early-evening naps are a double-edged sword. On the blissful face of consequence, those initial, drowsy moments give way to an incredible slumber, wiping away in one fell swoop the combined unrest of a dozen long days and baker's dozen short nights.

But woe to those early-evening nappers whose sleep is not a single thread, those sorry folk who rise to face a waning sun still powerful enough to extract its due, vengeful and distressed by their conspicuous absence.

And so, as I try my best to fall back to sleep, I'm just going to close my eyes and click "Post"...

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I've always had a soft spot for the Continentals.

Geoff Chang ( writes concerning a possible dalliance between the writings of Nietzsche and the character of 343 Guilty Spark. Keen.

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From a recent IGN interview with Brian Jarrard (Sketch) about the HGN (Halo Graphic Novel):

"[Breaking Quarantine] is essentially the story of Sergeant Johnson's escape from the first Halo. When the first game concluded, we were led to believe that the Sarge was overcome by the Flood. Yet, when Halo 2 opens, we see him again back at Earth doing just fine.

Everyone has speculated about what really happened down there in the depths of Halo and this was something we were interested in exploring further. Now, people who have read the Halo novels are going to be quick to point out that an explanation was already given (something along the lines of a genetic condition that made his body undesirable as a Flood host). We struggled with this a lot internally... while we're all big fans of Eric Nylund's Halo novels, we felt that the circumstances surrounding Sarge's survival was something we wanted to re-tell in a slightly different way. One of our goals for the book was to not only expand the fiction into new areas but make a small adjustment to existing lore."

A peek into the mechanics of the things that "needed to be corrected"; how satisfying. I suppose a little "ret-con" never hurt anyone... too badly...

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A few details from The Art of Halo: not-so-inert Flood crust on objects and walls, rampaging Juggernauts, and careening Sentinel Factories to name a few.

Darkneshasfallen ( writes:

I dont know if anyone had figured out what that structure was, and why the flood had caused it to crash.... The object that falls (crashing / exploding.) in the Single player level, "Quarantine Zone" not a human structure or ship at all, it is in fact a Forerunner Sentinel factory.

It makes sense that the flood would destroy it... the sentinels are the only thing keeping them at bay on Delta halo. I don't know if anyone had read the little white-boards that contained the level details from the book "The Art of Halo." but thats where I got the info... So its legit information.

Along with that text it also talks about where the Flood Juggernauts were supposed to spawn and how the battle between the flood and Sentinels was supposed to turn, as more Juggernauts spawned. It was new information to me, so I just thought I would share it...

Im kinda upset Bungie left out the Juggernauts... it seemed like it would have added a whole new "whoa!" (im creeped out by the flood again) factor.

It aslo explains that the player (Arbiter) had to destroy flood "crust"to keep the Juggernauts from spawning.

Pretty cool eh?

Very. Creepy that is. :)

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Dojorkan ( stumbles upon a few unused Shielded Carrier Forms: What will those zany B.boys think of next?

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The 7 scarred on Miranda's cheek. Neato.

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A new enemy in the HGN?

A while ago, Ross Mills noticed an advertisement for the Halo Graphic Novel; one of the drawings (seemingly by Simon Bisley, artist of "The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor") shows an elite-like creature, but with no split mandible and, most noticeably, four eyes rather than two.

While some artistic license is to be expected, other images by the same artist clearly show an Elite with the usual split chin and ocular equipment.

So what are we looking at? A Flood form, or something completely different? Time, as always, will tell.

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"I've smelled that stench before..."

Spartan Jag ( writes:

Yesterday, I went through a brief run of the Halo 2 Campaign, mostly the Arbiter levels. I was just talking about the Halo Graphic Novel, when I hit the cutscene at the end of The Arbiter, when Spec Ops Leader walks in, and says "I've smelled that stench before...". This got me wondering. There hasn't been to much info released about Spec Ops, not even his name. Maybe Bungie will work him in? Where? I'll tell you where: That section about the Flood Infested Covenant ship (Finn: The Infinite Succor, I believe). It makes sense to me. They could make it about a random band of Elites and Grunts, but wouldn't it be neater and cooler if it was a mission Half Jaw was on? Maybe it would explain the loss of his mandibles?

Sure, he could've gotten into dozens of fights with The Flood, or it may be someone completely different, but it would be a nice tie-in. So far, the Covenant aren't very well prepared against the Flood, it would seem (Projectile weapons work better then Plasma), maybe this isn't the dozenth/hundreth time. Maybe they don't know a whole lot, because of only a few encounters. Half Jaw could've been the only survivor, and he may have been promoted thus leading up to his current position.

I don't know. No-one knows at this point, but I just thought I'd toss that out there, because Bungie has a reputation for cool things like this, and this would be really cool. :)

In addition, the Hommock and Bisley interview mentions that The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor is the "tale of the Elite Spec Ops Commander, Rtas Vadumee, who has been exiled by the Covenant for failing to kill Master Chief during the events of Halo 1." Considering that this particular story takes place during Halo 1, I'm curious to see more of this blurb's context and to know who exactly we're talking about.

Good thinking :)

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