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August 26, 2002

Longtime Halo fan and member of the feared and respected Team 7hr33, Finn checks in with some shrewd observations regarding 343, the Flood, and Jaime's "forces behind the scenes".

Daniel Barbour ( writes:

This is in response to the comments made by both and Astro the Space Duck regarding the "other species" which is so "persistent in accessing restricted areas" mentioned by 343. I agree with Astro's initial reasoning that this is not a reference to the Covenant; they are not a race, but an alliance of races. It is not the humans, for even though they are quite "persistent in accessing restricted areas" they were not responsible for the release of the Flood. That established, Jaime Griesemer's comment made in OXM UK speaks right directly to this debate:

"Well... I'll just say that Master Chief didn't meet all of the factions that had a hand in the events of Halo. There were forces at work behind the scenes that were alluded to, and you could probably deduce some of their motivations if you paid close attention. But they never confronted the chief directly."

It makes sense that 343 and Jaime are both referring to the same race. The other race then is not yourself, humanity, or any of the Covenant met so far. That narrows down the identity of the other race to the Jjarro, Forerunner, Covenant religious leaders, or something as of yet unmentioned...

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[Also] ...I have got to thinking the last while that the earliest evidence of the Flood is found not on 343, but on the level Assault on the Control Room; in the large-underground-chasm-cleaved-room (which incidentally I think is a water reservoir) with 1.5 bridges. To the far right we find the dead bodies of Humans and Covenant, weapons littering the ground, as we have seen so many times before. Why is this the first sign of the Flood's presence? Well, for the first time in the game we find not only dead Marines, but Covenant, specifically Grunts and a Hunter. The fact that only one Hunter is found dead, it's "mate" no where to be found, is suspicious. The most convincing however is one Grunt in particular, who not only lies in a pool of his own blood, but has been dragged to it's present spot, as many Grunts later in the game have also been by the Flood.

Though not conclusive by any means, I still think this is a clue intentionally left to show that the Flood were released (by ???) far before the Covenant stumble upon them during the level 343 Guilty Spark.

Good eye. ;-)

While crazed, unchecked speculation is always good for the soul, a little basis in the realities of the game experience make it endlessly more interesting...

Keep it coming folks, I'm still here. :-)

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August 14, 2002

In regards to a previous post about the "Keyes Blob", Fletcher came up with this.

Fletcher Johnston (FLETCHER.JOHNSTON@FIN.GOV.ON.CA) writes:

Isn't it possible that the flood figured that they should combine Keyes (with his immense skill as a captain) with the commander of the covenant cruiser? That way, they'd get the best of both worlds... a blob with Keyes' smarts, and the covenant commander's knowledge of the ship and covenant technology...

While it's easy to think of the Flood as mindless spores, infesting and mutating seemingly at random, perhaps it's not that simple. Do they have intelligence? The Forerunner did decide to retain the Flood, setting up 343 Guilty Spark and the "weapon" features of the Halo itself as a part of the failsafe system should the Flood escape. Which brings us back to the same old question: Why keep the Flood, yet maintain the ability to destroy all organic life in the galaxy should the Flood get out?

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One more try: Does anyone have any speculation on the Halo Story elements with regard to the Starhammer books by Christopher Rowley? Hmm? (If you haven't read these books, you should.)

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August 8, 2002

The long-anticipated day has finally arrived: Halo 2 has been officially announced, and a smattering of amazing screenshots have been released. These shots all hail from the forthcoming Halo trailer, a synopsis of which has just been released in the time I've been typing this! Exciting times indeed!

I have a few things to point out, just to get the ball rolling...all of you guys will have to take it from there.

First off, confirmation finally of other Covenant races: in the announcement this morning, mention is made that you only met a small fraction of the Covenant's races, and that, "If you had a hard time with the handful of Covenant races you met in the first game, you may wish to start practicing now; you'll need it when they unleash the rest of their army." Hard time? Hah. Truth and Reconciliation on Legendary was cake. Obviously. :)

I would also like to point out multiple confirmations that Halo 2 takes place, at least at one point, on or around Earth. The first came with this gorgeous desktop. That's Luna hanging in the sky there, and just in case there was any doubt, the name of the desktop should ensure you: "h2earth.jpg".

And, more impressively, the synopsis of the upcoming (hopefully very very soon) Halo 2 Trailer by Gamespot. "As the Master Chief enters the hangar, it is revealed that his spacecraft is orbiting Earth--and that Earth is under heavy fire from Covenant warships."

Keep on hunting out new information, new theories, new ideas on Halo 2, and send them to us, and we'll do our best to add them to the madness here.

Speculate away. 'Tis a good day.

-Ape Man

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-Ape Man

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