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August 18, 2006

I enjoy keen observations. I enjoy them all the more when they are somewhat risky, yet coherent and with that slight hint of the probable.

On the forum, Robert-117 took a rather controversial snippet from the "Making of Halo 3" documentary and wondered anew.

Robert-117 ( writes:

okay, so everyone remembers the Halo 3 mini-documentary, right? If I recall correctly, at one point during the video, they showed a screen with a trio of covenant troops. Now some have speculated that they might be jackals, brutes, drones, and even grunts in diffrent armor. But what if they're Prophets? Before the formation of the Covenant, Prophets were soldiers who were fighting against the Elites at the time, obviously after the formation of the Covenant, the Prophets set aside their arms so to speak to take their roles as the leaders of the Covenant. But now think about this, the Covenant are now short three species, elites, grunts, and hunters, so it could be possible that the prophets have now taken up arms themselves to aide the brutes, jackals, and drones...
if so, I don't think anyone has anything to worry about, they're probably as fragile as they look, even with armor..

Well, the Prophets did apparently put up something of a fight.

The neck looks a little short, and the trunk and limbs a little stout, but I think you're definitely on to a good idea :)

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August 17, 2006

The Halo Graphic Novel has spurred all sorts of conversations and deviations about exactly what story tidbits are revealed. Not all of them are complimentary. Here's a nice roundup:

Gutupio looks at the gallery pages and finds something interesting.
There's more discussion on the subject (including code interpretation) here

The identity of the Arbiter still remains secret - sadly enough - but that doesn't stop certain people speculating

There's stuff about the ancient technologies of Elites

And last but not least, Mike G notes: The Elite with no mandables in the concept art of the halo graphic novel I heard mentioned raises some points inside my head. When I was watching the bungie documentary on the making of the E3 teaser trailer I noticed on one of the computer screens about a third of the way through the documentary a figure which may be this Elite with no mandables. Also in one of the weekly updates it is mentioned that bungie is working in 'the AI for somthing big'.... Enjoy!

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The Graphic Novel raises some questions

Chris Runner writes:

After reading through the Halo Graphic Novel I have a few questions you might be able to answer. Maria-062 tests the armor John-117 uses in Halo 2. She says she retired to start a family. OK now here are my questions: Is Maria one of the 3 SPARTANS that are too far away to be recalled to Reach? She mustn't have been that far to be back on Earth like a couple weeks later right? Or was she too far away because she retired from the military? And that brings up another interesting point. I don't understand how Maria is able to just up and quit to start a family. That SPARTANS are the only family that they know, how can she abandon them? The picture painted about the SPARTANS in the novels are military machines that are uncomfortable even around other military groups, how can seh so easily quit to become a civilian? Unless she and another SPARTAN on some far away mission fell in love and decided to quit together. When she asked the commander or whoever who the armor was goin to she kinda seemed like she didn't know him that well. "MCPO John-117? John from Reach John?" Maybe she just wasn't that tight with the others. I can hardly believe that, but that also brings another point. Would the UNSC really allow a SPARTAN or perhaps even two to retire in the middle of a all out war with the covenant and the just realized potential threat of the Flood? Very questionable indeed

I've been wary for a long time of the supposed loyalty of the SPARTAN program - how loyal can you be to an organisation that kidnapped you?

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Echoes from an idea that once was.

Max ( writes:

I was looking through the cortana letters again and saw this line:

Thanks to this slavishly loyal and humorless AI, I am now sharing cramped space with the circuitry of some hybrid war machine, itself complicated by such useless clutter as a conscience. I do not like sharing. Sharing is for children.

Could Cortana possibly be referring to Gravemind? He could be thought of as a hybrid. He also has the skills to communicate with machinery, including Cortana. Thoughts?

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Time waits for no man.

Bunny ( writes:

My friend and I were discussing the SPARTAN, and he asked me if SPARTANS are immortal. Now, we know that they aren't, as most SPARTANS were KIA (MIA) in the mission to defend Reach, so I explained to him that SPARTANS only have enhanced sight, strength and unbreakable bones. And it just occured to me that Will or Fred cracked his rib bones from the fall at planet Reach (FS). How is this possible? Or the augmentation only strengthens bones, because when 130KG of dense muscle lands, the SPARTAN has its ribs cracked. Or perhaps, the primary improvements wore out by the time the Covenant invades Reach? According to an earlier post I read, MCPO SPARTAN-117 (John) didn't run for his extraction from Foehammer, but took a warthog. Does this indicates that his body is wearing out already? In FS, we see that the clones of the SPARTANS died of diseases at an early age, so maybe when the SPARTAN recruits were cloned, they got some kind of disease too?

Which also perhaps suggest, that Halo 3 will become harder and harder, as the Master Chief loses more and more strength? The developers say that Halo 3 will finish off the "trilogy", but earlier posts indicates that there are in fact 7 Halo ring worlds. Will Halo 3 end with triumph of the Covanent when John finally cracks? We know Cortana is in trouble, and perhaps, the MC will be destroyed (too)?

Maria retired for the kids, right?

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To wind up today's posts, I giveth you confusion!

Bart Benitez ( writes:

While playing The Pillar of Autumn, I noticed that the weapons that were striking the ship were blue beams. Having read the books, I was confused, as to how this could be, as all the ship-to-ship weapons in use by the Covenant before the events of the first game were similar to those launched by their Morter tank only on a larger scale.

However, after the events of Halo, after the Chief takes over the Ascendant Justice, Cortana eventually discovers that the Covenant had been using the weapon in a very crude manner, aparently oblivious to it's true potential. She then proceeds to create new equations that allow her to focus the weapon into a far more powerful and precise beam weapon. Cortana also noted that the AI on the ship looked familiar, even going so far as to say "Small protions of the alien software looked like [Cortana]". She used a subroutine taken from the Covenant AI that allowed her to create copies or partial copies of herself.

We know she had herself created 2 copies (one that was sent with the Chief when they boarded the Unyielding Hirophant and the other as a test when she found the routine within the Covenant AI) and that one of the copies copied itself multiple (tens, hundreds, possibly even thousands) of times aboard the Unyielding Hirophant prior to it's destruction. After it's destruction, several shards from the Time-Space warping crystal were recovered by the Covenant. Is it possible that one of the Cortana copies was recovered, only partially damaged, re-purposed by the Covenant, and sent back in time eventually ending up aboard the Ascendant Justice and refining the weapons systems of that one ship, which was the ship firing upon the Pillar of Autumn? Chintzy, yes, weird, yes, why, no idea.

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