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September 28, 2004

The Shape of What's to Come

On the forum, KigGlow has posted an interesting read concerning our ability to predict Halo 2's story, in spite of the apparent absence of hard facts:

Will the game begin where it left off? Or will it start out on Earth? Despite claims from various gaming news sites, I would say the beginning of Halo 2 lies just after the final scene in Halo. There is plenty of evidence suggesting this theory. Here is a thread I posted on the forums a while ago with a link to an interview with Peter Parsons (not viewable on a Mac :( ) in which he says the following:

"The current game picks up right around the same time [in reference to First Strike]. So effectively, a lot happens with the destruction of the Halo and Chief coming back to Earth. Essentially it picks up right after where Halo left off with First Strike filling in some of the gaps." - Peter Parsons, E3 2004

It can be derived from this interview that Halo 2 will be composed partly of the storyline from First Strike. Granted, not every single detail from the book will be in the game (ie Halo didnt contain everything from The Flood). Rather, Halo 2 will more than likely take us through the major plot points from the book and continue on from there.

If you still want more evidence, check out what Joe Staten had to say in the Making of Halo 2 video:

"...take the player from the ruins of Halo to these ancient Forerunner facilities in the atmospheres of gas giants. Its sort of a galactic romp from one place to the next, and I think that in and of itself is gonna keep the player on the edge of his seat wondering 'Where am I gonna be' and 'What do I get to do when I get there?'" - Joseph Staten

Time-loops, time travel, teleportation, anomalous slipspace... No matter how you think the game will progress, it is a fine read. Check it out in its entirety.

Also: "Picks up where Halo left off", eh? KiGlow finds more evidence for a substantial First Strike/Halo 2 crossover... (Update: Which, we now know, is sadly not the case :( -Finn)

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Siberia, anyone?

GryphonOsiris ( proposes an interesting idea involving the Snow Warthog, meteorites, and the rocks of Sigma Octanus. Check it out!

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Metatron ( has posted an interesting idea regarding a possible distinction between "Halo" and "HALO" based on the in-game multiplayer descriptions. Semantic gymnastics? Redundant hairsplitting? Confused? So were we. Read on to get the gist.

(And as far as the oft alluded to "taking the fight to the Covenant", perhaps KiGlow is right... Perhaps it is the Unyielding Hierophant... Perhaps that and a Covenant homeworld would be too much for one game. A keen induction.)

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Gamesradar has posted the full text of the previously mentioned Halo 2 article from the October issue of Edge Magazine. A pleasant read, but one particularly eye-catching fragment reads thus:

"How about this for a Halo 2 creature you've never heard of before: a Drinol Beast, a sort of hairless, grey monster with one eye - although there are other drawings of it with two eyes so you can't take for granted that it's going to make the final game."

And though he goes on to remind us that there is the possibility that Bungie's twisted sense of humour has thrown red-herrings about to fuel their own sadistic mirth, the similarities of this creature to a certain Hulk from Marathon are to much to ignore (or perhaps that is what they hoped we'd think ;) :

The Hulk is an enormous and rather slow creature, but it is incredibly strong. The science report indicated that it had no body fat, and therefore had to be fed often to keep it active. One crew member reported seeing one of these creatures pointing to itself and mumbling "Drinniol" right before it "picked Johnny up by the shirt and crushed him against a pillar".


(Update: More several recent speculations on the H2 "Conversations..." booklet have brought up the possibility that the mysterious "Sharquoi" could in fact be the Drinol. This idea has been enforced by staff hints/comments such as it is "Very freaking dangerous", mentions on the Making Of DVD that the Drinol beast was to be a fierce creature kept in chains and released only in frontline situations, and the coinciding revelation of the Covenantís names for themselves.)

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The Library and Azrael's little black book

Kristof K. ( writes:

While doing some reading, I noticed a line about Azrael and the other three archangels of Islam going to the corners of the universe to gather 7 handfuls of dust for the creation of Earth and man. Of course, the number seven leaped out at me and I found the number of archangels (four) interesting. With some further investigation I found this page. 4 archangels. 4 Halos.

"Azrael reaches from one end of the world to the other (Jellinek, "B. H." v. 49), and has 70,000 feet and 4,000 wings. His whole body is covered with eyes and with tongues as numerous as the living creatures on earth. When any of these latter die, the corresponding eye bulges forth. At the end of the world all these eyes excepting eight are plucked out by God--those of Israfil (Sarafel), Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, and the four "Hayyot" of the Heavenly Chariot alone remaining. The times of the death of persons is made known to the angel of death through the roll-book in his possession showing a white stripe around the name of the person doomed. Forty days before death, however, a leaf falls from the tree of life, under the throne of God, into the lap of Azrael, who is seated in the seventh heaven, thus announcing the death." -from

The reported size of Azrael seems consistent with the idea of the Halo ringworld, being able to span an entire planet (albeit a small one).

But the bulging eye representing living creatures at death made me think of the Library. According to the Halo.Bungie.Net forums, the Library is:

1: A repository of information
2. A collection of cloned DNA sequences whose location and identity can be established by mapping the genome of a particular organism

That is, one 'book' in the Library represents the genetic make-up of an entire species, strikingly similar to Azrael's eyes.

Azrael was also generally depicted as constantly writing names in a book and erasing what he wrote, the writing representing birth and erasing representing death. The Library seems like it could serve that function but on a universal scale, studying the rise of new species and the extinction of older ones.

Constantly writing and erasing on a universal scale? Sounds like a bad case of Carpal Tunnel to me :P

Some great links.

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"Captain" Keyes

Lee Andrew MacNeill ( writes:

We, who are all deeply concerned about the issue of Keyes' rank insignia, I think I have an Out for us.

You know the OOG reason, is that Bungie screwed up, and the guy responsible for drawing Keyes' chest drew a USMC O-3 (Captain) insignia, traintracks, instead of the USN O-6 (Captain) insignia, the eagle, and it was one of those little mistakes that just plain slipped through the cracks at Bungie possibly glossed over because the Release Date was too close.

But here's my IG reason:

1. Keyes is a sentimental, and slightly deranged man. He was expecting the tail end of the SPARTAN mission to be his last, something told him that his luck was about to run out, so he wanted his traintracks, the insignia he won when he was successful in his mission the first time he met Dr Halsey; his introduction to the SPARTAN II program. Or perhaps he was a lot more worried than he let on about the mission's chance for success and wanted his O-3 insigne for good luck's sake. This possibly was a move to reassure his bridgecrew more than himself.

2. Keyes is was and always will be a a Scorpio a sneaky, sneaky man. Perhaps he was fully expecting to be boarded by Stealth Elites i.e. Covenant Intelligence operatives, and that they would possibly seek out the Autumn's "shipmaster"... but if all they found on the bridge was an O-3, a Lieutennant, they might kill him or ignore him, believing that the ship's CO (the real "shipmaster") was dead, and the best they could do by way of surviving command crew was this lowly O-3. Once again, Keyes sees his options through the lens of the Cole Protocol. And Keyes know that this insigne change would not confuse the crew of the Autumn, because:

the naval officers all know Keyes intimately, having been handpicked by Keyes for that mission, trained up in the UNSC Navy by him, and are not going to be fooled by his O-3 insigne, they know damn well who he is, and:

the Marines, who I'm guessing rotate from ship to naval installation to ship, are going to take one look at the traintracks and think "Captain", traintracks being the Marine O-3 "Captain" insignia. But after years in the corps, I'm sure the average marine immediately translates what he thinks the rank is based on what it is in the Corps, to it's Naval equivalent, in this case, an O-3 Lieutennant-- but the first word that jumped to mind was the Marine word for O-3, Captain, and they can clearly see the word Keyes emblazoned on this supposed O-3's chest, so the Marine clues in that it's Jacob Keyes, the CO of the Pillar Of Autumn, who is in fact a UNSC Naval Captain, an O-6, wearing the wrong rank on purpose.

And with that in mind, I hope and pray that this message is seen by someone at Bungie with the stern admonition that WE DO ACTUALLY CARE, AND WE CHECK SHIT LIKE THIS (WE CAN'T HELP IT) †SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL NEXT TIME because we Love Bungie, we LOVE Halo, and some of us don't just want it to be perfect, we NEED it to be.

Take care, and HBO pwnz! :-)

He he. Indeed ;)

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Those weak of constitution beware! In an apparent mistake by the subsidiary of a subsidiary, a picture of a new insect-like Covenant race has been posted. It has since been removed, but not before the magic of local copies could be implemented.

This could constitute a story spoiler. You have been warned.

UPDATE: This new enemy is apparently called a Drone (XBN, Nov. 04)

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September 14, 2004

On the forum, Indexion pointed out (before the post was removed due to an NDA breach) an article from (which may or may not be back online yet), seemingly a write-up of their recent experiences with Halo 2 multiplayer. What gives this so much pertinence are comments by Pete Parsons about the well crafted, authentic story behind each multiplayer level, comments in the Evolution of Halo video, and the inclusion of a screenshot at depicting, what seems to be, another Halo, rising into the sky.

While the screenshot is not breaking news in itself, if the Multiplayer levels are as true to the story as Parsons suggests, it would confirm past Bungie quotes mentioning another ring in Campaign mode.

Let's see... another ring (possibly new and/or the remnants of a broken one), a space station, a moon/low gravity level, a Forerunner installation in the clouds of a gas giant, Earth, a/the Covenant homeworld... I ask you: where ISN'T the game going to take place? ;)

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Manus Celer Dei

Also worth noting is an observation made by EDGE magazine (Issue 141) during a recent trip to Redmond: "One whiteboard catches our eye. 'Block 4' is the title, followed by 'Spacestation', 'Flood Lab', 'Forerunnner ship', and 'Delta Control'."

("Delta"... where have Greek numerals come up before? ;)

While these could be describing various MP levels seen or rumoured, they are all possible destinations during the galactic romp that will be Campaign mode.

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September 13, 2004

It is an old riddle by now; a riddle not fully exhausted however: "Who or what would wear a Halo?" This clue, given by Eric "now-departed-from-the-Halo-
world" Trautmann during an HSP interview, had to due with little eggs or secrets in the books. Not anything that would reveal tru7h necessarily, but that would shed new light on key elements of the novels. Apparently there are many of these throughout, but we work with what we have...

It is not the small holographic Halo on the headdress of the Prophets. Neither is it the giant ring circling the Unyielding Hierophant. Prophets, the Dead, Saints, John the Baptist... cold. Angels? Well, as you might recall from back in April, progress was made in the area of fallen Angels, the apparent "answer" to the clue. It is a long post, but good speculation is there for those who read.

Of this ilk, and far more recently, Frankie G ( and A. N.-W. write:

i went searching... and this is what i found..... I remebered one fallen Angel (you can thank the movie: Dogma LOL).... our old Fallen Angel : Azeral!!


* Azeral was the one who taught men to make weapons ( i think.. weapons like HALO-04!!!)
* the word "watchers" ( i think.. forerunners, moniter?)
* the mentioning of the flood that whiped out all life ( i think.... well you know what the word "Flood" means to us!)


It may be unrelated, but Ackerson's watchdog, Araqiel - it's name means "one who has dominion over the earth".

There is a slough of lore on this subject, most inevitably linking Azazel (Azreal) and, more importantly, our friend Araquiel, as "Watchers'", the Gregori, etc.

This book spent some time conspicuously flagged on Trautmann's blog. How certain entries may relate to the future of characters in the Halo universe remains to be seen...

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Back to the Future

Bryan Gersbeck ( writes:

In First Strike when the Ascendant Justice goes into the slipspace bubble they go back in time; to September 12 to be precise. Meanwhile, on September 19 the Pillar Of Autumn reaches Halo. And ~4 days later it explodes. So does that mean that Halo was never destroyed, or are there two Master Chiefs due to the fact that there's one MC on Halo and another one on the flagship? If you get confused think of it like the Back to the Future movies. How he sees himself in the past. I'm confused!

Never fear; you may not be the only one. The non-linearity of the Halo story line is now undeniable. However, whether this time fluctuation was merely a device to get the Chief back to Reach in time to be involved, or if Bungie intends to continue to exploit it, is unknown. It is hard to say, considering that the crystal seemed to have wanted to be found by the Chief; John's place as the "Jjaro boxer equipped Eternal Hero" is once again confirmed, and we are left wondering: what other purposes do the Forerunner (or their relics) possess?

You know, maybe you're right. Keyes would still be "alive" technically. And the first Halo Teaser did feature the voice of Keyes, only this time as an Admiral. Hmmm... if he was still alive, that doesn't sound like a bad promotion to me ;)

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King of the Mountain: Alternate

GryphonOsiris has posted an extended look into the possible meanings of the "King Under the Mountain" (A quick search will reveal more regarding this). This time it is based on Frederick and German lore. Excellent conversation continues from there. Read on...

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September 3, 2004

As recently noted, The Library at is up and running, doing a fine job of listing and synopsizing almost every person, place, and thing you are likely to stumble upon in the Halo universe; the closest thing to an encyclopedia we have thus far (even though it appears that certain conjectures on various processes and statistics have been arbitrarily assigned and documented as fact ;).

Best of all, there's no Flood or Dewey Decimal to contend with. Give it a look!

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