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September 28, 2005

As Seen on HBO.

The I Love Bees ARG, for all the obsession and hype that surrounded it in the world at large, passed by with little more than a few ripples within the Halo Story community. Well after almost a year, Webshift has inflated his water wings and started thrashing about. In addition to reorganizing the audio clips into chronological order, he's hard at work grafting their contents to the primary story. What a trooper!

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September 5, 2005

A neglected little post on Cortana's motives on the forum by Usul is a fresh look on her thoughts on Gravemind.

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LoneRanger 2.5 noticed a curiousity from Halo: The Flood


"This is Echo 136," the pilot said into his mike, "We are green, clean, and extremely clean. Over."

"Roger that," Wellsley replied emotionlessly. "Please return to way point two-five for another load of troopers. And, if you're going to insist on poetry, try some Kipling. You might find some of it rather instructive. Over and out."

In this thread here.

So I suggest you start looking at the poems by Rudyard Kipling, which happen to include a great many about war.

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Twisting the knife.

Colin Shock ( writes:

In the opening cinematic "The Gravemind" , the beginning dialogue:

CORTANA: What... is that?
GRAVEMIND: I? I am a monument to all your sins.

I think that the line "I am a monument to all your sins" means that he is saying he is here because of Cortana (or the Master Chief, after all it was coming out of his body) created the flood. But that can not be. But that could give further proof to the "humans being modern Forerunners" speculation. And because Cortana was in Master Chief when, or because she was created by humans, she could be assumed to be human.

Or, more logically, he could have been talking to Cortana the whole time. After all, our favourite fly trap does have a bit of an obsession about her. What could be Cortana's sins?

Could the Forerunner be a construct race?

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I've never been a great believer in the humans-are-Forerunner theory, or the one about Earth escaping the Halos field, and I tend to prefer entries I don't have to go through and add little things like grammar and the English language . . .

Denise Schnurr ( writes:

In the finale of Halo 2, the monitor says that all sentient life within three radii of the galactic center died when the halos were activated before. What about the life outside of the three radii?

My theory is that the Halos do not 'kill' sentient life. The Halos would destroy the motor function, cognital function, and memory centers of any brain of any sentient life-form the pulse reaches, effectively rendering the potential flood hosts within the 'three radii' dead. But what about the life on the very edge of the pulse's range? Earth is considered to be on the outside edge of the galaxy. Maybe the pulse reached earth, but was so diluted from its galactic journey that it only erased the forerunner's memory banks, sending them back to before the stone age, and the start of humanity as we know it.

But everything needs representation.

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So grey hair is an indication of leadership. Wu will be pleased.

Sprtn076 ( writes:

I couldn't help but notice, the higher the Brute's rank, the lighter his skin color is, and the more hair has. For example, the first Brute Captain you fight who has a brute shot, is a dark gey color, and has some hair on the back of his head, but if you look at normal brown Brutes, they have no hair, or at least not much, just some sticking up here and there. But back to my point, look at Tartarus, he has a mohawk and the hair on the lower back of his head, but the Captains only have the hair-on-back-of-head, do you see where I'm going? The higher the rank, the more hair they have. And also, they become closer to white, or albino rather, the higher their rank. Just thought this was interesting.

Well no, it wasn't exactly interesting. More like a cheap dig.

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The only race we know to be immune to the Flood . . .

Asmus Neergaard ( writes:

While reading both the transcipts of Halo 2 and the book 'The Art of Halo; Creating a Virtual World', I stumbled upon something odd.

According to 'The Art of Halo', the Hunters are consisting "of a kind of colony of spineless worms..." (page 33.) The same page states that: "The Hunter's relative weakness in its cinsistent "parts" means that it requires generous armour and shielding to maintain the Hunter form." We could, from this text, think up a scenario where the Covenant discovered these worms and their ability to take different forms, give the worms the required armour and hereby assimilate the Hunters in the Covenant collective. However, in the deleted cutscene from Halo 2, where the 'Hall of Murals' appear, something odd appears. The picture with the name 'Age(s) of Conflict' depicts Elites standing on a bunch of Hunters. If we connect this picture with the transcript of the Halo 2 level, 'The Arbiter', the Prophet of Truth tells the Arbiter that Arbiters held important roles in the Covenant history, including "The Taming of the Hunters".

How come the Hunters needed to be tamed and won over, if they're only worms without Covenant armour. Could the Hunters' armour actually be another Forerunner mystery? If the Covenant didn't equip the Hunters for starters, who did then?

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Nick McKinnon (nmckinn@WPI.EDU) writes:

I've found a new AI which hasn't been noticed before.

In The Fall of Reach, he's right at the beginning of chapter 34, page 302. It is the Space Dock Quartermaster of the REACH dock where the Circumference is being held, and his name is Doppler.

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