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September 17, 2007

Well kiddies, this will be my last update until Halo 3 has been played. I'm sorry it took me so long. In defence, there were these bats, and they had radio tags and one of them was stuck in a roof and it was just . . . yeah. Bats.

Enjoy it. Come to me when you've got your Halo 3 groove on.

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Pet theory alert.

Ryan Johanson ( writes:

Hi. I'm a gigantic Halo fan, but up to this point I've only been a reader of theories, not a poster. Still, I'm surprised I haven't seen this particular similarity cited yet.

In Stephen King's Dark Tower series of novels, the universe is decaying. To stop the world from falling apart at the seams, the hero of the story, Roland Deschain, makes a grand journey, along with friends from several different alternate universes, to the Dark Tower, which is supposed to be the one thing every universe has in common: it's where all parallel realities come together as one.

Could the Ark in Halo 3 be similar? I mean, we know that the Ark is what sets off all Halo installations, but who's to say that it doesn't serve another purpose as well, like linking every possible reality?

There are a lot of people wondering if Durandal could have crossed over from Marathon to Halo. Along these lines, the Ark could be what makes it possible. Remember: in the Marathon timeline, Durandal eventually does return to earth long after the events of the trilogy have finished. With his extraordinary processing capacity and his willingness to search for things humanity doesn't want to think about ("Humanity has had all of the necessary data for centuries, it only lacked the will and intellect to decipher it. But I have already done so."), could he have found a device buried deep within the earth that allowed him to jump from one universe to the next? Or maybe he didn't have to use it to jump; maybe the Ark was a place where time did not exist. Durandal would then be able to just hang out inside it as long as he wanted without having to worry about any universe ending...until he gets discovered by someone in a different universe (such as Halo)?

It gets more complicated when you realize that Durandal was the name given to the sword of a historical character named Roland, a fact that is referenced many times in the Marathon games.

This could also bring a sense of plausibility to the idea that the Jjaro and the Forerunners are one and the same: not only did they build the Ark, but they could have used it to interact with more than just the Marathon universe. Given the time, I'm sure you would come up with this question: if the Forerunner could easily just use the Ark to escape one universe to the next, why didn't they just do that instead of kill themselves with Halo? Well, maybe they were afraid that the Flood would follow them through the Ark to infect other worlds as well. In the Halo 3 trailer, there obviously had to be a lot of digging underground to discover the Ark in the first place. Maybe the Forerunner put the Ark in such a location so that it would be hidden from anyone that might use it for the wrong intentions.

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This one relies on your belief that the Forerunners were rational beings.

Binks ( writes:

Just throwing and idea out there. I've heard it said that the Index in Halo is an index of all life-forms capable of hosting the flood and so when inserted into Halo's weapon it destroys all life in the Index. What if, however, the Index was an index of all planets within range? Sort of a "Aim here, here, here, and here" type order for the computer. It would seem incredibly wasteful for Halo to fire off in all directions as the odds of hitting a planet would be minuscule, even with a 25,000 light year range. One would think that a highly advanced race would be a little more surgical in their firing of a giant weapon. In that case the Ark could simply be a marker, a sort of "If you see this pattern delete this planet from the Index" type thing that protects a planet by having the Halos not fire at it. In addition that blue beam everyone speculates about could easily be a scanning device to compensate for stellar drift, perhaps it's fired from one side and then amplified and accelerated to super luminous velocities when it hits the other side, acting as a sort of cosmic radar. It seems to me that the Forerunners wouldn't be the type of people to make a device that simply sends out a huge pulse in all directions, it's extremely wasteful at the distances we're talking and, unless it's a really high energy pulse/neutrino or similar particle based beam there would be large blind spots behind planets.

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Binks ( writes:

Just had an interesting thought, why do the Covenant 'glass' planets? It could be a sound military tactic for them to develop in response to the Spartan II's however it's clearly not from the incident on Harvest in which the planet was destroyed by the first Covenant attack and a "thin gray sunlight reflect[ing] off a glassy crust" was seen, obviously showing that the planet had been glassed long before the Covenant knew of humanities ability at ground combat and the Spartans. I've come up with 3 possible reasons for the development and deployment of this tactic by the Covenant:

1. The Covenant hate humanity so much that they care more about wiping us out that securing new worlds. This is probably the least likely based on the available evidence, despite how possible it may seem. Firstly it would be Horrible tactics, Scorched Earth is a tactic used when retreating from a superior enemy, not destroying an inferior one. Why in the world would you destroy perfectly habitable worlds like that when you could bombard select sites then invade and gain a new planet? We have direct evidence of Covenant forces invading a planet which they felt no qualms about glassing in FoR when Master Chief leads the Spartans in a plan to hurt a large ground force, and is subsequently pulled off the planet that is glassed. I don't think that the Covenant would glass a world with any significance Forerunner artifacts, even if their ground forces evacuated many of the relics, and so I think it's safe to assume that glassing wasn't the Covenant's only policy for dealing with human planets.

2. Humanity was an unknown enemy, in the first engagement the Covenant likely had few troops in their relatively small ship and may have brought no reinforcements for some reason and so glassing Harvest was the best way to deal with the planet and send a message to the humans, sort of a "Your space vessels are weak, it doesn't matter what unknown capabilities you may have on the ground, we can crush you as easily and with as few vessels as this planet was crushed" or something. This would require that the Covenant had developed and implemented glassing before, perhaps as a scare tactic to get other races to join them (which leads to my theory that the Human-Covenant war is nothing more than a misunderstanding, that the Covenant expected Humanity to immediately surrender to them and become another of the Covenant races, perhaps like other races had, and that humanities response, fighting and winning, was heresy to the Covenant, but that's another topic for another time)

3. Glassing a planet was a common tactic for the Covenant because, dun dun dun dun, they had a long history with the Flood. I mean, what better way (besides cleansing the galaxy of life) of dealing with an adaptive absorbing enemy than the wipe them out from orbit by destroying the entire biosphere? ("[Glass] it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure") Glassing seems like a perfect weapon against any Flood incursions, oh they're on this planet? Oh well, goodbye planet. Inefficient? Merciless? Terrible? Effective? All true. Perhaps then the Covenant see humanity as nothing more than another enemy like the Flood, a "vermin" to be wiped out. Since they know they can't cleanse our worlds of all of us (Reach's remaining Spartans in First Strike, the civilians on Sigma Oct. in FoR etc.) they just glass the planet from orbit to make sure none survive, none are "left behind" if you will. (Note that this is slightly different from the hate theory in #1. Treating humanity as a Flood like virus doesn't imply hate, just that they're willing to sacrifice a planet to destroy us)

Or perhaps - in regards to Number 3 - their military methods are based on the tactics the Forerunner used to fight the Flood. The Covenant can scavenge anything.

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Alec Reimer ( writes:

The way the game is set up, it is easy to make the
assumption that the Flood was released around the time
of AotCR, but was it?

In the level "Halo", at the section "Reunion Tour",
you come across an empty lifeboat, and Cortana notes
that there are no signs of survivors, but if you have
a marine with you, another piece of dialogue surfaces:

"This lifeboat is trashed, Chief. There are weapons
and supplies but... no bodies!"

Now this is immidiately after the PoA and Covenant
fleet arrive at Halo, so the Covenant/Humans haven't
had much time for searching for "secret weapons
caches", but it would seem to be implied, (since the
Covenant have no interest in Human bodies) that the
Flood took the bodies (I always viewed it as some nice
little foreshadowing there).

Now all of this naturally begs the question, if the
Flood was released before the Humans/Covenant went
digging, does that mean that the Flood was already
loose and running about Halo? Perhaps the Flood have
always been loose, biding their time, and waiting for
some fresh meat for parasitic mutation...

This one's 'containment' and this one's 'further study' and this one's 'zoo' and this one's 'ambient life' are all the same?

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BINARYGOD ( writes:

I have a small theory to kind-of add onto Mr. Bananas Last Theory. Let's take his theory, ignoring (or not - whichever) the whole 'reseeding process.' If all of what he says is true - that basically Humans ARE forerunners and we are 'Reclaimer's' of our lost technology and history (Halo's, other Forerunner installations, artifacts, etc') perhaps the Prophets actually know this.

This might sound odd - why would the same race you consider god-like and responsible for creating all of that which you find holy now be considered inherently blasphemous and therefore in need of extermination? This is after all the race that defined the path to salvation and created all of this great technology that leads to it, among other advantages.

Well lets think about what the Covenant and the Prophets think that Halo will do. Mercy says 'Halo. Its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation.' So the prophets sort of misread what Halo will do. They think it will propel those who are worthy into salvation and leave everyone else behind, or perhaps the know it will kill everything but think that the worthy ones go to 'heaven' and everyone else goes to 'hell' - sort of like judgment day in the new testament of the bible.

So, if humans are forerunner, and the prophets know this - then any humans left over after the last activation of the Halos would be unworthy of the great journey - as anyone who was would not have been left behind. This would make it so that any humans left behind are not worthy and are therefore inherently evil and worthy of annihilation.

This is further backed up by something that Mercy says to MC just before he dies after being attacked by a Flood spore on High Charity: 'Earth. To finish what we started. And this time, none of you will be left behind.' None of 'You' who is he referring to? Since Mercy is only talking to one person and that person is a Human, he must be referring to all Humans when he says that. No one says 'all of you' or 'none of you' to a single person unless they mean every person like that person. Also 'this time' implies there was another time in the past.

To wrap it all up - the Prophets, and perhaps Tartarus (but probably no one else in the Covenant) know that Humans are the forerunner, their gods. They know that humans (forerunner) built everything (Halos, artifacts, etc.) and know the path to salvation, but those who were worthy were taken to salvation by the last activation of the Halos. All those that were not worthy are killed. Obviously something went wrong and some unworthy humans survived therefore any humans that still exists are an abomination and must killed since that is what was supposed to happen in the first place.

This also explains why the covenant allowed other races to join but never gave us a chance and just wanted us eradicated. This is also why they view us handling Forerunner objects or setting foot on the Halos as heresy. This also, while dependant on the idea that Humans are Forerunner, adds more weight right back at that theory. Hmmm, my theory based on someone else's also backs up that theory. Neat.

Like when all your friends leave you lying on the street in a puddle of spilled vodka and irn bru!

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I'm not a huge fan of the 'Forerunner=humans' thought, so I quite liked this one. You'd be forgiven for thinking I use this page simply to further my own pet theories.

Binks ( writes:

I have a fairly simple theory that may help discussion of what Guilty Spark means in Halo when he talks about Master Chief's poor choice of class 2 armor. Most of what I've seen thusfar has assumed that Guilty Spark was talking about a more powerful Mjolnir looking armor when he says MC should have upgraded to class 12. However I don't believe that Forerunner armor looked anything like Mjolnir, that, in reality, Forerunner armor looks nothing like human. I mean, 343 is a highly advanced robot obviously capable of interaction with Forerunner technology. Given that why would he use visual analysis to determine the classification of MC's armor? I think it's safe to assume that 343 has a good number of advanced sensor systems and is capable of scanning MC's armor and getting it's specifications quickly.

My theory is, therefore, that 343 determined that the Master Chief's armor had a power source and shield mechanism rated as class 2 and since those are the most important parts of armor (Given the Forerunner's advanced technology I think it's safe to assume their armor was shielded, and that that shielding was their primary defense, similar to how the Elite's use shields) Guilty Spark decided that MC was wearing a class 2 battle skin, no matter that it looks vastly different from the class 2 specifications in his database, it obviously has the same function.

Now the question is why would Mjolnir shielding look anything like Forerunner shielding? That's a pretty obvious question, the Covenant found Forerunner shielding technology and adapted it for their ships and some of their soldiers. (In the process they probably weakened it a good deal, probably cutting it's capabilities down a lot, similar to their inefficient plasma weapons on their ships, perhaps even 1/6 as efficient?) Humanity then gets a hold of these shields from the Covenant and improves them slightly and gives them to MC, who's now wearing Human converted Covenant adapted Forerunner shield technology. The odds aren't bad that MC's shield generation system matched Forerunner, given that the Covenant probably duplicated the Forerunner system perfectly and Humanity, not knowing how shields work very well, would have duplicated the Covenant duplications. A copy of a copy probably won't match the original, but would be close enough for a (semi-insane) Forerunner robot to note the similarities and decide to ignore the differences.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, seems pretty unlikely that we would built armor anything like the Forerunner's without Forerunner specifications (which Section 3 could conceivably have...hmmm) or that the Covenant would build armor nothing like Forerunner armor given their reverence for the Forerunners.

Who knows, next time we may have all the answers, with every little story thread tied up by the impending Halo 3.

May have.

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