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October 18, 2002

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...

Nothing beats curling up by the hearth and waging war against the alien hordes on a cool day. But for those of you in fire ban areas, on probation, or still traumatized by the Halo 2 Trailer's sight of Earth in flames, don't despair. Instead sit and bask in the warmth of your monitor's glow...

Matt Wright ( writes:

In TFoR, the PoA was given a ship grade AI. This was never initialized because of the sudden attack on Reach, and Cortana had to step in. However, Cortana, as TFoR emphasized, was a different type of AI, much smarter then all the security AI's and much more creative. Cortana was never meant to be a warship's AI, but was merely in the right place at the right time. 343 GS is pretty observant. He'd be stupid to think Cortana is just a warship AI.

Also, during The Maw, 343 GS seems to differentiate between a 'construct' and a 'warship's AI'. He keeps asking the Master Chief to hand over the 'construct',†Cortana, who has control over the Index. Yet throughout he keeps saying that this 'warship's AI' "possesses far too much data", and that destroying†the PoA†would destroy a record of human history.

When beaching the PoA on Halo, there is no mention of a purging of the ships data arrays as in previous encounters with the Covenant (not mentioned doesn't mean it didn't happen). But... maybe the mysterious other PoA AI survived and was still in the ship. The Covenant wouldn't be able to access this dead info from outside the ship, but 343 GS was inside, able to see ALL the information there, not just the data moving on the network. Most importantly 343 GS keeps talking about the AI having too much info, even though Cortana is currently with the MC.

If 343 GS is talking about another AI, it would†make for an interesting twist.

An excerpt from Cortana Letter #4:

x - process 04497.2.32.867734 initiated (process owner: BW ˜ AI Class III ˜ autonomous)

Route Code: PoA > BHQ (EC #42: cannot confirm; security compromised)

Source: BW-AI aboard (?) PoA

An elusive stowaway? What could it be up to? What has become of it?

hmm... ;)

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Foe Hammer. Just where did our super saucy favorite flying troop transport come from?

Necko Divad ( writes:

I noticed that in The Fall of Reach the Pillar of Autumn is listed as having only 3 Pelicans. While playing the game however I noticed that there were 4. One crashes in the level Silent Cartographer, the second on AotCR, the third in 343 Guilty Spark, and then there is Foe Hammer trying to pick you up in the Maw. Where did the other Pelican come from? My best guess is that some people on Reach managed to evacuate before it was destroyed. That would leave it open that others made it off too.

Could some of the Spartans have survived as well?

Spartans away on other missions? More groups being trained? Possible survivors from Reach? Who says we're a dying breed :)

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And pondering the Covenant's zeal and dedication...

William Vanti ( writes:

Was the purpose of the raid on Sigma Octanus specifically to try and find out the location of Halo? Seeing as Cortana used the signal encoded in the crystal to find it, the Covenant probably could have had the same use for that information, i.e. finally pinning down the location of Halo.

If there are other Halos out there, that leaves a lot of room for plenty of sequels, since the Covenant are probably trying to find those as well. Or would it even matter? The Covenant thought they could use Halo as a weapon in their holy war, but maybe that was before they knew it destroys all sentient life.

Are they fervent enough in their beliefs that they'd be willing to sacrifice themselves to destroy humans?

What? Who dares to question the Covenant's resolve? ;)

An excellent query. We may be in for quite a wait for a definitive answer though. Halo 2 does promise an explanation of the Covenant's hidden motives but... ::sigh:: Only a year to go.

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