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October 22, 2006

Here we are again. With Halo 3 on the corner, the rate of speculation seems to be slowing down a wee bit, but there's some really amazing stuff coming in. The forum's always a good place to start, Ciar·n posts about the HGN and Johnson, which is a good read. Start there, go further.

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eMCee ( writes:

William Blake, who is best known in the Haloverse for connections drawn from "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" in the Cortana Letters, also wrote a long and complex fictional mythology that appears to parallel the different factions of the Story.

The essentials of the myth are the four main characters known as Zoas. These four were derived from a primordial man named Albion, who fell and "split" into these four Zoas. Their names are Urizen, Luvah, Urthona, and Tharmas. Right off the bat we can draw a few conclusions. First, each of the names sounds similar to another word: Urizen/Reason, Luvah/Lover, Urthona/Earth, Tharmas/Tharms (Tharms is an archaic word meaning "twisted guts"). From these meanings we can begin to classify some of the factions of Halo as parallel to specific Zoas.

I suppose the most obvious parallel is Tharmas, as "twisted guts" describes The Flood pretty well, but the support for the connection doesn't end there. While poking around on google I found a page at devoted to Blake, and found a few charts that display the different qualities of the Zoas. A chart taken from William Blake: The Complete Poems (ed. Alicia Ostriker) divides the Zoas into qualities such as Eternal Role, Fallen Character, Fallen Form, and Region. Of particular interest is the Fallen Form of Tharmas, which can be described as "Flood" or "Chaos." The Region associated with Tharmas is "circumference," possibly a symbol for Halo.

Urthona threw me for a loop at first because its association with Earth led me to believe it represented humanity, but things didn't add up. A chart by Northrop Frye taken from Fearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake associated Urthona with things like "Death" (more akin to sleep) and an underground dwelling. The release of the Halo 3 trailer clarified this for me, leading me to believe that Urthona is a symbol for The Forerunner. The possible presence of The Ark under Earth's surface helps to associate Urthona with the Forerunner on Earth.

Humanity is represented by Luvah. Luvah is asscociated with "Passion" and "Rebellion" according to Ostriker's Chart, and also has the Fallen Character of "Orc and the Shadowy Female" (the combination of which can also be called "Demon Red"). I believe this to be symbolic of the Master Chief and Cortana, as they are "rebelling" against The Covenant in a sense, and Cortana is a shadowy female without a doubt.

Urizen is the only one left, and is represenative of The Covenant. Urizen is associated with "God, Priest, or King," and has the virture of Faith and the fallen character of Doubt and Tyranny. Urizen is the antagonist of Blake's Mythology, and is in constant opposition with the other Zoas, just as The Covenant are the antagonistic force in Halo.

These parallels might not add much to our knowledge of the story, but they seem to represent Blake as a much more important influence on the Halo Story than previously thought. Perhaps even more intriguing is the role descendants of William Blake played in shaping Halo's story. Bill Everett, creator of Namor: The Sub Mariner (as slyly mentioned by Frankie in a weekly update) said that the inspiration for Namor came from a poem by Coleridge titled "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." It's divided into Seven parts, the third of which seems to reflect aspects of Halo's story, not to mention some quotes from both Halo and Marathon. That said, the connections are loose and only produce more speculation, so I digress (that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the poem for yourself, its a good read).

Here are links to the charts used.
And here

It's a bit like English homework, isn't it? No wrong answers, just a lot of the teacher staring at you . . .

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Oh my darlings, you will like this one. I love it.

Reid ( writes:

There was a rather amusing theory postulated by Frank Tipler (his book _Physics of Immortality_) stating that a computer could compute everything, e.g. an infinite amount of processing power, in zero time, as the universe collapsed into the the euclidean point at time-zero. My speculation has been that Durandal "discovered" this in the Marathon universe, and used it to escape into the Halo universe. A lot of other people believe it, too, obviously. Tipler's book was published in 1994, before Marathon Infinity, so it's also quite possible that Bungie read it and got their idea from it.

The problem is, how would such a computer work, what would it look like, how would it survive the collapse? Who or what is the incarnation of Durandal in Halo assuming he did escape Marathon? If Durandal did survive closure, what would it even mean?

After the universe collapsed and re-separated, there wouldn't exactly be computers floating around in space for him to download himself onto. In fact, there wouldn't exist a computer for him to reside on when the universe initially expanded. The way to survive would probably involve stacking the deck: using his massive amount of processing power and a little bit of sweat to set things just right at the expansion point so that events unfolded to re-create him via spontaneous reactions. I've started wondering if the Tipler computer would make more sense as an organic computer for this reason.

Organic compounds are self-organizing, which is rather convenient for a post-collapse, freshly big-banged, universe-reboot scenario, in which essentially hydrogen (and maybe some helium) are all that's there. It's hoping against hope that silicon wafers with electricity would spontaneously form post-collapse. Indeed it would require a lot of manipulation, and likely could not be made to happen spontaneously simply because Durandal didn't have a fine enough finger to move the universe-bits around in 0 dimensions.

Stacking the deck to create Guanine, Adenine, Thymine, and Cytosine (better known as G,A,T,C) probably wouldn't be too difficult, though. Maybe he wanted to be sure he got himself recreated, in which organic compounds seem like the way to go. An organic compound that would eventually become the new durandal would be simple: make sure the base molecules get created in the right order somewhere, and in close proximity to each other, and you'll get yourself again, assuming the universe could be deterministically computed (Tipler again, he'd have all the processing power he needed). It wouldn't be too difficult to put higher concentrations of hydrogen in one spot. that would form the first star, which eventually supernova. The fallout from the supernova would be mostly stuff lighter than iron, including plenty of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and leftover, unburned hydrogen.

Which of course leads to the question, how would he assure himself that his organic computer was sufficient to survive the next collapse and achieve its goal (escape forever)?

Probably a stretch, but the Flood actually makes sense as a Durandal carrier. If you want to assure survival to the universe's collapse, make yourself big and redundant. Expand as far and as wide as you possibly can. It's highly probably that Durandal would have fun doing that as the Flood, making efficient use out of other organic compounds' hard work at evolution to bolster his own security and escape. So imagine if you will, the Flood are an organic version of Durandal. Since Durandal survived the collapse of the universe once this way, he'd sure as hell want to keep on doing it.

Except, of course, the forerunner impede his progress. Maybe they realize what he is, and want to study him so that they can figure out how to survive the universe collapse themselves. This might make sense based on the Covenant reaction to Halo 004. If the Forerunners knew that the Flood were universe-survivors, they probably documented it, and probably documented that the Flood were the key to life forever (through the next universe collapse, anyway). The Covenant, in all their data mining of Forerunner computers, would no doubt come across the document. It wouldn't take too much of a misunderstanding on the Covenant's part to think that the Halos (which were part research station to analyze the flood) represented ascension to a higher plane of existence -- the Forerunner documentation would probably say exactly that!

Kind of a bizarre idea that's been bouncing around in my head for a few years now. Consider it a theory unless anyone can see an obvious counterpoint that disproves it.

I really, REALLY like this theory. Even if it can be disproved, it is one amazing piece of thought, and so eloquently laid out. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I love about you guys.

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Oh a rose by any other name would be as bitter and prickly.

reprobate ( writes:

I was just looking up the various names of the Spartans in anticipation of Oynx coming out soon when I entered in Maria's and thought it particularly relevant to the character (taken form 'The meaning is not known for certain, but there are several theories including "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child".'
If that doesn't describe Maria, I don't know what does.

Now, by "wished for child", I automatically thought of it as the "wished for child", as in, wanted by her parents. It could be read as 'wanting a child', which is supposedly Maria's reason for getting out. I'm not convinced myself, what about you?

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This won't be the last you hear of him, but I'm a sucker for Sangheili theories.

UrsusArctos ( writes:

I thought of something after reading Manuel Bothelo's take on Gravemind (October 17). Manuel suggests that Gravemind was made out of flood-infected forerunners. One panel in the Art of Halo shows Gravemind with Sangheili(Elite) skulls for teeth.

Manuel's theory- Gravemind is made of infected forerunner
Art of Halo- Gravemind is made of infected elites (Among other things)

If the Elite part of Gravemind came from Regret's honor guards, he must have assimilated them unbelievably fast. Regret's corpse is practically untouched apart from being reanimated, so the Elite corpses should logically be in the same state. The only other explanation is that the Elite skulls came from Elites that had been on the ring well before Regret. Tie that in with the aforementioned infected forerunner theory, and what do we get? Elites were part of the Forerunner, maybe in the same sense as they are( perhaps more appropriately were) part of the Covenant.

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UrsusArctos contributes a lot to this page, and I almost glossed over this email as stuff we'd heard before, but it grew on me. Have a look, see what you think.

UrsusArctos ( writes:

The Great Journey- Potentially the strongest Tolkien connection, and also the hardest one to make in some ways. The immortal Elves were called by the Valar(Archangels) to cross the Great Sea of Middle Earth and come to their deathless realm of Valinor, where nothing died(Whatever was killed would have its spirit wait in a sort of Valhalla). But, however, they were fated to prepare the world for the coming of Men(Whom the Elves called the Aftercomers or the Followers). Some of the Elves refused to go along on the Great Journey, and they were left behind(Compare with what Truth says to the Arbiter and Mercy says to the Master Chief). Others went to Valinor and returned later, most of them during Feanor's war of the Silmarils. After the defeat of Sauron in Lord of the Rings, most of the Elves went west over the sea and never returned.

Just to be speculative, what if the Forerunner saw the flood threat approaching, and decided to set things up for later races to inhabit the galaxy? The Halos fired, and the forerunner died physically, but, as with Tolkien's elves, went to a place where they could linger on and continue to influence the events of the world, and even come back into the world when needed. According to Joe Staten, the Forerunner never really died out, but "faded away", an epithet that easily fits the fate of slain Elves. (Guilty Spark, an AI, would consider physical death to be the end, and not appreciate the great beyond.) Master Chief was born in Elysium, the blessed afterlife of the Greeks. He has an innate understanding of forerunner writing and technology. Could he be a reincarnated forerunner, who was sent back from the Halo equivalent of Valhalla through whatever technology the forerunners had created over the centuries?

Then there's the sea, another recurring theme in the Great Journey. People have noticed the wierd link between water and the Halos ever since the game came out, pointing out higher water levels in Silent Cartographer and AotCR, the frozen waterfall near Halo 04's control room, driftwood on SC, the lake Regret's temple is on top of, so on. In First Strike, the hallway leading to the room with the crystal has blue tiles that give the impression of waves breaking upon a shore. High Charity has seagulls aboard.(Stephen Loftus pointed that one out on the forum). Elves who come near the sea and hear the call of the gull can no longer resist the desire to go on the Great Journey(from Lord of the Rings). Regret: "It's divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling the worthy along the path to salvation". Doesn't wind propel sailing ships?

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Rounding it off, Ibeechu gives us this. I like it, it's subtle . . . er.

Incidentally - this would be entry number 1001! Celebrate!

Ibeechu ( writes:

Finn states 5 possible reasons why GS can speak English. I have another, and it is based on an idea by Stephen Loftus. Maybe he is speaking the Forerunner's language which isn't English, but it's close enough to the Covenants language that the Master Chief's suit can translate it.

This makes sense in that Prophets probably speak a similar language to the Forerunners, seeing as they evolved on a Forerunner planet. However, if Prophets and Elites speak the same language (which they might not, but just assume), and GS speaks a language similar to that, why can't the MC understand Elites in Halo 1?

There are two possible answers for that... or one, depending on how you look at it. The Master Chief's armor translates Grunt language, so maybe Grunt language is coincidentally similar to GS's language. The second answer could be that Prophets speak a Forerunner language, but Elites don't. The Humans did manage to capture a Prophet in FoR (I think, I may have made it up) so maybe they added translation software for the Prophet's language and it could be a Forerunner language, so GS is inadvertantly translated. This could bring up another idea. Maybe the Prophets are the only ones seen worthy enough to speak the ancients' tongue? Thanks, cheers!

Or the Elites weren't speaking real Elitish, but something else . . . and in the crisis of faith we see happening in Halo 2 - they return to speaking their own language. After all, Sparks and the Heretic understand each other perfectly, and something tells me the Heretic is not one to speak the language of Prophets.

What do you mean I'm shooting long?

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October 19, 2006

Ghosts of Onyx Preview

reprobate emailed to let us know that currently has an excerpt from the upcoming Ghosts of Onyx novel posted on their site.

A good read: an apparent flashback, rebel operations, and a another Spartan named Kurt-051.

Oh. Spoilers. (This is the HSP, what did you expect? ;) )

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Wait a sec... Was that a Marathon Terminal Sound in the Halo 3 Trailer?

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October 18, 2006

Recently, Peptuck noticed a rather neat update to the Cortana Wikipedia entry by a certain "Brannonb". To wit:

Although normally an AI needs a high-end computer core memory to reside in, the MJOLNIR Mark V armor system is equipped with a revolutionary crystal memory system that makes Cortana portable. Due to her extensive experience at infiltrating enemy systems and access to Naval Intelligence hacking routines, Cortana is also able to transfer from system to system even without the use of a hard-coded key like the one used by Captain Jacob Keyes. Contrary to some observations, Cortana does not reside on the "key card" that Captain Keyes transfers form the Pillar of Autumn's computer to the MJOLNIR suit -- this is merely the authorization key needed for Cortana to make the transfer from the ship's core memory to the memory matrix in the MJOLNIR suit. The need for a coded physical key is supposed to prevent AI from moving from system to system at will. Though Cortana is among the few AI who can get around this limitation with effort, it's a classified ability and she does not flaunt it.

There was a little confusion over its authenticity, but Brannon Boren himself, being the good sport he is, wasted little time in confirming his part in it. However, according to Brannon, he added this under the assumption that it was already in one of the books, which it is unfortunately not. So, as this clearly stems from his first hand knowledge of the source material, it was correct, though it may not be any more ;)

Thank Brannon; fascinating. It's stuff like that that makes our day :)

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Keep hoping buddy; you're not alone! ;)

Brian Holland ( writes:

When dealing with the question of how Halo and Marathon are related, most people just take Bungie's official statement at face value, or realize that Halo takes place before the Marathon story actually ends. (ends? "to end the end a master" "find yourself... starting back...")

I would like to point out something interesting found in the text of the final screen of Marathon 2: Durandal. The first 2 paragraphs read as follows:

"It was ten thousand years before fate brought Durandal once again into contact with man.

The Pfhor were but a dim memory then, known only to a few historians and students of Earth's second colonial period. The S'pht had been nearly forgotten as well, and no man had seen a living specimen of their race since the sacking of the Pfhor system by the combined fleets of Earth and the S'pht'Kr in 2881 AD.

The part that sparked my attention was the bit about how the events in the Marathon series (1 & 2 at least) took place in the "second colonial period" this implies that before the launching of Marathon, there was a 1st colonial period, I assume this must be the esablishment of 'inner-colonies' as the Marathon is supposed to be the first 'outer-colony' expedition. More importantly, this implies that there could be several more colonial periods after the events of Marathon, or at least alot of time and history that occurs between Marathon and when "fate brought Durandal once again into contact with man." (10,000 years later) Is it so hard to believe that Halo is taking place sometime in those 10,000 years, sufficient time for the events of Marathon and the S'pht / Pfhor / Human wars to be all but forgotten by humanity? The 'AD' / 'Military Calendar' discrepency offers excuses for this sort of thing.

Of course who knows what twists Bungie can throw out, owing to the fact that Jjaro technology in Marathon gives you the ability to bend time/space, and Forerunner artifacts in the Halo story do the same thing...

I'd have given up completely if it wasn't for Alex Seropian going off about the Heroes being "the same character" (even if thematically) and that dang blank century...

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Here fishy, fishy, fishy.

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October 17, 2006

You Are What You Eat: A Gravemind Theory

Manuel Botelho ( writes:

I just was surfin the net when i came arcoss your site. As far as Gravemind is concerned i think that he is an infected forerunner from the first realeasment of the flood.I mean think about it if the covenant and humans became infected during battles whith the flood why couldnt the forerunner. They were sentient life, yet that brings up another question. What happened to the rest of the forerunner who were infected?

Interesting and entirely feasible. The only other material Gravemind could realistically be made from would be other species who have landed in the ring during the interim (or during this landing, if he's quick!). As 343 says in the "Conversations...": "A primitive, hegemonizing swarm calling itself The Covenant has landed on installation 4, apparently seeking something specific. Exploring! Meddling! I've seen it all before. They'll record what they see and they'll leave."

However, if any of these previous races had become Flood fodder, it stands to reason that the Flood would have long since escaped, given their affinity for assimilation and repair.

Forerunner it is then :)

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DB Weiss Script Rewrite

As noted some time ago on the front page, a certain DB Weiss is now involved in the second draft (or third, if you believe Jackson :P ) of the Halo Movie script.

I have to say, I was rather disappointed to read the flippant allusions to Garland's "poor script" on this and several other sites; I for one thought his was a remarkable and tactfully done compression/retelling of the game's major plot points (and, trust me, it is quite unlike me to compromise in that way). Tisk, tisk. ::sigh:: Sniff.

(I should be wary lest a forum-goer scream "Welcome to last week" or "Old!" in one of my delicate ears. Thankfully, I rarely venture out anymore, and the HSP Post Button is a carefully guarded mechanism :)

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There have been two Eric Nylund interviews as of late: one is here at IGN, and the other... ah, it has no more details than this one; don't worry your heads about it. Well, fine: it's at Gamespot.

Suffice to say, the novel Ghosts of Onyx is out SoonTM and Nylund still ain't talkin'. It's almost as though he wants us to read the book for ourselves...

There: saved you some time ;)

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October 16, 2006

From the October 13th Weekly Update: Maria-062

ubersaurus asks:

How was it that the SPARTAN-II in the Halo Graphic Novel story "Armor Testing" was able to retire?


That's classified. Put it this way, she didn't simply up and say "Oh, I'm off to have a baby, peace out."

With all sympathy towards the desire for children, it's good to know that the criteria allowing elite super soldiers to retire in the face of the extermination of the species are at least -how shall we say?- rigourous.

(Unless her being allowed to leave and have a child was in itself an ONI experiment, with or without her knowledge, to test the alterations passed on...)

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From the October 13th Weekly Update: Alpha, Delta...

opogjijijp asks:

Why are the Halos we've encountered been named Alpha Halo and Delta Halo?


You will find out soon enough.

That ONI has known about them for some tim... oh, I mean, I can't wait ;)

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Fun with Symbolism

Justin 4nier ( writes:

Just a quick thing that I noted while looking through all of the mythological references on Spartan 117, conscenring the allusions to the "many arrows to blot out the sun" (Dienekes) and the thunder god's hammer being the "Lightening crusher" - The Spartan insignia is an eagle clutching a lightening bolt in one claw and arrows in the other, as mentioned in FoR.

As depicted here and here. (Thanks Warbow :)

Good eye :)

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October 12, 2006

The Prophet of Joyride

Dielectric noticed the rather specific nature of the name and description for the figurine of the Prophet of Mercy over at Joyride:

"The venerable Hod Rumnt was elected to the Covenant High Council before either the Prophets of Truth or Regret were born. His tenure has been marked by several tense debates with Elite High Councilors over the proper dispensation of Forerunner artifacts. Mercy is considered one of the last of the Old Guard - a hard-liner who has publicly questioned the wisdom of the Prophets' demilitarization at the close of the Prophet-Elite war."

Socrates muses (as did I) if the existence of these "hard-liners" implies a Covenant not nearly as old as we originally thought.

And with the seemingly recent demilitarization, combined with a recent HSP submission on the the combat status of the Prophets, Ace Heart wonders if that is all about to change...

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UrsusArctos thinks Ackerson's behind it all.

Pertaining to Frankie's statement that the "remainder of the human fleet was either obliterated by the Covenant or distracted by the events at Delta Halo", Ursus wonders what other than a blend of cunning, betrayal, and guile could draw the fleet away from a besieged Earth, especially in the face of the defensive commitment Lord Hood displayed.

(Major portions of the Human fleet jumping to High Charity? Sounds like quite the untold story to me!)

Perhaps we'll see Ackerson in the 3rd installment. Or, knowing the book-game crossovers thus far, maybe not.

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Keen eyes... As noted, forum-goer Omega used his in-credible eyes to spot the Marathon logo on the H3 Assault/Battle Rifle. Louis Wu went through the trouble of cleaning up the image a tad bit here.

Slick. Keepin' the flame alive :)

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October 11, 2006

alpha juliett juliett 20114

As noted by Jillybean, is Johnson a Spartan I (One-Point-O)? It's been hinted at, rumored, and downright implied. But, if Project Orion started in 2491 with recruits of existing, "of-age" military personnel , and its 2552 "now", that would make him...

Further regarding Johnson's Spartan One-ness and the HGN,

michael "gutupio" lowery ( writes:

So it appears Ackerson and Halsey have both been quereying whether or not Johnson is an S1. And it also appears someones been feeding Halsey misinformation about Johnson. Information in this thread.

Transcripts are in a child post or two down, with some speculation by other posters.


As he says, the good stuff continues with a transcript here and here and, well, just take a look around :)

Also, Mr. Paul (, who took in Robt McLees' talk at Comic-Con, shares a number of insights that arose during a conversation involving the aforementioned text. Very neat.

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While casually engaging in some awesome hax0rz, Dojorkan ( stumbled across a few pieces of interesting "dialogue" in H2. That is, on-screen placeholder text showing lines that should normally be delivered by Cortana. From the level High Charity:

the jackals and drones have declared themselves the servants of the brutes. the hunters have sworn allegiance to the elites

the grunts seem to be neutral, or at least afraid to announce which side they support. except for truth the prophets aren't saying a word.

Also I dont think I've heard this before, no matter how long I wait:
i've lost control of the conduit! it's breaking away from the ship

When you pass through the first room in he chapter "Please, make yourelf at home:
flood spores have contaminated the city's life-support infrastructure - the filtration systems are overloading!

When you come across the flood stuff on the wall:
the amount of flood bio-mass is increasing exponentially. there are reports of infestations in every district!

if the speed of the flood's spread in this tower is any indication, it won't take long for it to overrun the entire city

Well, ain't that somethin' spiffy.

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Jordan117 and Al Gore team up for a crack(-pot?) at the future and Global Warming: The images are in, and he makes quite a case for it via carefully scrutiny of Earth coastlines in Halo 2. Check it out!

(Oh, and " ;) " ).

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October 10, 2006

It done broke.

Army Fork proposes something unique: a somewhat faulty, or at least poorly understood, Delta Halo 05. After all, why else would neither Gravemind nor the rest of his Flood brood seem at all interested in swarming the Control Room to prevent firing?

I just thought of something, could it be delta halo would not actually fire as they suspected? if it was, gravemind would have sent every flood he had to every spot where there could be a threat of halo activation to stop them from firing. But in the final fight between the arbiter and Tartarus, there are no flood present. They didn't need to go, because all that they knew would happen is that it would just fire the pulse, and the ark would be activated for it's firing. It could fire, but gravemind already knew so much that he wasn't worried about what other percieved as the threat of a halo activation. He used the Arbiter and the Chief's belief it would activate to spur them into action.

Hmmm. Check it out.

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Jackson's Project and Halo Wars

Jackson's Project.

Halo Wars.

Just like the title says. :)

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Would be negligent for a so called "story" page not to post this: seems "a friend of a friend" of spartanerik decided to put together the story of Beowulf using the Halo engine. What it lacks in subtle Old English verse it certainly makes up for with sheer creativity.

Part 1 is here, and part 2 is here.

Heh. Good work guys :)

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October 6, 2006

The 300, Thermopylae, and Halo

On the forum, Brodingo ( does some speculating regarding the fate of the Spartan II's (and John specifically) in light of both historical events (foreshadowing?) and the H2 musical track "Thermopylae Soon".

Sacrifice, betrayal... the various versions of the account vary, but his connections may hold some portent.

(And yes, you're right: the link has been made before, but, once again, clarity wins the day ;)

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A keen insight by Hilary Goldstein, writer of IGN's HGN review:

There's an interesting parallel between "Infinite Succor" and "Breaking Quarantine." Both the Spec-Ops Commander and Sergeant Johnson have the same role, albeit one is for the Covenant and the other for the humans. Both are attempting to escape a first encounter with the Flood. Halo 2 itself featured parallel storytelling with gamers switching between control of Master Chief and the Arbiter. Perhaps including such similar stories in the HGN has a thematic significance in the grander scale of the Halo storyline. Or maybe it's merely coincidence.

Honestly, probably not ;)

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Truth's Highway to Hell ::rock ensues::

IceWeasel writes:

I was playing the level Gravemind yesterday, and the prophet of Truth said something I have always heard before (i only paid attention to it like... two or three times), but it didn't quite†strike me†until now.†

He said:
"Creatures of the Covenant! The path is broad, and†we shall walk it side by side. "

The path to what, Prophet of Truth? Why, the Great Journey of course! And what does the "Great Journey" yield? That's right, destruction!

Matthew 7:13 NLT
"You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. *The highway to hell (see italicised footnote)* is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose the easy way."

7:13 Greek *The way that leads to destruction*.

So Truth is leading the galaxy down the path to destruction... I'm not too surprised.

"Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, and few find it...

Beware of false prophets, who come to you dressed as sheep, but inside they are devouring wolves."

Wow. I find it hard to stop reading that section (for a number of reasons). Good eye :)

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October 5, 2006

Cognitive Impression Modeling

Brannon Boren recently did a little explainin' regarding the creation of the concept of AI in the Halo Universe: why there aren't thousands of AI's controlling Human Cruisers, and the like. It's a very interesting read; check it out.

(PS. Thanks Brannon! Nice try, but we're not buying that "arbitrary choice" of the 7 year life-span ;)

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Brannon Boren verifies the existence of the Halo Bible.

In other news, gravity's effects are still being felt the world over...

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October 4, 2006

Verizon Story Snippets (and the like)...

I say again: volunteers, step up!

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Phoenix 2.0

Hmmm. Was Halo Wars codenamed Phoenix by Ensemble? Apparently so.

This certainly isn't the original project to bear the title, given the few "medieval", Myth-like details that surfaced under Bungie, but it is a nice tip-o-the-hat nonetheless. Thanks, Narcogen.

(Matt confirms that Bungie's Phoenix was NOT Halo related. Thanks, Matt.)

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Continuing Narc Day (and for good reason I say; what a wit), I picked out one particularly keen observation he made of the pistols from H1, tF, and FS (the M6C and M6D, and which is really "standard issue") and added it to the Inconsistencies Page.

Good eye.

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Frankie talks Covenant "Plasma" (or the apparent lack thereof).

Frankie writes:

The good news is that the use of the word "Plasma" is a semantic employed by 26th century troops to describe the appearance of the weapons rather than their true scientific attribution. The actual technology is not plasma as we know it, but something far more dangerous, arcane and destructive.

Weird but, of course, neat. Wado steps in with a rather novel theory combining conventional explosives and time manipulating technology (which we know the Forerunner were apprently oh, so enamoured with). A slick idea.

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October 3, 2006

Embarrassingly Overdue

Oi. I just noticed the obvious reference to Halsey originating from The Fountainhead.

Thankfully for humanity, Dr. Catherine Halsey is somewhat of a miscreant or fool (or both) according to Ann Rynd's delightful philosophy. Interesting.

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This is rather striking: Ace Heart noticed more than a few similarities between the real life Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya and a locale most Halo players are more familiar with than their own kitchen cupboards...

Check it out ;)

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October 2, 2006

He he. According to "John Spartan-117", apparently there's an Akira fan on the Bungie team (this also just in: milk comes from cows! ;) ). While (gasp!) modding he found a little gem in the code, labeling Regret's slipspace-induced explosion over New Mombasa "Tetsuo and Kaneda". :)

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October 1, 2006

Here's an interview Peter Jackson by Ain't it Cool News, focusing on the upcoming film, specifically the need for a bold director, great characters, and debate over PG-13 vs. R. If you haven't already, go to it.

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