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November 12, 2005

Just a small update this week. Please remember when quoting supposed facts we have plenty of reference points around.

Stephen Loftus has a set of brilliant articles which I love to bits.
Our own Halo transcripts are seen on the left hand side.
There's also the Halo 2 Cutscene library for visual aids
Our own references page ought to help as well as our timeline.
If you're looking for Marathon connections we have the Marathon Addendum on the Marathon page and other useful links that should help.

And last, but not least, we have the finest collection of minds ever to play Halo on the HBO forum, so what I'm trying to say is that there's no excuse for telling me the Hunters are jumped up Elites, or that the Halo is the size of a peapod.

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Hey! Look at this lovely piece of speculation!

Jillybean ( writes:

"sufficient biomass"

Constantly quoted and overanalysed, it strikes me there's a simple solution to this. The Ranger spore is the vector for infection - or to put it simply, that little mushroom has got to get its tentacles inside your central nervous system (normally through the soft cartilagenous tissue of the rib cage and into your spinal column). That's infection.

So far, the smallest thing we've seen being infected is a Grunt, roughly five feet tall. The Ranger spore is about a foot in length. If I were Stephen Loftus I could come up with a nice chart to show the relative size of the rib cage to the Ranger spore's tentacles, but I'm not.

All I'll say is that if the spore can't get its creepy crawlies into your spinal column, you've probably not got sufficient biomass.

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Tycho is infiltrating the ship. Don't believe everything you read.

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UrsusActos ( writes:

Catherine Elizabeth Halsey has a really wonderful name. Each part of it has something to do with the Halo universe.

Catherine-From the greek Katharos, which literally means 'pure'. For someone who is the closest thing Master Chief has to a mom, someone who's awowed to save the entire human race no matter what the monetary cost, it fits. It might be a very subtle way of differentiating her from her AI copy, Cortana(Blink-blink,wink-wink)

Elizabeth-The greek version of the Hebrew Elisheva, which means "My God is my oath" or "My God is my sustenance". Sheva also means se7en.

Halsey-A reference to World War Two admiral William Halsey, which fits with her probable attraction to Jacob Keyes and the very prominent navy/military theme in the game.

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And, so far as we know, the one species which cannot be infected is . . .

Darkest Darkness ( writes:

In the face of all these Covie=Forerunner theories using their similar technology as proof, I would like to point out that the Covenant scavenges Forerunner technology for their own use. It's all so similar because it's THE SAME. I have heard several theories about the Hunter 'race' [ . . .] The halo manuals state that they are a conglomerate of several bacterial, or perhaps just lesser life forms within their metal shell. This raises further questions; If the Covenant didn't put them together in that suit, (thus an Arbiter was required for the Taming of the Hunters) then how did they get that way? I support the theory that the Forerunner was a kind of ruling class over all species; human, Flood, and what became the Covenant, but I do not believe they created the Hunters. This would explain their fuel rod cannons, and use of old school metal shields; their tech and fighting style is very different from anything else in the Covenant, who foraged everything they have from the old Forerunner.

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November 7, 2005

By Committee

We've held off mentioning this new "Halo Movie Script Madness" in hopes of a little "official" confirmation first, but what the heck. While Bungie has yet to make an official statement regarding the Latino Review of the Halo Movie Script, El Mayimbe of the aforementioned has piped-up on the forum defending it's credibility. Considering their inside scoops in the past, there seems to be little or no reason to question its authenticity at this point. One of the only things to consider (and he brings this up himself) is the date of this particular draft (Feb. 6th, 2005) and the numerous mentions of revision made in various Bungie updates.

While it is in some ways disappointing to consider the possibility that not much new ground will be covered plot-wise, I see consolation on the horizon in a few different forms. First, this will almost certainly not be the only movie made out of the Halo franchise. The groundwork laid now will contribute to what will be, hopefully, a complete and well told story. Keeping the idea of multiple films in mind, in a way it's reassuring to see that they are starting at the beginning rather than diving in half-way or exploring a mere tangent; by doing it this way, one could say that this implies that those in power have the entire story in mind.

I'd also have to say that it is comforting to consider that if the Hollywood Machine does take the Inner Circle's advice to keep true to the source in regard to both details and actors, we may be in luck. Because the story firmly and publicly exists for this portion of our tale, it may hold the makers more accountable. After all, one of the foremost story-based complaints of Halo 2 was the lack of crossover from the novels (ie. where are those other Spartans?). In a small way, this could be the beginnings of that hope manifested.

Time will tell.

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November 1, 2005

Five months? Pfft.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Chris Ramirez, Peptuck, Funkmon, Aurora007, Echoes, Brandon Huang, and Austin LeVert, we've got a bunch more of the Halo 2 level transcripts up for your edification and enjoyment. Any clarifications, observations, prognostications, or cookies will be gratefully received at We've had tons of offers to help out with this, and I'd like to thank everyone who asked. Only the last two levels remain, and with any luck you should have access to them sometime in, oh, say January. Kidding! December, maybe. Depends.

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