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December 2, 2002

December! Ah, if only the Flood would alter the atmosphere around here. Some snow would sure make it more winter-like.

Meanwhile, deep in the HSP mailbag...

Ben ( writes:

...then it is easy to establish that humans still (assuming Halo is set in the future) use callsigns - Echo 419, Foe Hammer, Fire Team Charlie, etc. The Covenant appear to have no signs on their dropships or Commanders to signify anything like this system humans use. Even the Truth and Reconciliation has no distinguishing features. Meanwhile, Echo 419 has its name blazoned over it in large, block, white letters. Unless the Covenant are active constantly over radio (or whatever they use) then how can they be sure who's who of their army?

Interesting point. They do have a bit of symbology on their bodies and they are usually found in what might be termed "squads", but there isn't much to distinguish one Elite from another. If you're a Grunt or a Jackal you probably don't ask a whole lot of questions, though...

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James Simone ( writes:

...just wanted to start another orund of speculation aobut what the Monitor says about the Flood: "Your environment suit should serve you well when the Flood begins to alter the atmosphere. You are a good planner"

What is he talking about? Other than that one sentence, he never mentions that the Flood need to alter the atmosphere! I mean, they are trying to get off planet, are they not? I've seen the note about the Silent Cartographer ocean levels low, and I'd like to note that this is perhaps a sign that the Flood were releases before 343GS, or even Assualt on the Control Room...

That comment about "altering the atmosphere" fairly screams to be analyzed. Altered for what? As James says, if the Flood just want to get a ship or two in working order so they can get off Halo and out into the galaxy, why mess with the atmosphere? Modifying something as large as the entire atmosphere seems to imply that at least some of the Flood are staying on Halo for some reason. I wonder why? :-)

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"While naturally the Flood is simply too dangerous to release, my mass sterilization protocols may have been in need of being activated. Of course, samples were kept here after the last catastrophic outbreak...for study. It seems that that decision may have been an error."

His mass sterilization protocol? You mean he has something other than the Sentinels up his sleeve? And the fact that he says that samples were kept here seems to imply that Halo was a failsafe facility, not the primary Halo. I'll assume for now that the catastrophic outbreak was when Halo, and the other ring-worlds were fired, after the Flood broke out....and what? Killed the Forerrunner? What descicion?...

The protocols mentioned are most probably the firing of the Halo, but James raises another interesting question. Note the way that 343 Guilty Spark's comment about the sterilization protocols is structured. Why would he say that they "may have been in need of being activated?" Is there any way that the Flood can be released that doesn't require the firing of the Halo and the subsequent sterilization of the galaxy?

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Mendez, and the possibility of more Spartan trainees

Brian Wahl ( writes:

I was reading through "The Fall of Reach" for the third time and I came across an odd part in the book regarding Chief Mendez. We all know that Chief Mendez put the first group of Spartans through their training on planet Reach starting in the year 2517. On page 99, Chief Mendez states he is leaving to train a new group of Spartans in the year 2525. On page 101, the book states John 117 never sees Chief Mendez again. Now this brings up some interesting questions.

1. Where did Chief Mendez go to train the new group of Spartans? - The original training took place on Reach. We would assume the new group of Spartans would be trained on Reach also, right? To my knowledge, the book never states where the new group of Spartans were training. My thoughts are that the training could be taking place on Earth. The probability is low, but they could be training there.

2. Why didn't we hear more about the new Spartan training group? - The first group of Spartans trained from 2517 to 2525. That's only 8 years of training. The battle that occurred on Sigma Octanus IV took place in the year 2552. That is 27 years after the first training group left the care of Chief Mendez. Wouldn't we think that there would be at least 3 additional groups of Spartans trained and ready to kick ass if each group completed training in eight years? Another possibility why the new group of Spartans was never talked about is that the funding for future Spartan soldiers were cut off by the Military. Now that does not seem likely given the awesome results that occurred from the first group of Spartans.

3. If Chief Mendez was training the new Spartans on Reach, why didn't John 117 see Chief Mendez or at least hear about Chief Mendez when he went back to Reach to try out the new MJOLNIR suit (with Cortana) in the year 2552? (pg. 246) - Now it is entirely possible that John 117 and Chief Mendez just never crossed paths while John 117 was on Reach. But that seems a little weird since the MJOLNIR suit training with Cortana took place on the same training grounds as he trained in the year 2517. The book even states he rang the same bell as when the original training took place. The other possibility is that Chief Mendez passed away before any other Spartan groups were trained. Now, even if Chief Mendez did pass away, I think the Military would have someone else handle the training of these important soldiers.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this.....It is entirely possible that there are additional Spartans alive and well on Earth. There hasn't been any talk by Bungie of additional Spartans, but it seems the book left this area open for discussion. Plus, I'm not sure how Bungie would incorporate additional Spartans in the game that were not controlled by us, the players.

A well-written and thoroghly documented analysis. Good job! As far as other Spartans are concerned, though, we might have to wait for Halo 2 to see if that particular story element is addressed, unless there's something in the game we've missed? ;-)

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Finally! Someone that has read Starhammer and has a few words to say about it! Ryan had also posted this to the HBO forum, where a spirited discussion ensued.

Ryan Parsons ( writes:

Every race reaches a level where the only way to go is out, to expand, to find other planets and galaxies in which to gather resources to supply the endless appetite of it's peoples. Imagine this; Forerunner ships reach the Milky Way. They have traveled hundreds of light years, and find a few blooming races that pose no threat as of yet, but do resist the initial attacks. So, they design a few devices to keep these races at bay until reinforcements arrive. These devices? Fortress worlds. Worlds that have the power to completely eradicate the galaxy of all sentient life. Or, if destroyed, release the flood. Either way, everything in this galaxy is in trouble. This is the common link that Starhammer and Halo have. Both have a weapon of enormous power that contains an adaptive super-parasite. In Halo, these weapons were structures hidden in out of the way solar systems. In Starhammer, these weapons were gigantic crawling machines hidden in the bottom of oceans in out of the way solar systems. Also, both weapons had an AI guardian bound by strict rules (343 Guilty Spark and the Keeper) who were tasked with keeping the virus contained within the structure.

Once again people, if you're at all interested in what the Flood are, how they function, and what their role in the Halo Story is, you really ought to try to find these books.

(Not that the Flood are entirely derived from Rowley's works, but as starting points go, these three books are as good as it gets. ;-))

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Kevin Frank ( writes:

...the sentinels carry weapons that look like surgical lasers. The sents could have been made to just dissect flood, or to use the lasers as tools to break and repair metals. They did contain the flood for long periods of time, so it would be logical the sents used their lasers to dissect the flood. The forrunners probably didn't plan on fighting the flood, just planned to activate halo. Something else is weird, the Monitor says," you brought such ineffective weapons to combat the flood." Could he have been talking to the sents, or the MC. But the shotgun takes out in one hit! Pistil in like 3 or so! And frag grenades are more useful against flood! Probably was the sents...

So, could 343 Guilty Spark have been talking about the Sentinels with that comment? After all, your basic weaponry is much better for fighting the Flood than the Sentinels'...

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Another detailed analysis of a particular set of comments by 343 Guilty Spark. What is it with that guy?

Mr Yun writes:

"I would conjecture that the other species currently on the installation is responsible for releasing the Flood. They seem most persistant in their attempts to access restricted areas." -Guilty Spark 343

GS says "is". Assuming that the Level Transcript is correct. Multiple species would be "are responsible."

So GS is referring to a single species, but it could be a single species of Covenant. The Prophets are a good bet, especially in light of the recent Halo2 Preview. The Covie religious leaders.

Question, which is proper english (if

"I saw the single other species, it seems most persistant in it's attempts to access restricted areas"
"I saw the single other species, they seem most persistant in their attempts to access restricted areas."
"I saw the many other species, it seems most persistant in it's attempts to access restricted areas"
"I saw the many other species, they seem most persistant in their attempts to access restricted areas."

This is relevant because of the second line:

"They seem most persistant in their attempts to access restricted areas."

Does "They" mean the Flood? or the "other species"? Any English majors in here?

Nicely summarized. I suppose we can only be glad that time travel isn't involved in this particular instance. I can't seem to find my copy of Streetmentioner's anywhere...

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golig 1 ( writes:

At the end of the stage 343 Guilty Spark, the Sentinels purposely avoid Master Chief's Marine buddies. This implies that the Monitor knows that you are Human and knows that it was the Covenant who released the Flood, which is contrary to some people's beliefs, particularly when the Monitor says something about another species releasing the Flood and it seems as though it was the Humans.

Good point. If the Monitor were concerned primarily with getting you safely to the Index and he didn't see the Marines as a hindrance to you, he wouldn't have the Sentinels attack them. But if the Marines were seen attacking the MC, as the Flood fighters are, maybe he'd set the Sentinels on everybody. Anyone want to give this a try?

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