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The Halo Story


June 19, 2002

Halo Story Tidbit - Revealed?

This just in - Jaime Griesemer, in an interview in the July issue of OXM UK, drops a considerable hint concerning the Halo (and possible Halo 2) story:

OXM: Can you tell us one single secret about Halo or its sequel that you haven't told anyone else?

JG: Well... I'll just say that Master Chief didn't meet all of the factions that had a hand in the events of Halo. There were forces behind the scenes that were alluded to, and you could probably deduce some of their motivations if you paid close attention. But they never confronted the Chief directly.

"Forces behind the scenes"? Not the Forerunner, we ran into them (or their creations, at least) all through the game.

Any thoughts? ;-)

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