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July 30, 2002

We've had a lot of speculation on the "usefulness" of the Flood, but Allan Crossman makes a good point.

Allan Crossman ( writes:

It's pretty clear that the Forerunners thought that letting them escape the Halo was a bad idea - hence the containment protocols and Halo's final weapon. But why is it bad for the Flood to escape? Obviously not because the Flood are a hazard to sentient life, since the Forerunners were willing to eliminate all sentient life in the galaxy... so apart from the threat to sentient life, what's so bad about the Flood?

And when I say a lot, I really mean a lot of speculation has come in with theories on the potential use, misuse, and/or purpose of the Flood. Think about this, though: The Flood don't need to exist as a weapon of some kind, because the Halo itself provides a much more powerful and absolute solution. What, then, makes the Flood so special, that the extermination of all sentient life is called for in the event of their 'release'?

In other words, what would happen if the Halo didn't fire, and the Flood were allowed to spread across the galaxy?

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