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The Halo Story


September 28, 2002

What with all of the new info floating around out there concerning Halo 2, perhaps we better revisit the relationships between the Covenant, the Flood, and the Forerunner. Oddly enough, the Flood seem to be gaining in significance.

Andrew Kertesz ( writes:

Whilst digging around in the interviews section of HBO I discovered an old interview with Chris Butcher (Halo programmer) conducted by Get Into the At the moment this article is only available for viewing on HBO here.

I found one question and it's answer particularly interesting:

Q: How'd you come up w/ the flood?

A: ah, the flood. I wasn't involved in much of the original story concept, but the idea behind the flood as the forgotten peril that ended a galaxy-spanning empire is a pretty fundamental tenet of good sci-fi (yeah, yeah, and bad sci-fi too). hubris, ate.

The part about "the flood as the forgotten peril that ended a galaxy-spanning empire" realy interested me. The question that comes to my mind is whose empire did they end?

The answer that comes most readily to mind is the Forerunner, however there is this quote from Jason Jones regarding the Flood in Halo 2:

"Do you think we'd really wipe out The Flood? The Covenant have a long history with them. Some really cool stuff will happen there."

A long history? Perhaps it's the Covenant's hubris is being talked about here?

The phrase "hubris" interests me also. Assume for a second that the empire ended by The Flood is that of the Forerunner. "Hubris" implies that the Forerunner underestimated, or even _created_ The Flood.

Long history? That adds a new twist to things.

Btw, Jason's quote comes from the latest EGM (and possibly from the latest Edge, also). Yay! We get to face the Flood again! Does that make you happy? ;-)

As if that weren't enough of our parasitic tentacled friends, remember also that the new Halo novel is tentatively titled "Halo: The Flood". Better get your shotguns ready.

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