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November 28, 2002

A few keen Marathon connections relating to our theme:

kareem ramos ( writes:

I once asked a Bungie employee if the Forerunner in Halo are the equivalent of the Jjaro in Marathon. He said, "Pretty much." Those two words alone explain quite a bit! So, to know the Forerunner, you need to know about the Jjaro. Who were the Jjaro? Here's a little bit of what I know...

The Jjaro were one of two or more races that first appeared in the galaxy. It's unclear how many other races were present then. One of the terminals in Marathon 2 has this to say about the Jjaro:

"The Jjaro were a mysterious race that disappeared from our galaxy millions of years ago, leaving behind military and civilian outposts on the moons of many habitable worlds. Most of the Pfhor's technology was plundered from sites abandoned by the Jjaro."

Sound like the Forerunner? That's what I thought...

Those outposts could be the equivalent of the Halo's that we know, and the Covenant could have plundered lost and forgotten Forerunner tech from them. A more plausible theory is that the Covenant and the Forerunner had close ties. The Bungie employee said that the Covenant have a long history with the Flood - and who created the Flood? The Forerunner. That would also explain the similarity between the Covenant and Forerunner tech. It's similar because it IS from the Forerunner. It was given to them!

In Marathon, the Jjaro were probably cybernetic. They made a race of part cyborg/part sentient beings called the S'pht, plus another race based on the S'pht, called F'lickta (they look like "Swamp Things" ::cough:: ...Flood... ::cough::). The F'lickta were used to terraform planets. In Halo, I think that the Flood were created for this same purpose. Guilty Spark tells us that they can make repairs to ships, so I'm assuming that they can keep a planet nice and tidy also!

Tantalizing indeed. But terraforming to who's specifications? "Your environment suit should serve you well", so assuming Guilty Spark guesses you to be Forerunner, it seems the atmosphere is not being changed more to your benefit or liking. Oi. More questions than answers :(

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