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The Halo Story


March 4, 2003

Humanity is being rejected as the second coming of the Forerunner (or their emissaries):

Here's another post by Ciar┬Ěn summarizing an old idea well, and, while we're on the subject of extermination...

Tony DeRuiter ( writes:

It has been speculated many times that the Forerunner are human. Numerous comments by Guilty Spark suggest this but I've wondered, given that, why do the Covenant want to kill the Human race? Perhaps if the cause and effect after the fact make sense, we could deduce that the Forerunner are in fact descendant of humans. I believe the Forerunner disappeared after the use of the Halo. The Covenant came upon this structure, saw great power in it, and modeled a culture after it. This in fact lead to their rise in power, and strengthened their social structure.

Now, I'm not a deeply religious person, but it seems to me that the reaction of the Covenant is similar to the reaction of the Jews when Jesus is born as the apparent "son of god". Just as the Jews/Romans crucify Jesus and continue to search for the true "messiah", the Covenant might not be accepting of the fact that the human race is the second coming of the Forerunner. As such, they must be sure to eliminate this defiler of their religion, a race posing as their "savior".

This is obviously total speculation, but I find the similarity to be something that Bungie would refer to, and it even makes a bit of sense.

Whether the entire hierarchy of the Covenant is aware of this reasoning (read: conspiracy) would remain to be seen ;)

A fantastic Biblical parallel. The Second Coming... hmmm. That reminds me, where is that Stone Roses album... ;)

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