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The Halo Story


May 2, 2003

A Pfheast of Pfhorum Pfhancy

Over on the ubiquitous HBO Forum, a number of folks have been speculating recently. In no particular order, here they are. Give them a look and comment where appropriate.

Looking forward to Halo 2, nukedude wonders how the Earth will be saved. Count Zero weighs in with an interesting possibility, while our own boy wonder Pfh... er, Finn comes up with a short list of options to assault the senses and FriendlyFire (man, the F's are flying fast and furious around here!) offers a general analysis of religious warfare.

On the nature and operation of the Halo itself, MC vince comes up with a few thoughts. One particularly insightful bit is in response to 343 Guilty Spark's comment that, "This installation's research facilities are most impressive! Perhaps you will have time to see them later."

Insanity aside, Spark's comment does seem to indicate that there will be a "later" for the Reclaimer.

Silock also steps in with a nicely written discussion on the Halo as a fortress world (remember those?).

Lastly, Roger Wilco gets it all of his chest with a post aptly named "*Long*". There's a lot of interesting stuff in this one. Notably, the comparison between the interiors of the PoA and the T&R, and an addendum covering some of the stylistic elements found in Covenant design and engineering. Holy Hand Grenade, indeed. ;-) It might be a long read, but you could do worse than check it out.

If any of that gets your speculative gears churning, you can either respond in those threads or, as always, send it to us!

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