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September 22, 2003

Later in the X03 clip (5:32 approximately), Marcus Lehto, in discussion of the Halo Universe's ambience and history, mentions casually how they really wanted to portray "that there was damage that existed from some battle that happened 900 000 years ago.". Skeletor picked up on this and has posed a few questions and insights of his own.

Skeletor ( writes:

Has anyone else noticed the amazing landscape that appeared for a few seconds after Marcus Lehto's bit at around 5:42 in the 50mb avi version of the X03 footage? It's beautiful...absolutely the highlight of the movie for me. It looks incredibly devastated and war torn, and the structures are very outlandish...Definitely some good fodder for speculation.

You can see six bright, glowing spheres in the distance: three on the far right, and two in the upper left (with another, the smallest, between those two). At first glance I thought they were stars, but three of them, quite noticeably, have a huge glowing line trailing upward from their tops (the two on the left, and the upper one on the right). This led me to believe they must be falling down towards the planet (perhaps some sort of orbital bombardment projectile), but on further inspection they appear to be motionless in the sky. The lower two on the right don't appear to be as spherical as the others, though I don't know if that fact has any importance. In conclusion, I don't know what the hell they are. >_<

The structures all look rather alien, but it's possible they might be skyscrapers or some other future human construction...Probably unlikely though.

Very sexy in any case.

An awesome glimpse. Meteorites or ships to ancient Sigma Octanus (or some other world)? Orbital bombardment? Flood-like landscapes indeed. Help him out!.

Let's hope we see a high quality release of this footage (or image, as it does appear fairly static). The resolution is so very poor; we wouldn't want the public to get the wrong impression of all Bungie's hard work ;)

(UPDATE: You can now view a local version of the panoramic view in question here.)

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