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December 4, 2003

Miranda. The name certainly is growing on me. Much like I imagine an omni-parasitic organism would if given the chance.

Otto Mossberg ( writes:

And speaking of other Spartans, I would bet this "Miranda", is another Spartan. There are few I could think of that could strap anything on a Spartans back and shove them into any sort of hole. Unless the Spartan was already unconscious, in which case you'ld still need a fork lift to move thier half-ton bulk.

Also, James could have been picked up by a damaged ship without communications, either Covie or UNSC. On a Covie ship, he would no doubt have been studied for his armor and genetic/biological alterations. Without comm systems on a Covie ship, the Prophet in TF wouldn't have known about it, hence his saying that the rest are belived to be dead. Or the PoA would not find him on thier scans, and could be out of contact with a damaged UNSC ship that had found him.

With a relation to Ackerson's project, God_Holocaust ( adds,

This may explain the mysterious 'Miranda'. A super-soldier of Ackerson's clan would most certainly strap a bomb to the Master Chief's back and shove him down a hole if ordered. However, 'Miranda' isn't a nameā€ I would give to a Persian - but then, a Spartan is unlikely to be called John.

As for James, there was some shock at the suggestion that the Chief and his MJOLNIR armour were superior to the Elites and their own. Would the Covenant have qualms about reverse-engineering and assimilating Human technology?

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