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March 10, 2004

The Old Broken Halo

PC Gamer UK has granted a great boon to many a Halo player by releasing a high quality version of the "Evolution of Halo" video (shown at the Bungie Fanfest 2002, never to be released to the public) on its most recent game disc. Great, if only to see early Control Room layouts and have a good laugh.

Most interesting is the scene at 3:59 and comments made thereafter. The scene depicts the ring rising into the background sky per usual, but this time there is a break in its continuity; the ring is broken or incomplete, held together only by two pieces of material. Many knowing "Ahhhh"s are exchanged and we are informed that "That's a little prelude to what happens in the future..."

Well, that's one clip from that DVD down and who knows how many to go. I knew someone should have just knocked Matt out and made a run for the door with it. ;)

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