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February 12, 2002

More on the Marathon terminal connections discussed yesterday.

Thomas Dow, Jr. ( writes:

For those interested, the full text of the "Kill Your Television" terminal mentioned by Daniel (as well as a lot of speculation about it) is available at:

The "original" text is a bit longer, and includes a few parts that aren't in the terminal, including this interesting bit:

"we met once in the garden, at the beginning of the world and unaware of our twin destinies (not the garden of Genesis, but another; forgotten, untended and now choked with weeds, unvisited except for ourselves)."

Sounds a bit like [a] Halo, ne?

Tom Dow, Jr.

Indeed it does. Methinks it's time for a full-scale assault on the Marathon's Story Page; an assault with fine-tooth combs. It's time to sift.

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