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May 2, 2006

Weekly Update Goodness: An answer to an old, nagging question

opogjijijp asks:

Here is a question that I know several people would like answered:

In the level 343 Guilty Spark the date in the recording from Jenkins helmet says the date is may 27, 2552. The books say that Halo takes place in September. Is the date in the recording a mistake?

Frankie responds:

When the Pillar of Autumn makes a jump, to adjust for normalized Earth time it will recalibrate equipment once position and relative position have been established. However, since the Autumn made a blind jump and straight into combat, no battle or field equipment was recalibrated. For that same reason, "north" on an assault rifle's built-in compass simply defaulted (per instructions from Keyes) to the largest visible source of gravity and magnetism - Threshold. The Earth-normal date was in fact September, in spite of what local equipment displayed. If poor old Jenkins had survived, his equipment would have been reset on the next (deliberate) jump.

Page updated. (Nice cover, guys ;)

There have been a number of other interesting weekly update items in the past months as well. I'll play catch up next time ;)

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