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The Halo Story


May 2, 2006

Joseph Staten's NU Story Talk

We're still waiting on Joe for our very own copy of the notes (and perhaps accompanying commentary) but the preliminary overviews of his lecture and Q&A session are quite informative.

This one (by HaloFans over on the Team Xbox Forum) serves up a few choice cuts:

1) Out of the realms of underground, hush-hush discussion, Joe comes clean on the levels cut from the end of Halo 2. Three of them to be exact (Alpha Moon? The Ark?). "When it's done" indeed :P

2) The 'Keyes Form' is actually a little form of what Gravemind is. Tantalizing. Gravemind is not necessarily an individual, but an inevitable form the Flood takes. No previous Gravemind on Halo 04 then, I imagine.

3) The movie story is still not complete, and will not be a game adaptation (confirming the rumor that Garland's script is being rewritten). Too bad in a way; Garland's script was fantastic (Err, I mean, I haven't read it! The gaul to suggest it! ;)

More as we hear it.

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