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The Halo Story


September 16, 2006

In the search for yet more evidence, David finds this:

David Pelkey ( writes:

In the Halo Graphic Novel on pg. 122, the document/ artwork left me thinking about Sgt. Johnson. The document is something from the ORION project, which was containing the SPARTAN program whose purpose was to create an elite group of soldiersힿ� blah blah blah. In Breaking Quarantine, when the flood combat form fires the shotgun (pg 76-77), Johnson manages to duck just in time and nail the combat form. Now I doubt a standard marine would have the reaction time and speed to dodge a shotgun and near point-blank range while rounding a corner. Also, being able to fire and kill the enemy in one leap. Judging from the information given there and my own speculation, could Sgt. Avery Johnson be perhaps a survivor of the first SPARTAN project?

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