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Though we are initially told that the SPARTAN II program began with 75 participants, years of combat and a few conflicting sources have succeeded in blurring the exact count of those remaining. This page is an attempt to list most references to their numbers, show some quite possibly mistaken numbers, and try to nail down how many are yet to receive the badge of MIA...

Spartan II's - 1st group, 2517

150 original candidates out of which there was funding for only half (FoR Ch. 2)

75 total pre-augmentation (stated several times; FoR Ch.4 also mistakenly mentions "seventy-four"; as well, there other reports of 67, etc.)

30 died during surgery ("Thirty candidates had 'washed out' of the Spartan program; they died during the augmentation process." FoR Ch.7)

  • No names known

12 crippled in surgery (FoR Ch.7 "There were a dozen others, though, who had lived... but were no longer soldiers."; "The other dozen, suffering from side effects of the process, had been permanently reassigned within the Office of Naval Intelligence.")

  • Kirk
  • Fhajad-084
  • Rene
  • 9 others left unnamed

33 left in the squad ("There were only thirty-two soldiers left in his squad [besides John?]" FoR Ch.7; "John glanced around the launch chamber; Sam, Kelly, and thirty others still stood at attention in their black dress uniforms [1+2+30=33]" FoR Ch.7; "The other Spartans stood at attention. Thirty-three - too many for this operation." FoR Ch. 9)

  • 3 away (Gray Team; Adriana-111, Jai-006, Mike) on missions too distant to be easily recalled (" three, who are otherwise engaged on fields of combat too distant to be easily recalled." FoR Ch.26 [possibly Maria-062?])
  • 3 Spartans MIA (KIA) over the past decade, 2542-2552; not including Samuel ("...there have only been three KIAs..." FoR Ch.26)
  • 1 more Spartan (Samuel-034) MIA (KIA) during Covenant ship infiltration in 2525
  • 1 Spartan seriously wounded, could not continue active duty ("...and one Spartan too wounded to continue active duty." [possibly Cassanndra?] FoR Ch.26)

This leaves 25 present at Reach before splitting into Red and Blue teams (with 3 more away making 28 active Spartans in total) which adds up and is confirmed during Halsey's briefing ("Clustered around him were two dozen Spartans: Fred, Linda, Joshua, James, and many others he had not spoken to for years...[2 dozen + John = 25]" FoR Ch.26)

However, it is stated that there are 30 Spartans at Reach at the beginning of H1/First Strike ("The primary storage bay had been converted into barracks for the thirty Spartans" FoR Ch.29; "Twenty-seven Spartans braced themselves... [plus the 3 in orbit = 30]" FS p.7). This is inconsistent with the number of 25 at Reach established earlier/above.

Regardless, from here they split into 2 teams:


  • Blue Team has 3 members:
    • John-117
    • Linda-058 is 'killed' but eventually revived
    • James is blasted of into space Frank Poole style, marked MIA
  • Red Team supposedly has 27 members (number mentioned several times; it "should" have 22):
    • 4 KIA during the Reach freefall
      • Malcolm-059
      • 3 others unnamed
    • Alpha Team: 3 members
      • Red 1: Frederic-104
      • Red 2: Kelly-087 (later abducted by Halsey; alive, but MIA)
      • Red 3: Joshua-029 (goes missing in LZ Assault; MIA, assumed KIA)
    • Beta Team: whoever is left from Red 4-11 and Red 13-20; either 11 or 6 Spartans depending on the accepted initial count
      • No members named
      • All MIA/KIA during generator defense
    • Gamma Team 3 members
      • Red 21: Anton-044, killed by a ship plasma bolt, MIA/KIA (FS p.235)
      • Red 22: Grace-093, who is later killed by Brutes aboard the Unyielding Hierophant, KIA (FS p.315)
      • Red 23: Li-008, killed by a ship plasma bolt, MIA/KIA (FS p.235)
    • Team Omega 3 members: Jerome-092, Alice-130, Douglas-042
    • Delta Team 6 members
      • Red 12: William-043
      • Red ?: Isaac-039, assumed dead retreating into Forerunner caves on Reach, MIA/KIA (FS p.148)
      • Red ?: Vinh-030, assumed dead retreating into Forerunner caves on Reach, MIA/KIA (FS p.148)
      • 3 others unnamed, MIA/KIA

In summation...

Essentially, the only major inconsistency is the sudden jump from 25 to 30 Spartans on the Pillar of Autumn pre-Reach attack; so far everything else adds up. At present, the list of remaining, active Spartans is as follows:

  • John-117
  • Frederic-104
  • Linda-058
  • Kelly-087 (abducted by Halsey)
  • Gray Team (Adriana-111, Jai-006, Mike)

For a total of 8 alive and well.

Also alive, but not active, are the 12 crippled from surgery and the one too wounded to continue active duty, for a total of 21.

Several others are listed MIA but may yet realistically resurface if the story demands it; their "deaths" occcured under foggy enough circumstances (such as James et al.)

There are more being trained but they have yet to be specifically mentioned or seen by anyone ("...he had overheard Dr. Halsey mention that Chief Mendez was training another group of Spartans. He had never seen them..." FoR Ch.24)

And, as Eric Trautmann once responded:

"Re: Spartan strength: I am aware that there is an APPARENT discrepancy between the reported number of Spartans and the ACTUAL number of Spartans.

Emphasis on APPARENT. ;)

We leave lots of hooks for future development buried in the text, to accomodate several ideas/stories we have percolating. Some may see the light of day, some may not.

In general, its best to chalk such discrepancies up to "the fog of war" and if we get the chance, we've got a great explanation for the apparent discontinuity.

We'll see :)


ilovebees and the Spartan 1.0's: The 'Conversations' does make mention of the former Spartans, but as far as the ILB's info, we're sticking with Joe: it's interesting, but it ain't canon.

Spartan-458: Nicole, featured in Tecmo's Dead or Alive 4, surfaces more for gameplay than story. The tale of her arrival is directly related to ILB's, which does at least lend enough credibility to it to make it a well-explored tangent.

A designation number of 458, with (for argument's sake) a minimum of 75 candidates and a maximum of 150 candidates per training group, places her in the 4-6 generation/class of SPARTAN II's. Though we can be certain that other groups are being (have been) trained, as there have been no "canon" references (how loathe I am to use such elitist terminology!) it is safe to assume that this story arc (Halo 1, 2, and 3) will not see further Spartan classes involved.

The Full List

Cassandra (H2LE)- possibly the one "too wounded"; all but confirmed by Frankie
Kirk (FoR)- Crippled during surgical enhancements
Rene (FoR)- Crippled during surgical enhancements
James (FoR)- MIA during Reach orbital mission
Li-008 (FS)- MIA during Ascendent Justice repairs in Slipspace
Joshua-029 (FoR)- MIA during Banshee attack against Covenant ship on Reach
Vinh-030 (FS)- MIA during Covenant attack in Forerunner caves beneath Reach
Samuel-034 (FoR)- John's best friend, MIA (KIA) during Covenant ship infiltration in 2525
Isaac-039 (FS)- MIA during Covenant attack in Forerunner caves beneath Reach
William-043 (FS) - KIA in Shield World (Onyx).
Anton-044 (FS)- MIA during Ascendent Justice repairs in Slipspace
Kurt-051 (GoO)- Sam's replacement on Blue Team. KIA in Shield World (Onyx).
Linda-058 (FoR)- Clinically dead, revived following events at Halo 04
Malcolm-059 (FS)- MIA (KIA) during crash on Reach
Maria-062 (HGN)- Testing Mark VI armour, retired to family life
Fhajad-084 (FoR)- Crippled during surgical enhancements, now researches Slipspace physics
Kelly-087 (FoR)
Grace-093 (FS)- MIA (KIA) during attack on Covenant Station Unyielding Hierophant
Senior Petty Officer Frederic-104 (FoR)- Spartan II second in command
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (FoR)- Spartan II squad leader
9 Spartans (FoR)- crippled from enhancements (other than Kirk, Fhajad, Rene); unnamed
3 Spartans (Gray Team; Adriana-111, Jai-006, Mike) (FoR)- away on other missions
3 Spartans (FoR)- KIA over the past decade (2542-2552; Randall, Sheila, not including Samuel)
1 Spartan (FoR)- seriously wounded, could not continue active duty
3 Spartans (FS)- MIA, wounded from Delta team on Reach
? Spartans (FS)- MIA, Generator Defence Team Beta on Reach
3 Spartans (FS)- MIA (KIA) during freefall crash on Reach (not including Malcolm)

If you stumble upon anything else in your travels, please let us know.