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UNSC Ground Bases

UNSC Ground Bases

Songnam Special Warfare Center (Korea, Earth)
HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 (Australia, Earth)
Sydney Synthetic Intellect Institute (Australia, Earth)
Base Segundo Terra (Mexico City, Earth)
Industrial Zone 08 (Chicago, Earth)
Great Lakes Spaceport (Great Lakes, Earth)
Beweglichrüstungsysteme (Germany, Earth)
Luna OCS Academy (Luna)
Reyes-McLees Shipyards (Mars)
Misriah Armory (Mars)
Damascus Testing Facility (Chi Ceti 4)
CASTLE Base (Reach)
Camp Hathcock (Reach)
Camp Independence (Reach)
HIGHCOM Armory Omega (Unknown)
Fairchild Field (Reach)
Military Wilderness Training Preserve (Reach)
Military Reservation 01478-B (Reach)
ODG A-331 (Reach)
Reach Naval Academy (Reach)
Alpha Base (Alpha Halo)
Firebase Bravo (Sigma Octanus IV)
Diego Garcia (Earth)
Chawla Base (Boston, Earth)
Camp Currahee (Onyx)
Rat'­s Nest (Kenya, Earth)
Crow's Nest (Kenya, Earth)
Outpost C9 (Kenya, Earth)


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