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The Halo Story



Allegiance- frigate, possibly the Alliance
Alliance- frigate, possibly the Allegiance
Applebee- ONI stealth ship, disguised as private yacht
Arabia- frigate
Archimedes- sensor outpost, monitors slipspace
Argo- scoutship
Athens- ONI prowler ship
Athens- UESC Earth Defense Platform
Atlas- Carrier
Cairo- UESC Earth Defense Platform
Circumference- ONI stealth ship, corvette, disguised as private yacht
Coda- shuttle pod
Commonwealth- frigate
Cradle- refit station
Dawn Under Heaven-Halcyon class cruiser, twice-renamed sister ship to the Pillar of Autumn
Fair Weather- frigate
Fermion- remote sensory station, monitors slipspace
Gettysburg- frigate
Gorgon- frigate
Halcyon cruiser class
Han- diplomatic shuttle
Heracles- destroyer
Hermes II- SCS
Herodotus- destroyer
In Amber Clad
Iroquois- destroyer
Laden- Parabola class freighter
Lancelot- destroyer
Lark- ONI stealth ship, disguised as private yacht
Leviathan- cruiser
London- destroyer (Typo)
Longsword fighter/bomber
Magellan- UNSC ship
Mako class corvettes
Malta- UESC Earth Defense Platform
Marathon class cruisers
Meriwether Lewis- frigate
Midsummer Night- frigate
Minotaur- destroyer
Musashi- carrier
Odyssey- Human colony ship
Pelican transports
Pillar of Autumn-Halcyon class cruiser
Pioneer- Destroyer
Resolute- Destroyer
Spirit of Fire- CFV-88 Phoenix Class 2418: Exitus Acta Probat
Trafalgar- supercarrier
Vostok- frigate


Ascendant Justice- flagship
Begotten Angel- Not the most agile Command Cruiser in the Covenant fleet, but it is certainly the most luxurious.
Commitment and Patience- fighter carrier?
Contrition- CAR
Esteem- CPV
Infinite Succor- Agricultural Vessel at Halo 04; infected by Flood
Particular Justice- Covenant fleet despatched to Halo 04
Penance- CAR
Pious Inquisitor- Command Cruiser (?); Don't let its luxury fool you - the Pious Inquisitor is one of the fastest ships in the Covenant fleet.
Purity of Spirit- CCS
Reverence- CPV
Sacred Promise- CCS
Seraph -space interceptor
Truth and Reconciliation- CCS
Unyielding Hierophant- Covenant battle station

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