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The Halo Story


Spartan II's - 1st group, 2517

(75 total: 30 die, 12 permenantly disabled, 33 adapt to upgrades; see here for a more detailed roster.)

Cassandra (H2LE)- possibly the one "too wounded"; all but confirmed by Frankie
Kirk (FoR)- Crippled during surgical enhancements
Rene (FoR)- Crippled during surgical enhancements
James (FoR)- MIA during Reach orbital mission
Li-008 (FS)- MIA during Ascendent Justice repairs in Slipspace
Joshua-029 (FoR)- MIA during Banshee attack against Covenant ship on Reach
Vinh-030 (FS)- MIA during Covenant attack in Forerunner caves beneath Reach
Samuel-034 (FoR)- John's best friend, MIA (KIA) during Covenant ship infiltration in 2525
Isaac-039 (FS)- MIA during Covenant attack in Forerunner caves beneath Reach
William-043 (FS)
Anton-044 (FS)- MIA during Ascendent Justice repairs in Slipspace
Kurt-051 (GoO)- Sam's replacement on Blue Team
Linda-058 (FoR)- Clinically dead, revived following events at Halo 04
Malcolm-059 (FS)- MIA (KIA) during crash on Reach
Maria-062 (HGN)- Testing Mark VI armour, retired to family life
Fhajad-084 (FoR)- Crippled during surgical enhancements, now researches Slipspace physics
Kelly-087 (FoR)
Grace-093 (FS)- MIA (KIA) during attack on Covenant Station Unyielding Hierophant
Senior Petty Officer Frederic-104 (FoR)- Spartan II second in command
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (FoR)- Spartan II squad leader
9 Spartans (FoR)- crippled from enhancements (other than Kirk, Fhajad, Rene); unnamed
3 Spartans (FoR)- away on other missions (includes Maria-062?)
3 Spartans (FoR)- KIA over the past decade (2542-2552; not including Samuel)
1 Spartan (FoR)- seriously wounded, could not continue active duty
3 Spartans (FS)- MIA, wounded from Delta team on Reach
? Spartans (FS)- MIA, Generator Defence Team Beta on Reach
3 Spartans (FS)- MIA (KIA) during freefall crash on Reach (not including Malcolm)

Military Personnel

Abiad (HtF)- Pillar of Autumn flight crew
Colonel James Ackerson (FoR)- UNSC Security Committee, Special Weapons Development
Al-Thani (HtF)- ODST
Sergeant Banks (E3 03 Demo)- brevet commander, 405th, gives MC his gun, calls in airstrike on Covenant artillery
Private Bisenti (FoR)
Captain de Blanc (FoR)- of the destroyer Resolute
Lieutenant (JG) David Brightling (FoR)
Lieutenant Buckman (FS)- Reach Charlie Company
Company Sergeant Tink Carter (HtF)- ODST
Lieutenant Jake Chapman (FS)- Reach Charlie Company
Com Tech Cho (HtF)
Private Cochran (FoR)- Sigma Octanus marines from Firebase Bravo
Vice Admiral Preston Cole (FoR)- war hero
Sergeant Corly (HtF)
Crew Chief Cullen (HtF)- com on Echo 419
Second Lieutenant Dalu (HtF)
Dawkins (HtF)- ODST
Lieutenant Dominique (FoR)
Ensign Ellen Dowski (HtF)- Pillar of Autumn flight crew, whiner
Private Chips Dubbo (HCE)
Major Easley (E3 03 Demo)- Longsword pilot/wind commander
Corporal C. Errera (H2LE)- a sniper spotter in the Reach campaign (deceased)
Private Fincher (FoR)- Sigma Octanus marines from Firebase Bravo
Private First Class M. Fitzgerald (HtF)- "What the hell?! Did something just hit us?"
Admiral Roland Freemont (FoR)- Commanding Fleet Officer at Reach
Frye (HtF)- Foehammer's co-pilot
Vice Admiral Gerov (FoR)
First Lieutenant Rick Hale (HtF)- stolen Pelican Charlie 217 pilot, traitor
Lieutenant Hall (FoR)- Ops
Corporal Harland (FoR)- Sigma Octanus marines from Firebase Bravo
Fleet Admiral Harper (H2)- Moves to engage Regret's fleet
First Lieutenant Elias Haverson (FS)- Survivor of Halo 04, ONI operative
Lieutenant Aki Hikowa (FoR)- Ship Weapons Operator
Fleet Admiral Sir Terence Hood (FS/H2)- aka. Lord Hood; UNSC Security Committee
Private First Class Hosky (HtF)- freckle face, trampled by Hunter, ODST
Lieutenant Jaggers (FoR)- Navigation officer
Private Wallace A. Jenkins (FoR)
Sergeant Major Avery Johnson (FoR)- Survivor of Halo 04, general bad-ass
Lance Corporal "Snaky" Jones (HtF)- sniper
Private Kappus (HtF)- Tech Specialist
Captain Jacob Keyes (FoR)- Of the Pillar of Autumn
Commander Miranda Keyes (H2)- Of the In Amber Clad, Jacob's daughter
General Kits (FoR)
Master Sergeant Lister (HtF)
Corporal Locklear (FS)- Survivor of Halo 04, ODST
Ensign William Lovell (FoR)-also referred to as Micheal Lovell
Corporal Lovik (HtF)
Tech Officer Third Class Samuel Marcus (HtF)- killed in Cryo B, survived by his wife Ellen
Lieutenant McCasky (FoR)
First Lieutenant Melissa Mckay (HtF)- nicknamed 'Loot', ODST second in command
Private McKenzie (H2)- Travels with Sgt. Johnson/Miranda to the Index
Chief Petty Officer McRobb (FoR)
Chief Petty Officer Mendez (FoR)- Spartan trainer
Mendoza (HtF)
Flight Officer Mitchell (FS)- Pelican pilot for the Spartan's ground op in Reach
Staff Sergeant Marvin Mobuto (HtF)- The "Other" Reclaimer, tough son-of-a-bitch
Com Tech First Class Mary Murphy (HtF)
Murphy (HtF)- Marine Warthog driver
Private O'Brien (FoR)
Second Lieutenant Oros (HtF)
Sergeant Parker (HtF)
Petty Officer Third Class Pauley (HtF)
Corporal Perez (E3 03 Demo/H2)- Travels with Sgt. Johnson/Miranda to the Index
Lieutenant "Cookie" Peterson (HtF)- Pelican Echo 136 pilot
Warrant Officer Polaski (FS)- Halo 04 survivor, Pelican pilot for the 23rd Naval Air Squandron
Private Marie Postly (HtF)- ODST killed when her HEV failed
Lieutenant Commander Gail Purdy (HtF)- Engineering Officer
Flight Officer Captain Carol Rawley (HtF)- The infamous Foehammer, pilot of Echo 419
Private Riley (HtF)
Private Satha (HtF)
Tech Chief Thom Sheperd (HtF)- Cryo B technician
Major Antonio Silva (HtF)- ODST leader on Pillar of Autumn
Singh (HtF)- Pillar of Autumn flight crew
Sergeant Stacker (H:CE)- incoming and outgoing
Admiral Micheal Stanforth (FoR)- Commander of the UNSC Cruiser Leviathan
Major General Nicolas Strauss (FS)- UNSC Security Committee
Lieutenant (JG) Bill Streeter (FoR)
Suzuki (HtF)- ODST
Lieutenant Wagner (FS)- ONI operative
Private Walker (FoR)- Sigma Octanus marines from Firebase Bravo
Captain Wallace (FoR)- Captain of the UNSC Commonwealth
Gunnery Sergeant Waller (HtF)- ODST
Wang (HtF)- Pillar of Autumn flight crew
Colonel Robert Watts (FoR)- Past leader of Human rebels in Eridanus asteroid belt
Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb (FS)- Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, UNSC Security Committee
"Doc" Valdez (HtF)- ODST medic
Captain Veredi (FoR)- Captain of the UNSC Destroyer Heracles
Admiral Ysionris Jeromi (FoR)- Chief Medical Officer on the UNSC Research Station Hopeful
Yutrzenika (HtF)- ODST
Chief Petty Officer (FS)- unnamed, possible ONI Section 3 candidate
Chunky Sergeant and 4 ODST's from the 105th in the Atlas's gym (FoR)
ODST Corporal (HtF)- neck tattoo "Cut Here"
Reach Charlie Company Corporal and 3 unnamed Marines (FS)
Unnamed Captain (FoR)- Augmented John's neural lace at Reach Prep and Recovery
Unnamed Female Lieutenant (HtF)- pilot of lifeboat Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43

Civilians/Non-Military Personnel

Anna Gerov (FoR)- Vice Admiral Gerov's daughter, Lovell's former girlfriend
Dr. Catherine Halsey (FoR)- civilian scientist, creator of the Spartan II and Mjolnir programs
Governor Jacob Jiles (FS)- Leader of Human rebels in Eridanus asteroid belt
Dr. Robert Mclees (FoR)- naval shipyard designer, struggling artist
Esko Korpijaakko (H2LE)- UNSC adjunct archeaologist on Coral
Carrie Korpijaakko (H2LE)- wife of Esko (?)
Oscar Korpijaakko (H2LE)- child (possibly dog) of Esko (?)


343 Guilty Spark (H:CE)- Forerunner creation, monitor of Installation 04, genius
2401 Penitent Tangent (H2)- Forerunner creation, monitor of Delta Halo 05

Artificial Intelligences

Araqiel (FS)- Colonel James Ackerson's private watchdog, 3rd gen smart AI
Beowulf (FoR)- ONI attachˇ AI
Cortana (FoR)- "smart" AI mapped from Dr. Halsey's neural pathways, made for Covenant infiltration
Deja (FoR)- created for the SPARTAN II program
Doppler (FoR)- Reach Space Dock Quartermaster AI-8575
GA-AI (Transmissions)- AI apparently aboard SCS Hermes II
Kalmiya (FS)- Dr. Halsey's substitute AI assistant for Cortana
Lysithea (FS)- ONI Section 3 security AI
Point Defense AI (FoR)- onboard the Pillar of Autumn, apparently never booted up
Solipsil (H2LE)- ONI Loan/Contract AI
Toran (FoR)- aboard the diplomatic shuttle Han with Keyes and Halsey
Wellsley (HtF)- Class C military AI from ODST command drop pod
Unnamed AI (FoR)- bright light with comets trailing behind
Unnamed AI (FoR)- mermaid
Unnamed AI (FoR)- samurai
Unnamed Covenant AI (FS)- on the Ascendant Justice
Unnamed Forerunner AI/Presence (H2)- Aboard Forerunner ship on High Charity

Covenant | [Intercepted/Interpreted Covenant intelligence]

Prophets/High Ones | Our guiding light and the directors of our purpose. They are father to the children of our Covenant, and they will lead us to truth and to perfection. The Prophets of Truth, Mercy, and Regret will navigate us through the task that awaits us.

High Prophet of Truth (FS/H2)- Highest ranking Prophet
Prophet of Regret (H2)- Young and zealous
Hod Rumnt, Prophet of Mercy (H2, Joyride)- Old and stubborn
Prophet of Supposition (H2LE)- ponders the theological ramifications of the Flood's slumber and awakening
Unnamed Prophet (HtF)- warns against damaging Halo 04 while firing on the Pillar of Autumn
Protector of the Luminous Key (FS)- Separate individual or alternate name for High Prophet?

Elites | Sangheili: Our iron heart - the ideal fighter for this mission. My brothers. The Sangheili will be deployed across every rank, from simple soldier to Elite Commander. they thirst for Human blood and vengeance for the atrocity at Halo, and their loyalty is unquestioned. Excellent infantrymen and superb commanders, the Sangheili are proficient with most weapons and vehicle systems.

Orna 'Fulsamee (HtF)- Elite, Ship Master
Bako 'Ikaporamee (HtF)- Elite, Minor Prophet Assistant
'Kasamee (HtF)- Elite, Veteran posted on the crashed Pillar of Autumn
Ado 'Mortumee (HtF)- Elite, Council of Masters spy, blue armour, sniper fodder
Isna 'Nosolee (HtF)- Elite, Ossoona/Eye of the Prophet
'Ontomee (HtF)- Elite, Soldier stationed on the crashed Pillar of Autumn
Noga 'Putumee (HtF)- Elite, Field Master, gold armour
'Qualomee (HtF)- Elite, Human captured POW, delivered weapons to 343 GS facility
Soha 'Rolamee (HtF)- Elite, Council of Masters member, out-ranks Zuka 'Zamamee by 2 full levels
Huki 'Umamee (HtF)- Elite, Deceased commando, identity assumed by 'Zamamee
Zuka 'Zamamee (HtF)- Elite, Prophet-blessed, Special Operations Officer, black armour
Rtas 'Vadumee, aka "Half-Jaw" (H2, HGN)- Elite, white armoured Spec-Ops commander
The Arbiter (H2)- Elite, dishonoured commander turned manifest will of the Prophets
Heretic (H2)- Elite, a seed of revolution against the Prophets

Brutes | Jiralhanae: The newest ally to join the embrace of our flock is a powerful fighter indeed. The Jiralhanae are endowed with prodigious physical strength, and their simian origin makes them ideal for missions in any environment. We shall deploy them against Humans in the same instances as the Sangheili, but we may also give the Jiralhanae some increased security responsibilities in this conflict.

Tartarus (FS)- Brute Chieftan, confidante of the High Prophet of Truth
Bracktanus (H2LE)- Kills an Elite with no official consequences

Hunters | Lekgolo: The Lekgolo pairs are simply too large to be deployed in many circumstances on this cramped sewer of a world, and so they will be given specialized missions. We will station them at defensive points as we gain territory, and bring them in for heavy destruction. Their fuel rod guns and sheer ability to inspire fear will be invaluable.

Ogada Nosa Fasu (HtF)
Igido Nosa Hurru (HtF)

Jackals | Kig-yar: Slight of build as they are, the Kig-yar remain a valuable fighting force. Excellent shots, and with their shields nearly invulnerable, the Kig-yar offer a great tactical advantage in ground combat. Faster and taller than the Unggoy, they complement each other very well.

Bok (HtF)
Jak (HtF)
Yeg (HtF)

Grunts | Unggoy: Stout and numerous, the Unggoy long have been the lifeblood of our Covenant's infantry. They will obey any order in the service of their duty and fight well with plasma pistol, turret, or in vehicles. Unggoy will as ever fight well with their comrades the Kig-yar, and obey the directives of the Sangheili.

Gagaw (HtF)- initially teamed with Yayap on Pillar of Autumn
Linglin (HtF)- shot Hunter in the back
Yayap (HtF)- rescues 'Zamamee
Zawaz (FS)- narcoleptic sentry
Mehmep (H2LE)

Engineer/Savant | Huragok

No names of any of the Huragok are known so far.

Drones | Yanme'e: Suited for flight and fighting in this planet's gravity, the Yanme'e will be a valuable inclusion to our forces. The Humans ar unused to fighting aerial infantry. The Yanme'e will use their ability to fly to gain ground and provide accurate cover fire for other troops.

No names of any of the Yanme'e are known so far.


Gravemind (H2)- A/The Flood Intelligence

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