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October 22, 2006

Rounding it off, Ibeechu gives us this. I like it, it's subtle . . . er.

Incidentally - this would be entry number 1001! Celebrate!

Ibeechu ( writes:

Finn states 5 possible reasons why GS can speak English. I have another, and it is based on an idea by Stephen Loftus. Maybe he is speaking the Forerunner's language which isn't English, but it's close enough to the Covenants language that the Master Chief's suit can translate it.

This makes sense in that Prophets probably speak a similar language to the Forerunners, seeing as they evolved on a Forerunner planet. However, if Prophets and Elites speak the same language (which they might not, but just assume), and GS speaks a language similar to that, why can't the MC understand Elites in Halo 1?

There are two possible answers for that... or one, depending on how you look at it. The Master Chief's armor translates Grunt language, so maybe Grunt language is coincidentally similar to GS's language. The second answer could be that Prophets speak a Forerunner language, but Elites don't. The Humans did manage to capture a Prophet in FoR (I think, I may have made it up) so maybe they added translation software for the Prophet's language and it could be a Forerunner language, so GS is inadvertantly translated. This could bring up another idea. Maybe the Prophets are the only ones seen worthy enough to speak the ancients' tongue? Thanks, cheers!

Or the Elites weren't speaking real Elitish, but something else . . . and in the crisis of faith we see happening in Halo 2 - they return to speaking their own language. After all, Sparks and the Heretic understand each other perfectly, and something tells me the Heretic is not one to speak the language of Prophets.

What do you mean I'm shooting long?

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