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December 4, 2006

Don't miss this one.

Asmus Neergaard ( writes:

After reading Ibeechu's idea concerning the languages of the Covenant I began thinking. We know from the novel The Flood that Elites are capable of speaking English, though they loath speaking it. What language does Prophets speak, then? Let's assume that the language of Prophets are the exact same, or at least quite similar to the language of the Forerunners. After all, the Covenant uses hieroglyphs which are quite similar to Forerunner hieroglyphs. We have heard a Prophet speak in the Prophet tongue, in the cutscene in Halo 2 called Testament. This cutscene shows a hologram talking. Master Chief only understands what it is saying after Cortana translates it. From this we can conclude that the Prophet/Forerunner tongue is not a part of the MJOLNIR translation routine.

However, this cutscene also shows something else. That the Prophet language, and Forerunner language if I'm not mistaken, sounds very much like gregorian chanting. This fact is interesting, because which creature in the Halo-verse have we encountered, who "speaks" like this? I give you a hint:
"In the distance, he could hear a droning buzz. It had an odd, musical quality, Gregorian chant slowed to a fraction of its normal speed." (p.198, The Flood)
Now, what could this mean. Is it a mere coincidence? I think not. The Flood "speaking" like the Prophets, albeit slower?

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