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December 4, 2006

stick ( writes:

We know that Truth wanted Mercy dead, and that Regret was killed by the Master Chief. But did they fire at the temple because they knew Master Chief was there or did they fire on the temple because Truth ordered Regret to be killed? They would not have been given enough notice to get to MC's position, so I presume that they were ordered there to kill regret. This raises the question, why does Truth want the other prophet's dead? He also dispatched of the Elites and Grunts as well. And maybe he was looking for an excuse?

I've always thought the Chief was attacked pretty quickly - but I always thought about Marx . . . or was it Trotsky? Would the Covenant willingly kill one of their own Prophets? Was the Chief merely an excuse to make sure Regret was dead? Smells like radiation poisoning to me.

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