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December 4, 2006

This theory references Ghosts of Onyx

Rockus Merticus ( writes:

I checked some screenshots including the ones on the bungie website just to make sure, but the structure or relic - (In the Halo 3 teaser trailer, Jillybean) reminds me alot of the final events in "GoO". When the company is in the center of Onyx, there was a hill in the center of a huge room. The hill was made of rings that rose from the floor. Topping the hill were thirteen angled structures that they used for cover along with the slipspace rift.

Now, in "GoO" as the hill lowered to the floor, the structures also angled lower untill finally they were flush with the ground. The structure, 'Relic', on earth has thirteen angled structures that seem to do the same in the opposite direction. Also, the blue Haze in the middle appears to be a similar slipspace tear to the one in the middle of Onyx.

Now the Theory: If there is more than one structure like the one on Onyx, could there be more than just one entrance/exit to the shield world where blue team, Haley, and CPO Mendez are? The world itself is gargantuan in size so isn't it possible for there so be some trace, say remains, of the forerunners? Finally, along with everything mentioned here, the description of the shield world that is given to us tells us that it is there to protect the reclaimers from the Flood. Protection from the Flood sounds alot like what an Ark is supposed to do. There could be structures in the shield world that could be capable of much more than what we have seen on Onyx and Halo combined.

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