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December 4, 2006

You might not have heard of it, but Bungie sneakily threw out some new media on Monday night. The forums are awash with thoughts. Well, they're awash with one thought.

Here are my noteables:
Our lovely Narcogen has a transcript and commentary. It's more of a reaction than a proper analysis, but it's a good read.

Some of the dialogue is unclear. Do you hear Cortana in the background? For reference, I thought that line ("leave me") was spoken by a male the first few times I heard it. I trust you, my loyal HSP followers, to be ever objective and scientific in your findings. But OMG we have so heard that line before!!!

That Edinburgh scum charming gentleman, Frankie, was kind enough to do a IRC FAQ

Who are the children? Want to know what my original thoughts were? Cortana and John. No one said I couldn't be metaphysical.

Lastly - and most importantly - please read this post before you tell us what you've found. Happy speculating :)

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