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January 20, 2007

Pet theories never die

Mike G writes:

i was reading the more recent posts and a couple of things occured to me regarding them

1) Reid posted a theory about Durandal surviving the universe colapse and a piece of dialouge in the halo 2 campaign (during the level "high charity"). cortana mentions an enemy AI which is "particularly formidable". could this be Durandal, it is unlikely to be the gravemind but im not sure about the Durandal/gravemind relationship.

2) anouther post explains the meaning of the name maria. as a followup i entered the name john into the site ( several things caught my eye. one just may be the was its worded but john the baptist was mentioned as the forerunner to jesus christ. the idea of the MC being a baptist appeals to me as he is "cleansing" people (of the flood?). the other thing mentioned was the fact that john the apostle was the supposed author of the forth gospel "revelation". i seem to recal that several other theories are based around the book revelations.

Yes they've been discussed, but as always, I'm a sucker for a concise point. Until next time.

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