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January 20, 2007

joequincy ( writes:

Going back to Ryan Hoisington... the HALO installations must all have an effective spherical radius. This means that in order to wipe out all life in the Galaxy, there must be a specific pattern of overlapping "spheres of effect". Now, if the Forerunners were to calculate in a small area (read: Earth's location in the Galaxy) and shift the "spheres of effect" so that they did not touch that area... it would become a safe haven for any and all life that could exist naturally on that planet. This may even explain the humans' apparent pre-destination to the role of "Reclaimer". The Forerunners made it so, as they knew humans would be their successors.

Which then begs the question - if this is how the Ark works, what did the Forerunner think would happen if the Flood got in? That the humans would be able to fight it? The Flood is unstoppable, unsatiable and considering the lengths the Forerunner went to to destroy them, I think we can count this theory out. Anyone want to contest?

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